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  1. Well, yeah. Spell-based CA. But the OP said he wanted to play a mixed build with DS and a weapon lore, so my indications were according to that.
  2. Well, with that build both should work fine. Hafted will make stun proc with Jab, but on the other hand faster attack speed bonus from Sword should proc Jab even further. I think you can basically flip a coin here.
  3. Depends on your desired effect as swords tend to give a boost to attack speed and secondary physical effects (open wound for instance), whereas hafted tend to give chance to stun. So if you're going for a dedicated lore with mastery in mind you should take that into consideration. Right now I'm running a pole arm build to proc "chance to hit multiple opponents" which the lore skill unlocks and increases. Every weapon lore has its impact in some form like this.
  4. Sure you can, I know that. But if you imagine a first timer going into it head first you'll see what I meant above. In my case it wasn't exactly a surprise because I already knew of it, but the fact the those Wisps and the Lightning Lord still struck so hard was, plus with my attention span being heavily reduced because of the tiredness of me returning to work resulted in not even being able to hear the redline sound. I was just dead in the spot. Not complaining though, it was my fault. But for anyone who's not expecting it it's one of those "Oh man..." surprises. I think you're right, like you do with the potions the god power should also be activated beforehand. Live and learn I guess. Anyway, dying always sucks but it's also part of the learning curve in this game. Plus, realising that some things can still kill me is a wake up call since I was running all too confident after hitting my first masteries. I guess I'm still not quite in "demigod" mode as I thought, even if I'm running a decently equipped toon in Normal difficulty. Guess I have to keep climbing the ladder with my eyes open. The challenge is more than welcomed.
  5. Came in to say that I just realised how deadly of a trap the location of this new boss is. Not only is this elemental lord a royal pain by itself, but also it's positioned in a spot where you have an automatic defend quest with a ton of mobs running left and right. And if that wasn't enough having Wisps floating around worsens this even more. It's all fine and dandy until you see yourself stunned to hell and back and then the big boy goes "bam!". So yeah, second death as I was taken by surprise. Granted it has been a really long day and a long week after returning to work, but still, the location of this boss is anything but innocent. Proceed with caution.
  6. Fun fact. According to my math and experience with my Paladin, if you first start on Easy and complete all the quests that give you extra skill points later on you can actually achieve a fourth mastery at level 75!
  7. It's not, it just depends on your playing style and build. If you use a certain type of elemental attack and want to maximize that impact Damage Lore is very important. I've seen more than a few Astral Lord builds with it because of the secondary effects of the main damage CAs. Some skills may seem useless in comparison at first but when you notice their impact at higher levels they really slay. A dual-wielder with Damage Lore and two weapons with different elements socketed can be really though in offensive terms because of how much they proc and how hard they hit.
  8. Honestly I'm all about Fire and Ice, but I used to play a lot with Poison for the same reasons as you. But I've come to realize that, like Flix says, Fire and Ice are mostly mutually exclusive in vanilla Sacred 2. So if you want to minimize micromanagement you can mostly run with just two different weapons, or in alternative the same weapon config but with those two different elements socketed. Currently I'm running five pole arms for five damage channels in D2F mod, but to be honest I don't use Magic much and Physical barely. I'm guessing that should change the more mobs have more elemental and less physical armour.
  9. Uhm, if the colour profile on your monitor plays a part in it then the possibilities are immense. Most have the ability to manually configure RGB and colour temperature, so yeah, I don't see much use in a third-party software to do it. The main problem with the game is that you want to saturate outdoors but desaturate indoors, you want to remove flare from outdoors but indoors if you lower the brightness then you're basically blind. It's not like you can set a preset for every area in the game individually, and the differences between them are glaring. Comparing Thylysium's outdoors with the Carnach Cave's indoors shows most of this. And if you remove the flare in the Bengaresh Desert most caves will be too dark anyway. There's no beauty without a catch.
  10. Honestly all I can see in the current presets is people cutting the lighting and increasing the contrast way too much, at least according to the screenshots in this list. The game does have a large amount of unnecessary flare and brightness, but if the alternative is to have everything overly saturated in darkened colours then I'm not sure how it can be an improvement. For graphic tweaks if you have a Nvidia GPU you can use its CP and manually apply graphic filters and it works well most of the time. I'm not sure you can do the same with a different GPU but I assume this kind of GPU CP is a streamlined affair, so try to tweak it until you find your sweet spot.
  11. So, finally got to finish the arena mode in Normal difficulty. Mobs were always 8-10 levels above my toon due to the high SB, which like I said in the D2F Creatures thread was gone in the round against the Elemental Lords. Well, fighting in the Hellfire Arena with mobs at character level or one level above at most does make it much easier. Still I had my fair share of jump scares and Blitz moments (Oh maaan...) because some rounds are just tough. As funny as it may be the last stage seems to be easier than the ones before for a melee toon like I'm running, and as far as I could tell the round that cost me my SB is most likely the hardest one. I'd have to double check against the Zakarum Council though because even at char level or +1 that was a tough battle. They are six and they cover a wide range of damage and resistance channels so it's not an easy one in the slightest. It'd be interesting to notice how a pure caster goes against this mode since the tendency is that the higher your SB is the most probable it is for you to get easily redlined at certain rounds. I'm guessing that a glass cannon will be awesome in the arena since shooting first and asking questions later seems to be an easy way to get away with it, though in all honesty a toon heavy on debuff is probably the ideal for this mode. I mean, more often than not you'll come into a round where mobs just cast and cast and cast when their hand-to-hand combat isn't even that troublesome. But then one does root, the other stun and the other lands traps, so when you consider all three together... Yeah, that's the main issue. If this mode would be available for vanilla I'd say that an Arcane High Elf with Expulse Magic always on would be the easiest toon to use, but in D2F it's hard to tell. Final thoughts about the mode, I like it a lot. It's an enormous change of pace from the regular gameplay, it's faster and more brutal, the rounds are more violent than whatever you encounter in the regular gameplay, you get your toon and your skills as a player tested, etc. It's just different from the rest of the game, much like a Crucible mode is on so many other RPGs, so this is a case of a mod being exactly what it should be. My main criticism lies in the limitations of the game itself, since the arena is pretty small and some bosses are just huge in comparison. The rewards are so so, I see it more as a way to get the loot on each stage and then the skill and attribute points at the end of it, rather than getting the relic and jewel. They're great and all but they seem to grow very little, just look at Hellfire Torch giving 20 armour at level 70 when I can get relic drops above 130. I know it has further bonuses but it just seems a bit low for a legendary, so if you'd ask me both items could benefit from higher values in armour and damage.
  12. Got to this round in Normal difficulty. Cost me my SB... So yeah, I get what you mean by that opening volley. First time I went against them my sabertooth (my extra life) was killed so fast I didn't even realise I was on foot! God power wasn't much of a starting help as it has been in the other rounds because they're all very fast and very brutal. It's just bam! Second time I went against them they were so aggro that just approaching the arena allowed me to pull them one by one. Flame and Ice Lord were manageable, in fact I'd say that Flame Lord is the easiest one, but Poison Lord was angrier than its usual self. Its DOT is just insane! But after a few redlines it was done. I was left with the two ten ton hammers, revamped Earth Lord and newly arrived Lightning Lord, and I've got to say one thing about them in conjunction, it's no fun! They're both brutal, and to me next to the Poison Lord they're actually the toughest ones. Lightning Lord's guided ball of magic and its ability to self-heal are extremely dangerous. Earth Lord may just be the absolute toughest of them all though. It managed to one-shoot my tiger and myself in less than ten seconds after a couple of minutes of back and forth. It's just brutal. Now, after losing my SB both were more manageable, but together they're still dangerous as hell. What made such a difference you ask? If they were of my level I probably wouldn't have died, but they were already ten levels above me. Plus, I run with Inferno mode activated. Anyway, if you value your SB you better walk into this round very well prepared. If not run home and cry to momma.
  13. I also have Philios as my deity, but I don't think I've ever used it. Force of habit since the cooldowns are so long and using it requires a huge investment in Divine Devotion. I can give it a go though. PS: Oh my, Redemption is a complete QOL power! Asmarael couldn't spawn any spiders and Nihlathak on his own was much more accessible. Another lesson learnt, I'm not ditching a god power in Sacred 2 ever again.
  14. So I'll be back to work next Monday, as it is opening day for the shopping malls in my country. We'll see how that goes. I'm going to have to work with mask, facial protection and glasses... Tried the kit yesterday and nearly stopped breathing since we're having a heatwave with temperatures around 35 degrees. So with no AC and two layers that prevent me from breathing properly should that be enough to make me collapse with shortness of breath? I have to stay up for six hours straight in that setup... Oh well, noblesse oblige. People's behaviour is what bothers me the most as though many people inside supermarkets and stores still have enough care to stay away from each other, the fact that we're no longer in an "emergency state" and that everything is functional once again makes people think it's all fine and dandy. With this intense heat all you see are people drinking in the outside spaces of the cafes and restaurants, and of course that you don't need to wear a mask if you're consuming something in those spaces. So basically I just need to make that drink I order last and I can be in the sun for hours without a mask and no one gets to tell me otherwise. Cute right? Beaches have also been full, even thought restrictions were implemented. So yeah, come next Monday I don't know how people are going to react to the reopening of shopping malls. I hope they don't come out in full idiot mode.
  15. I do love the challenges you come up with! I'm kind of relearning my way around the game after spending almost half a year playing with totally different mechanics (Dungeon Siege 2 is team-based and is pretty much different in mostly everything), but I'm slowly getting there. The fact that I'm running Inferno from level 1 has been both a curse and a grace since it makes me be alert at all times, plus every little detail the game has like resistances/modifiers/damage channels is pretty much exacerbated in this mode, so you can really tell when socketing this or putting hard points there makes a difference. Both your weaknesses and your strengths are more easily noticeable with Inferno mode. As for the arena, I'm currently "stuck" in round 8 of the first stage in Normal difficulty because fighting Nihlathak and Asmarael at the same time is a total nightmare. Root, debuff and summons, plus Asmarael likes healing herself before I can drop her HP low enough for deathblow to kick in. I have a pole arm specialised in each damage channel and even so I can't seem to break them. I haven't died but I also can't damage them enough. They really complement one another against a melee type toon which relies on buffs for defense/offense.
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