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    Continue with 3 words only

    absolutely no discretion
  2. The previous thread was so much fun and so popular that we reached the maximum number of posts. So, let's get it started again. For they who are unfamiliar with the rules: Look at the last word (or short set of words) in the preceding post, post it again and insert your new word after it like this: The last post in the first Related Word game was "Familiensportabzeichen," posted by chattius. Hence: Familiensportabzeichen => family togetherness
  3. Hooyaah

    The Related Song Game

    Fleetwood Mac -> Go your own way! Ali Dee, The DeeKompressors - Go Speed Racer Go
  4. Hooyaah

    Continue with 3 words only

    local park visitors
  5. Hooyaah

    The Related Song Game

    Shania Twain -> She's not just a pretty face Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are
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    Newbie Help

    You are welcome; I'm happy to be of service.
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    A Game of Chicken

    This is just one of my "Why did the chicken cross the road, as answered by famous people" (and characters) jokes. Here's another: Yogi Bear's response: I didn't know there was any chicken in this pic-a-nic basket, Mr. Ranger sir, I was just trying to return it to it's rightful owner. Eh, Boo Boo?
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    Newbie Help

    @Flix: That's a lot of great information! Welcome to the fora, Hordolur. Be sure to check out some great builds here for some sweet ideas! Then make your own based on some of the suggestions, if you prefer.
  9. Hooyaah

    CP Holy Hannah!

    Welcome to the forums. I understand that when one is upset it's difficult to remain calm and to ask for assistance politely. So, if you would like some information that will help your Steam version of Sacred 2 to launch properly, check the thread here. Don't hesitate to post in that thread if you still need some help. The CM Patch 160 is surely worth the effort.
  10. There was no topic where one could post about a game that one was currently playing. So, I created this as a haven where sharing facts and videos and such related to a new or old game that we enjoy would be fun and informative and perhaps generate discussion and introduce others to what they could potentially also enjoy. Here is a video that I uploaded to YouTube of a bit of my game-play of Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen. The game environment is very rich both in visual and auditory content. The game possesses a large, open-world map and a plethora of rewarding quests, not unlike Sacred 2, Fallen Angel.
  11. Witwatersrand => nature Gogo, the 72 ounce steak at the Big Texan is over-hyped (in my opinion) because its not grilled or smoked and it doesn't look appetizing. I was at a little place in Houston once upon a time, called The Cattle Rustlers and the 8-10 ounce rib eye steaks were all you "care to" eat. I sat down with my friend Ernest and after I downed my tenth or eleventh (I lost count after number ten) he said, "Are you finished yet? I'm tired of watching you eat." So, we left. Those were the days... Yep, I can eat a lot of beef at one sitting, but check out Molly Schuyler's video below!
  12. Hooyaah

    The Related Song Game

    fun. - At Least I'm Not As Sad (As I Used To Be) 10cc - I'm Not In Love