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  1. I added the portal find as an Easter Egg yesterday evening. One may find it among the others in the Star Trek category here.
  2. The previous thread was so much fun and so popular that we reached the maximum number of posts. So, let's get it started again. For they who are unfamiliar with the rules: Look at the last word (or short set of words) in the preceding post, post it again and insert your new word after it like this: The last post in the first Related Word game was "Familiensportabzeichen," posted by chattius. Hence: Familiensportabzeichen => family togetherness
  3. A very sincere thank you to everyone who helped our new friend Durmir get in the game! You all earned mondo kudos!
  4. Copy that, I'll look after that after work today.
  5. Hooyaah

    Make a sentence from 5 letters

    People Are Yelling Every Day! S H O U T
  6. Hooyaah

    Continue with 3 words only

    and foreign hamlets
  7. Hooyaah

    The Related Song Game

    Dolly Parton & Kenny Rodgers -> we've got tonight The GoGo's - We Got The Beat
  8. Hooyaah

    The Related Song Game

    I am poking this thread to determine if it's actually just sleeping, in an ill-fated coma, or finally and regrettably demised. Xscape - Tonight Eddie Money - Take Me Home Tonight
  9. Hooyaah

    Fallen Angel Main Menu

    Yes, that is the resolution that my screen is set to. I have noticed that about half of the time the black border is quite a bit smaller and almost unnoticeable. Thanks for the information; I will use the Main Menu as it is, for it is so realistic, evidenced by the remarkable details and the impressive lighting effects.
  10. Hooyaah

    Fallen Angel Main Menu

    The copy of the Fallen Angel Main Menu that I have is truncated, as seen in the image above. If there is a clean version that has no errors it would be greatly appreciated to have the file updated.
  11. So, if I am picking up what you are laying down, this is a Wiki-worthy Easter Egg (just in time for Easter). Am I correct?
  12. ^ BINGO! I am currently right out of ideas. Regardless, I would keep a positive attitude and try the other suggestions above. You may even want to have a small, kindly chat with your PC and tell him/her that he/she is missing out on the most enjoyable and rewarding RPG of all time. Hey, at this point even that's worth a shot, my friend.
  13. Look for and remove anything in the Sacred 2 Gold Folder. That should be sufficient after removing with Windows System Settings or CCleaner. If you haven't looked at the previous advice you may be missing something else that you need like updating your Nvidia Driver, installing Windows NET Framework, or such.
  14. The reward for the virtue of patience is redeemed in everlasting dividends. My quote having been highlighted, please do not surrender quite yet. I believe that a positive resolution may be discovered for you in the near future. Please, first uninstall the game and remove all of its previous contents in any and all folders. It must be as clean as if the game was never installed before you add the CM Patch. The game should in no way be associated with any of the Steam components and game manager. It's best to run the game from Drive D instead of Drive C (where Windows OS operates). After a fresh reinstall, check once again the fora here for any troubleshooting tips not related to the game not running in Steam and follow the suggestions, please.
  15. I believe that I have found a Sacred 2 Easter Egg; it is one that was just under our noses all along! In the first season of Star Trek, episode 28 is, The City On The Edge Of Forever. In the episode is a portal named The Guardian Of Forever and it displays different images of places throughout time and if one enters therein, one will appear in that particular place and era. The portals in Sacred 2 also flash images of locations, just as the portal in the aforementioned episode. The similarity is, as Mr. Spoke might say, "Fascinating!"
  16. Less costly than a sacrificial goat, a freshly procured copy of Sacred 2 Gold purchased from GOG may be the simplest option. A "Steam Engine" to play a game sounds "Steam Punk" and sort of "hipster-like" but there are exhaustive requests for help for the same sort of issue that which you are experiencing as it relates to the game, Sacred 2. Unfettered by a third party launcher/manager it normally functions beautifully after installing the CM 160 patch (with or without the optional update) and before any Mods are added. (They should be added after the game launches and is working.) Perhaps the Steam forums finally have a recent post (or an older and elusive one) with something helpful. I don't like saying that I have already put forth my best efforts previously. Nevertheless, I do not feel that your rig is the problem: (Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980, Memory size 4 GB, Memory type GDDR5, Microsoft Windows 10 (10.0) Professional 64-bit, DirectX Version 12.0). It has specifications which appear to be well sufficient to play Sacred 2 without any difficulty and with highest graphics settings. Aside from the Steam fora, perhaps you could reread some of the troubleshooting tips in this thread. Note: If using CCleaner you will need to go to Windows/System and uncheck Temporary Files. Otherwise you will have to launch the game thrice before it actually launches successfully.
  17. Hooyaah

    How’s your day going?

    That area is surreal and a bit spooky, what with the abandoned amusement park that was scheduled to open mere days after the disaster occurred. There are also dolls and other items and personal effects left behind as if all the people suddenly and inexplicably vanished. Perhaps, therein lies the allure to visitors world-wide.
  18. Hooyaah

    JoyFreak here!

    Welcome, JoyFreak. I am curious and wish to ask what specific aspects of the game you are attracted by. Also, might I suggest that you investigate some of the character build advice and certain modifications, including the seemingly endless amending possibilities of the camera settings which allow for customization which may augment and enhance ones gaming experience. Cheers!