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  1. Yeah I reckon there's a lot of ground to cover, which is exactly why I'm not installing it right now (even though I want to!) since it'll consume my sleep hours which are already way behind schedule.
  2. Oh I was reading through the v2.1 changelog but those numbers are on the changelog for v2.0, oki doki. Man I wish I had time to try EE... I was trying to rebalance it myself but I can't find the time to do proper testing. Maybe next year I can find some time to play again and go through EE or Diablo Mod. My house will kill me!
  3. Finally had some time to update my profile pic. Whoever makes out where it comes from without reverse Google search gets an award.
  4. In what measure may I ask?
  5. Androdion

    New easter egg?

    NO... FREAKIN... WAY!!!
  6. Androdion

    Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Well if it isn't necessary with the final version maybe a footnote can be left on one of the topics for the patch? It's just that it was weird to see the game halt like that, but maybe I screwed up somewhere along the highway when reinstalling it or something. Regular quick save then, no biggie. Thanks for pitching in.
  7. Androdion

    Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    But, it was you who recommended it during 1.60 development?! Anyway, I just thought is was super weird that the command worked flawlessly during almost a year and the all of a sudden it started not working.
  8. Androdion

    Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Hey guys. I'm having this extremely weird CTD, out of the blue. When I press F7 for quick save (and sysflush) the game halts and just goes away. I did reinstall the game but I didn't touch options.txt so if it was working before it should be working now as well. I even deleted options.txt and reconfigured it as it was, same result. This is the log for the CTD: Nome da aplicação com falha: sacred2.exe, versão:, carimbo de data/hora: 0x4be45a9b Nome do módulo com falha: KERNELBASE.dll, versão: 6.1.7601.24231, carimbo de data/hora: 0x5b6db2d4 Código de excepção: 0x80000003 Desvio de falha: 0x0001338d ID do processo com falha: 0x1f44 Data/hora de início da aplicação com falha: 0x01d45c4b5bcf1194 Caminho da aplicação com falha: C:\Jogos\Steam\steamapps\common\Sacred 2 Gold\system\sacred2.exe Caminho do módulo com falha: C:\Windows\syswow64\KERNELBASE.dll ID do Relatório: d7e77008-c83e-11e8-8e02-00248cfc7fef I have no idea what just happened. I double checked the instructions for sysflush with the options.txt and everything is the same, commas and everything. I did try changing the quick save key to F6 and it saved instantly without any issue. Changed it back to F7 and CTD. I really don't know what's going on...
  9. Androdion

    Sacred 2 Balance.txt

    Gotcha. There's more to it than "just" balance.txt it seems. I've went a bit through the file in these past few days and came up with a few tweaks of my own, got to test if they all act the way I want them to. By the way, and I think it isn't mentioned in this topic, but these lines are supposed to control the minimum and maximum levels at which enemies spawn per difficulty level on the first area. I have no idea if changing those values will indeed have an effect but their names and numbers seem intuitive enough. Spawn_OffsetLow = {0,0,40,70,110}, Spawn_OffsetHigh = {0,35,80,120,175}, These values +1 and probably with SB accounted for as well.
  10. Androdion

    Sacred 2 Balance.txt

    Q: If I change "DropMaxRandomRare" to 15 can I have a chance to a drop from any of the 15 tiers on each and every kill I make? A: Answered my own question, put the ZRareExpectation15 to 1000 and everything else to 1 (and eventually to 0 to be 100% sure), and I filled my inventory three times with everything being gold or green but no orange to be seen. Which begs me to do another question, why can't we force legendaries to drop? Is it the same scenario where we can't force a merchant to sell the upper tiers past yellow items?
  11. Well, at least you found out what your problem was. Glad you got it working then.
  12. I'm not versed in Sacred 1 but my guess is that it should work. Did you have any installation error? What went wrong?
  13. Androdion

    Sacred 2 Balance.txt

    I've tried changing the following: DefenseFactorDiff AttackFactorDiff LifeFactorDiff DamageFactorDiff Enemy_armor Enemy_weapondamage Enemy_spelldamage I also changed values on these: MP_damage MP_combatvalue MP_lifeHP MP_EShieldHP MP_armor The only ones that had an effect on the "last opponent" window were DefenseFactorDiff, AttackFactorDiff and LifeFactorDiff, where the HP of the last enemy doubled and the values for "opponent-chance to hit; player-chance to hit" were accordingly different. All other entries had no practical result in the stats displayed. I put double the original on the value correspondent to Niob on the first group (rightmost one) and doubled the amount of the first (leftmost) value on the second group, tested it with a level 200 BFG seraphim from the unskilled chars on the download section. Weird... Shouldn't I be seeing different results? (Yes, I had some spare time today, hurray!) PS: Fun fact as to what ZRareExpectation is concerned. I changed everything from tier 11 to 15 to 1000 and everything from tier 00 to 10 to 1, did a Guardian run in Niob with the seraphim and got three legendaries. Alas, they do drop! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------//--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok, so a few corrections here as last night results' were bugging me. So I changed these values from 1000 to 1 and then to 10000: MP_damage MP_combatvalue MP_lifeHP MP_EShieldHP MP_armor Yeah, they work as expected and related. With 1 it was one shot one kill, with 10000 I could barely kill anything with so much HP that any mob had at level 200. The important thing to note is that none of these values change the stats on the "last opponent" window! So yes they do work, it's just that these changes aren't displayed anywhere. Whereas changing DefenseFactorDiff, AttackFactorDiff and LifeFactorDiff will update the stats on the "last opponent window" these MP lines won't do it. So that's clarified. Is changing both necessary? I don't know, as I have no idea if one overrides the other (MP_lifeHP and LifeFactorDiff for example) or if they work together and multiply themselves one by the other, which would be hard to control and could get out of hand very easily. Then I thought that maybe I screwed up in testing Enemy_armor, Enemy_weapondamage and Enemy_spelldamage as well. So first I changed the fifth value to 1 and afterwards to 10000. Results were, well, few to none?! Then I switched all five values in those three parameters to 1, then to 10000 then to 100000. In all instances I couldn't really notice a difference in terms of damage inflicted to and by mobs. I have no idea why but I've changed these values in several different ways and nothing seemed to change. As for DamageFactorDiff, I still have no idea what it does... The MT and NPC values I didn't touch, nor did I mess with AllEnemy_lvl. And that's it. If someone cares to present some aid or clarification by all means, do so.
  14. I haven't tried it, maybe I can travel to Canada one day for that. Nowadays I need to stick closer to Europe when it comes to travelling.