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  1. And a chance to get specific legendaries as well, though not all will serve all classes I reckon. Seems like an interesting idea.
  2. Free for all?! Sounds fitting, and game-wise it's an actual term. As for point 1), do you mean in SP or just in LAN?
  3. I got that part, plus the Doppelganger companion. I Just wan't following on the combos, but now it's explained.
  4. Ok, so I'm a bit lost here since I'm not quite sure on what the Alternate Spells brings in terms of CAs. I can see you have a life leech effect with Levin Array and something else, but I'm not sure what it is. Little help?!
  5. It's alright mate, we know you don't mean to offend. Keep your builds flowing!
  6. Hey man, I've removed the memes because of the forum rules about swearing. We play it very safe with that here at DarkMatters. No biggie, just keep that in mind please. I'm curious about those videos but I'm currently at work. I'll check them when I get home and give some feedback.
  7. I've always played with 2.40, except the time where I tried 2.43 which made the game unplayable to me. Then with the expansion you had a lot of changes as well, plus CM Patch goes even further down that road. I'm not saying that this particular CA was changed in every version mind you, just that these different game versions did change a lot in terms of gameplay and modifiers.
  8. Well, there you have it then. Console versions are stuck in a much older game version, so that's that. Bugs galore. I really can't vouch for the experience you might have there versus the PC experience with CM Patch and extensive bug correction.
  9. Oh blimey, the Idol mod. Of course! Never mind, my memory failed me for a second when I posted yesterday.
  10. When you start the game and get to the main screen, do you have a game version on the bottom left edge in white lettering? What's the background image, a waterfall or a bloody forest? If you're playing an older version of the game the CA may be bugged, simple as that.
  11. I guess it depends on what's the focus of your build. Of you're playing with a pure Ice HE then Wrath will benefit the most from the tree's bonuses, as well as your most desired gear bonuses (eg. +%ice damage). If you play a more hybrid toon or use Raging Nimbus to debuff your enemies then Hurricane will improve your chance to do so since it improves hit frequency. It all depends on how exactly you play your HE.
  12. I wonder what's the point of Concentration mastery though, when the remaining buff is Reflective Emanation which is a more defensive buff. I'd rather go for a skill that further increases your party's influence over the generality of the Ancarian mobs. What are your findings with the Inquisitor so far?
  13. That's like 7€ when it's sold here for 5€. Not a bad price at all given that it's an overseas import.
  14. I'd definitely go with the Bacalhôa muscat. It's a well renowned brand here, though I'm more partial to either Jose Maria da Fonseca or Venancio da Costa Lima. But Bacalhôa is very good nonetheless. There's a huge difference between muscat made from white grapes and from a rarer variant which are purple grapes. We call purple "roxo" in Portuguese, so if you ever find one of those grab it. You'll know the difference once you taste it. Are those prices in Canadian dollars? If so they're decently priced.
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