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  1. The previous thread was so much fun and so popular that we reached the maximum number of posts. So, let's get it started again. For they who are unfamiliar with the rules: Look at the last word (or short set of words) in the preceding post, post it again and insert your new word after it like this: The last post in the first Related Word game was "Familiensportabzeichen," posted by chattius. Hence: Familiensportabzeichen => family togetherness
  2. After watching your video (the audio and video quality is amazing) I now see that your excursion was more like a quest for the milk! Even with all the layers I don't think I could stay warm for long in that sort of cold. By the way, at what temperature does WiFi freeze?
  3. contractor => excavating (They don't get much work done because they do so much dozing.)
  4. a nap How do you take your coffee?
  5. When Chuck Norris was a boy he visited the California coast and grabbing the largest rock he could could find he tossed it as far as he could. It is now known as Ayers Rock.
  6. Knowing that all the hype about Chuck Norris is true, there are no "brags" regarding him, only outstanding and incredible facts about him. Post your facts here, one at a time, for who knows what would happen if more than one were posted at the same time. Chuck Norris is so fast he can dash across the Universe and tap himself on the back.
  7. Whoever happens to walk past. What do you wear in the shower?
  8. Hooyaah

    Make a sentence from 5 letters

    Acting Created The Illusion, Obviously. A C T O R
  9. Hooyaah

    Continue with 3 words only

    and living things
  10. Hooyaah

    The Related Song Game

    Robin Thicke - When I Get You Alone Led Zeppelin - When The Levee Breaks
  11. You must REALLY love milk. Personally, I would find something else to pour over my breakfast cereal or just have pancakes instead. Here in east Texas it snows occasionally, but there are either just flurries that melt when they touch the ground or there is a small accumulation. Yet, snow covering the ground only happens every five to ten years. Tonight it will be near or just below freezing and it's mostly sunny today. However, the past year here it's been very wet and my back pasture has been so muddy that it nearly tugs my muck boots off. It's been raining too much (still) for things to dry out, but Fred, my palomino never complains as long as he gets (overfed) twice a day.
  12. needed => dough (dough is kneaded and money is needed too)