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  1. Funny thing about the shape of the glasses and the aromas being lifted to your nose, that's why the "official" scotch glass is a Glencairn.
  2. Oh, I didn't realise that there were still unlock items missing, I thought they had all been previously included somewhere after CM 1.60. OK then, great to hear, more goodies for the looting. @gogoblender I believe they were special edition unlock items, similar to what is today sold digitally as loyalist packs. As for Gar's stone throw, yeah I know how it looks. But the stone used to drop on the floor and you'd have to kill it too. Mainly the green one which caused him to regen, but it's common practice to always destroy them before re-engaging him. I couldn't see them on the floor,
  3. Alright, so the Sacred itch is again in full scale! Spent some time today with my newly created BFG seraphim, ran all the way to Seraphim Island and up to level 27. It appeases me to say that so far stability is pretty much incredible since I've had no crashes, halts or any weird behaviour. Well, there's the casual visual FX not dropping, but it's the kind of thing that reverts to its normal state when using a teleport. Beat old Gar and old Octo, both melted down by the power of the celestial weapon. I had somehow forgotten how much fun this game still gives me, ha! Two odd things t
  4. They were doing a farewell tour ten years ago last time I've checked. Yeah, it's an album the lead singer has said to be very personal in that respect. He said somewhere that the long road north (I.e. album title) is the road back home or something along those lines. The band has a very complex sound and the album brings much more than what that track shows. There's clean vocals and more ambient stuff as well. On their last EP they did a song with Mark Lanegan for instance.
  5. You should be doing side quests to improve your chances of getting set item rewards. Anything under 3 stars is a no-go, and preferably you should aim for 4-5 stars in difficulty. Long chain quests can help a lot in that respect. Also, Genesis Sideria is a CM Patch only set, and it's hard to get a full set. Trust me, I've tried it before. To be completely honest you'll notice just how better the loot is once you climb the difficulties. Gold and Platinum is where you start to see it shine.
  6. I'm currently jamming the new Cult of Luna album, which isn't even out officially yet. Massive as usual, this one should give you guys a taste of what it sounds like.
  7. So, is minus 14 the max temp for the day?! F...............
  8. Small feedback here. Remember when I said that I could give the toons Niob access in Char Editor but that wouldn't resolve while in-game? Now it works properly, I've tested with two different new toons with different classes. Something must've been definitely blocking that because from Beta to v1.0 it now works as intended. Go figure! Anyway, started a toon from level 1 in Bronze/Silver without any twinking and gave it a few hours. Nothing weird happened, apart from outside Clearview when my keyboard suddenly stopped responding and I got murdered because I couldn't do anything to get
  9. I'm not that much experienced as to give you a technical answer, but from my experience the more I travel South in my country in terms of wine production the "warmer" they feel. It has to do with the drier weather and the riper more sugary grapes. I dislike red wine being at room temperature in high Summer because it tends to feel bland if it goes over the 18ish degrees. But different grapes different temps I guess. For instance, in white wines I can find recommended temps varying from 8 to 12 degrees, depending on the type of grapes. Red is mostly the same 18ish all around as far as I kn
  10. Glad you found the cause. Happy gaming!
  11. Another trick is just bringing the bottle from the cellar to a warmer division inside the house for warming up more progressively. It tends to normalize the cold on the glass of the bottle, so when you pour it to the actual cup it doesn't suffer that much of a thermal shock. But it's very well pointed that you'll want to grab the cup by the stem when you want to avoid changing the temperature of the wine. I for one don't like wines with sweeter grape variants too warm because it tends to blur the taste and feel too sugary. When it's high Summer and the bottle is a bit warm half an hour in
  12. Does it stay like that after a restart and reload? Or with a new character? Do you have any mod installed?

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