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  1. Androdion

    Diablo 2 Fallen Classes: The Sorceress

    I remember playing Prince of Persia 2 on an old pc with low graphics, and once the game was running for a while the GPU would heat up and tilt leaving some random black textures. Since you're playing with graphics on low I assume you may be experiencing something similar perhaps?
  2. I think 10MB per mod of added space isn't a problem, and the rest of the folks here may agree on that as well. When you think that D2F is over 1GB, you know?!
  3. So every individual change will always have 10MB more than the single change? Is that it? If that's per line changed then I can see the issue, if it's per package of changes I don't think it's that bad.
  4. You lost me with the 10MB vs 2KB part. Forgive me, I'm at work and DS2 has been breaking my sleep schedule.
  5. Interesting. Can you tell us more about that tradition please? Here is the same, "Dia de Reis" on January 6th. The Orthodox church does celebrate Christmas on that date, I think in Poland and other Eastern Europe countries it's all in that date.
  6. Androdion

    Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    Yeah, they're rad! The new Boneslicer design reminds me of something, but I can't put my finger on it. Movie, game...?!
  7. Androdion

    Red-Headed Warrior Babes

    I hear you, at least they're specifically marketed like adult games. There's a market for everything I guess.
  8. Androdion

    Red-Headed Warrior Babes

    I may sound hypocritical as sexualised female characters were always part of games, but it seems to me that there's a new wave of developers dying to cash in on the explicit sexualisation in games. You know, back in the day nudity was a bad thing and now it's a normal thing, so more is more I guess?!
  9. So, is Christmas going away?!
  10. Androdion

    Red-Headed Warrior Babes

    You raise a very valid point, which in turn brings back memories of CM 1.60's development. Where does it stop being a bug fix and starts being something else right?! I think, and your post on the Addendum topic today proves it, that there'll always be something to fix. The point you can ask yourself as a modder is "what's my goal with this project?". If it's bug fixing it's bug fixing, if it's putting your personal balance into it then that's that. It just gets down to what your point is with EE. If you want to make it a quasi-CM mod then there are boundaries to what you could (should) change, except no one's enforcing them upon you. I hope I'm making sense here. If it would be me I'd keep EE as a core bug fixing project with optional balance and gear modules, if possible. D2F would easily work on top of that with a bit of glue I guess. Kind of like what we once talked about a modular CM. But I understand if that's an endeavour you don't want to take, I really do. So honestly, you can do whatever you want as it is your project and you can call it and make it whatever you want to. Don't feel such a heavy burden because of it.
  11. Androdion

    Red-Headed Warrior Babes

    I wasn't even thinking about playing the game since it has been so long and I've played it for so long, but yeah, when you said it was kind of a parallel to your EE I went in for it. What I found was too far away from my vanilla experience to really get into it, so I tried vanilla again. I think I'll keep with vanilla, for old times' sake. Funny thing about AL is that for a mod that's a bug squasher the vanilla game actually runs better. Snappier and more responsive with the exact same settings. I don't know, sometimes mods fix one thing and break another I guess.
  12. Androdion

    Red-Headed Warrior Babes

    Well, I'm from a time and place where owning an original console or pc game was something noteworthy. Games were neither cheap nor as easily accessible as they were ten years ago, let alone now when you can just buy whatever you want for pennies without leaving your chair. The first original PC game I owned was Carmageddon, which at the time cost me 5000$, around 25€. That may not seem much nowadays, but at the time dropping that much money in a game was preposterous and shameful even in familiar circles. Hell, it was Carmageddon, I couldn't care less what people thought about it. I saved up the money and bought it, never to regret it again. But sadly that was one in dozens of games because there was just not enough money to buy more than one or two originals. So we knew people who knew people who recorded disquetes and later on CDs with copies of the games that were on the market. My first time playing DS2 was just like that, with four CD-R. Later on I found that Deluxe Edition lying in the shelf of a FNAC store next to me for 20€ and I didn't think twice, I just needed to have it. Suffice to say I played it to hell and back. You see, I'm not against modding per se. I'm just not fond of modders changing the original mechanics present in a game to their own accord. Working on the present ones and expanding on them yes, but adding personal flavoured stuff to a game that was created by professionals always seemed off to a guy that had few games and had to play them to exhaustion. Take your EE mod for instance, if you're playing with the Original Spells "little" has changed right? That's not what I get from playing with Arana's Legacy. Instead I get more of a vibe of the modder picking it up and doing his own thing. That I can't feel much sympathy for, sorry. Oh, and I don't think badly of your D2F mod, quite the opposite actually. It's a thematic mod so you go into it expecting a new theme and play to its own accord, so nothing wrong there. AL... it kind of rubs me the wrong way. Last night I did a Tutorial->Elven Shrine run with vanilla 2.30, and quite honestly the game experience is much smoother than with the mod. The difficulty/balance is different, somewhat easier yes, and the drops aren't nearly as good. But the general feel is much better in terms of the general balance of the gameplay. With AL you keep getting reagents and spears early on when that was never a part of the original game experience. I mean, recipes were only introduced in BW so why would you want so many reagents to drop so early on in the main campaign?! Trying to fix something that isn't broken can go very wrong more often than not, and here I think that while that's not the case the modder's personal view has changed the game a bit too much from vanilla. For me at least.
  13. Androdion

    Red-Headed Warrior Babes

    Yeah, it pretty much comes down to personal taste. I've played the game extensively, to the point where I was the guy who wanted to do (and did!) all recipes in BW just because I wanted to see all of the items. In this day and age you could say that I 100% the game, not once but twice, so I have a really soft spot for it. Trying to improve on something that I remember as "perfect" is always complicated. Don't get me wrong, his dedication is immense and the cosmetics are definitely QOL improvements. Seeing the class progress percentages, the resistances expanded table and having further auras to allow multi-classing, these are all interesting additions. Introducing a potion drinking animation mid-fights where there's a roll to have it trigger or not, have your party members walk slower the more items they carry and stuff like that... not as much. It totally changes the dynamics and introduces new mechanics that just weren't there and that don't add anything relevant. Right now after roughly a week playing it I'm kind of torn between keep playing with the AL mod or revert to vanilla 2.30, as I never missed an item nor a quest with it. It could go either way. I remember a friend of mine, the same that got me the original DS2 rip, having DS1 and playing it for a while. I've never played it though, but I can understand the excitement on what you're planning to do. It sounds very cool indeed.
  14. Androdion

    Red-Headed Warrior Babes

    The funniest thing is that I don't remember DS2 to be bug ridden, so seeing so many different things kind of rubs me the wrong way. Last night I ended up reading the full changelog (I know!) since 2006 and my preconception of this mod being all too flavoured was correct. Most if not almost the entirety of the content it brings are personal choices made by the modder.
  15. Androdion

    Red-Headed Warrior Babes

    I'm liking the added challenge, though I got smacked in places I wasn't expecting to. It seems some spawn points are more crowded than I remember them to be, with one particular place in the Azunite Desert proving to be a mortal trap. Yes, I died due to that giant Thrusk spawning with a whole bunch of smaller ones, so I just got bombarded with a rain of fire. It used to be just the "elite" one. Some other things have been toned down, like the ubber level skellies in the Desert's vaults which can now be killed more easily. I'm growing accustomed to kiting though, as some attacks are brutal (much like the legendary skellies in Sacred 2). Those darned Skitters (small spiderlings that spit acid, Alien-like) in the Desert have also gone from dangerous to murderous, and it seems that a bigger emphasis has been placed in the matter of having resistances. The moment I switched Wind Embrace with Spirit Embrace (dodge vs resistances) my life became much easier. I don't remember needing that much micromanagement, the same as I remember items being stronger at shops than on drops, but the drops on Merc were boosted according to the log so that's that. All in all I'm having fun, and I really need to pay some attention every other level and every other area. The game used to be easier as far as I recall, but then again I enjoy the added challenge. On the downside I've gotten a couple of mishaps here and there, mainly movement/stall "bugs". I've been against an unkillable mob where my ranger and warrior couldn't attack and the casters wouldn't damage it, I had to travel back and forth between teleporters to "reset" it. I've gotten a small error message and I've noticed a failed description on the log here and there. Nothing that's horrible, well apart from the not being able to attack/kill a targeteable mob thingy. Glad it was a safe spot with just one mob attacking, otherwise I'd be dead. There's one thing I'm not getting into though. The Invulnerability spell on Taar used to be exactly that, but for some reason ubber high level mobs can still hit me with the power active, and hit me hard. That much never happened in vanilla DS2 neither in BW. I don't know why that's happening, it's as if the spell had an upper boundary in which it doesn't block all the damage. Nerfing the single best spell in the entire game is a no go for me, particularly because that's part of the tactic for very hard fights. I can't find any reference to it in the log though so I have no idea what's happening there. PS: I knew I wasn't crazy, the guy included a potion drinking animation. As cute as that may be my melee toon stops attacking to drink a pot, something which never happened in vanilla. Can't say I love it...