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  1. Yes,its 2.28 eng. What is SIF forums ?Never heard of it before. If there is no help for this...the only thing I can do is to uninstall the game and forget about it...though I would really like to play it when I got nothing to do.But its frustrating when you're trying to save and praying for the progress to save and not to crash...I tried with auto-save,same thing.But game's running fine,never crashing when I play,only when I'm trying to save my progress.
  2. Hello all.I've started playing Sacred underworld few weeks ago and I have problem when trying to save the game.It just crashes to desktop with error thingy (send - don't send) and it doesn't save my progress...sometimes it saves and I can continue playing,sometimes it crashes.I don't know what the deal is...I have no idea why is this happening,I reinstalled the game and on the first few times of saving game everything's fine,game is saving with no problems,but the crashing appears after some period of playing/saving the game... Any help or tip will be very appreciated !Thanks in advance !
  3. pRiMe

    Totem Only - Voodoo Build

    Thanks for clearing that out woody I was confused because I checked on sacred wiki and it said only lore and ancient magic increases totems damage,so I thought combat discipline doesn't.
  4. pRiMe

    Totem Only - Voodoo Build

    I thought combat discipline is not raising totem's damage or it does ? Hm I thought of replacing combat discipline with enhanced perception,is that a good idea ?If CD is raising totem's damage I will definitely take it.
  5. Oh and...there's no more that lil girl that gives you a quest for general of undead legion,Therus.Has she been removed or something ?
  6. pRiMe

    Lich King Sets Complete ( Armor & Sword)

    This is outstanding !Please put this set in the next cm patch ! : )
  7. I found the turtle and just fought it. It gives pretty low amount of experience considering that I have 40% more experience from items + 50% mentor on niob,turtle was level 148.It gave only 20k experience,few yellow items and that's it. It was pretty easy to kill it,but still I thought I will get better reward on niob. But it's good turtle is respawning every time I re-join the game so I can fight with the turtle again and again
  8. Where can I find that Spiked Turtle boss ? And that quest for Spider Queen boss,where's the quest giver ?On previous cm patch you could battle her without quests. Can anyone at least give me a tip or info where should I search ? Thanks in advance.
  9. I noticed a bug with ''stuck character''. Before cm patch it happened only at Ice Phoenix when he drags me with his spell,character just stucks in place,can't attack,can't move,can't cast spells,nothing.Now it happens pretty often,with no particular reason,my char get stucked in a place and the only thing I can do is to leave and re-enter the game cuz creeps can attack me but I can't fight back. Btw,are there only those 3 SW sets or are there more for other chars,got any screens ?
  10. Hm could be I dunno,I remember finding like mass of amulets +4 to all skills and another modifier or +8 to all skills,I could find a bunch in 30 minutes or less just teleporting from one town to another. I spent more than hour and I found one amulet that gives +4 to all skills,most of 'em are low quality. You might be right about bug,I don't know what the deal is really...
  11. I gave it a try and I'm still playing on it.Its nice and cool but one issue though. I have 104 level barg seraphim with 197 level bargaining,I went shopping ammy's and rings but I was surprised when I noticed that most of the items at merchant are white and blue,very few yellow items.Before cm patch whole merchants inventory was full of yellow items and some blue.I'm aiming usually at + to all skills ammy's and chance that opponents cannot evade/opponent level for deathblow etc. rings but most of the rings and ammy's are white and blue and are useless. Can you check that somehow ?I think bargaining is weaker in cm patch or its bugged.Anyone got the same issue ?
  12. I will never agree that AG sucks... I've played with many different SW's.In every build I used AG,cooldown is 20-21 sec and duration is approx 18 sec on higher level's. So you can always cast it,I just love that spell ! The only thing I hate is that bugged tutor mod.It doesn't stack with experience mods on your equipment and even if you don't have no +experience mods on armors it doesn't stack with mentors (tested) so it's pretty much useless.
  13. Another lurker reporting Hello to everyone. My first post,I registered 2 months ago I think,I've also been a lurker at wolfe's lair when I used to play s1. I really needed some good builds and guides and luckily I found plenty here.I gotta say it helped me a lot! I'm a big fan of s1/Sacred 2,I got mad love for this game,though I got no time now,working too much.As soon as I get my free days,I use 'em on Sacred 2 usually Got one question,is cm patch worth of installing ?I read somewhere that some bosses are way too overpowered and that patch got some nasty bugs.Is it better with or without cm-patch ? Peace ya'll!