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  1. Are you running with CM 1.60? That patch removed a lot if not most of the "waltzing around". If you are using it already try targeting the ground ahead of you (CTRL+CA) instead of targeting mobs. I can't recall if that actually works with this specific CA, but CTRL+mouse click is usually used to attack without moving, mostly for ranged attacks. Give it a try.
  2. On your left ladies and gentlemen we have fish and sweet potatoes, oven roast, and on the right stuffed portobellos with a coating of grilled Grana Padano and sprinkled with a heavy dose of Parmesan. Sad realisation of the day was that I hadn't done stuffed mushrooms since the last lockdown... It's nice to feel the warmth here, but my head really isn't at its best for a long time now. And the situation here is on the brink of total collapse, so I guess I'm finding some refuge in the meals and drinks these days.
  3. First week of lockdown here, back to Masterchef mode (it's not like I can do anything else).
  4. So it's probably for the best to wait up until 3.1 I guess. Well I still have to find some spare time since I've been on a constant "left and right" run. No worries, I'll get there.
  5. I'm late for the party, but what's with the doubled boss thingy? I haven't been very present here at DarkMatters due to a shortage of time and mental availability. But as we're going into lockdown starting tonight that could change. Any recap on quick fixes for EE 3.0 that I should know about?
  6. Yes, the dragon. The chests in its lair are very nice.
  7. I can vouch for this as well, it's an easy and rewarding run. And it has a boss in the middle with some really nice chests too.
  8. Basically any region that has a high density of champions is good for item farming. The path between Entruag and Zazaruik, Southern Hissil'Ta, some areas in the Desert, the Jungle has a lot of champions as well. If you have access to the Orc Cave that's also a good option, but playing those regions with Super Spawn gives you more bang for the buck than doing runs in the Cave.
  9. No, he means that Inferno Edition is an optional component of D2F, which you can activate on top of it for added difficulty. Beware though, it's very easy to get one-shot with Inferno active.
  10. I know you're supposed to explore and find things for yourself, but contrary to the Crystal Planes where it is indeed linear and you start following the main road and things happen, in the Cursed Forest you actually need to stray away from the main path. You also need to get inside some subterranean passages and there's more than a few of those. Though both quests are similar I think that the one in Crystal Planes is better achieved in design, as opposed to the one in the Cursed Forest. I don't know, it's the gut feeling I guess of having a game where every quest is laid out to you and th
  11. The triggering of the quest is very convoluted. It's a chain quest, as it appears in the log book, but it acts mostly as individual quests which only trigger in proximity to a certain area or when you speak to a particular NPC. The problem is that contrary to the usual chain quests you get no indications on where to go. It's very easy to explore a region and miss parts of the main quest because most of the time there isn't a quest marker to be found. It's really different from the rest of the quests in the game, and it has been always one of those quests where even I tend to need to revise my
  12. Speaking of the main quest in the Blood Forest, is there any possibility that the scripting there can be improved? The way that main quest triggers is always a royal pain...
  13. And now for something completely different, here's to all the lovers of smooth music:
  14. Oh you sweet Summer child! I could name so many drummers right now, but if you really want to be entertained you can watch any drum cam video from the likes of George Kollias, Flo Mounier, Sean Reinert (RIP) or in a completely different register, Neil Peart (RIP). I know I should be listening to a lot of Cynic and side-projects, but I'm just in a totally different mood these days. Sadly this year has taken us both Seans from Cynic, both Reinert earlier and now Malone. So sad...
  15. The interesting thing is that those mountains actually feature walkable terrain, as opposed to the unwalkable-teleport only terrain posted by Flix in that Pesmontis thread from yesterday. It'd be interesting to compile all of these little "leftovers" into a single topic, but if they're only available on Fallen Angel that should be a bit tricky no?!
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