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  1. Just a quick note to say that after complaining so much about those goodies from olden days not dropping I've managed to secure three fan favourites with Steve 2.0. None other than Kaldur's Legacy, Tinwora's Curse and Artamark Star, all three of which are fan favourites. Add to that a Glacial Defender and a Kaleidoscopic Evangelist and I'm very much enjoying running with Magic Find in D2F. Summary for set pieces: Pandamonium's Pride - complete Denderan's Tactical Genius - 1 piece left Doom Guard Armor - 1 piece left (well, 2 if you count the shield for the full 10 pieces) Armantin's Legacy - 3 pieces left Lucreti's Stars - 3 pieces left Centurio's Insignia - 2 pieces left Other than those I have one piece from Infernal Torment and two from Scourge of Lordaeron. This is at level 82 after completing Normal and making the jump to Hard. I've ran with Magic Find since level 65 and I've started dropping every skill point other than the one on Tactics Lore on that skill. Right now it has 61 hard points, which is the same to say that with Ancaria Airlines and Feed the Poor I can master it in three more levels. After that it's parked and I'm going for the Focus skills, first War Cries for raising Battle Orders even further since that buff is the hidden engine on this build (War Song, Implacable, Steady), and then the other two for raising the killing arts, damage output and defensive buffs even more. As funny as it may be, having a single point in Armor Lore is going extremely well. This build has a big emphasis on +Defensive Skills, which is easy to get from both set pieces and blue amulets, and a couple of +Armor Lore amulets socketed into the gear do the rest. I may have to invest into mastering Blacksmith earlier than I thought I would since the higher it is the better the variable bonuses are. So maybe that'll be my eighth mastery and I'll leave Armor Lore and Combat Discipline for last. Still just a thought at this time, there's a really long way to go down that road.
  2. I agree that it's probably something to do with attack range, and mage staff range was changed several times during CM 1.60 development. That's why I recommended a clean install to remove any possible mixed files. Plus it's best to get the patch from here as a secondary source could be out of date since more than one version exists. My two cents.
  3. I know that Concentrate as a CA is single hit, I was asking if you could multi-hit with this build somehow. With a specific weapon or something like that. Aye, Clustering Maelstrom plus multi-hit was my tactic as well.
  4. Yeah that's fair, and mind you that what I said before wasn't a critique. As long as it's made available through the game's mechanics it's a valid choice. I just don't want to go back to my Bargaining days where I'd spend countless hours twinking to the max only to find a lack of challenge at the end of that road. Probably the best case of this was a dual-wielding Inquisitor I made which in Gold by level 70ish already had more than 70% Deathblow. This was in standard I&B+CM 1.60, so you can see how fast I could kill pretty much everything. I think that was my breaking point and falling out with Bargaining to be honest, as I had no desire to continue playing like that. Back to topic, oh I see what you did there with level 35. Like I said before, using a modified Concentrate to regen your spell-based CAs is very cool, plus it allows for higher CA levels since its base regen is quite high for starters. Can you multi-hit with this build? If so its efficiency is even better!
  5. Slow progression still, but finishing Normal as it is. Arena completed, though I've had the same issues at the same places, which isn't saying much considering how I've changed my skill set in defensive terms. So enemies having more or less the same impact on Steve tells me that my choices were correct, or that at least the risks I took in char design paid off. Either way this is going well and having Blacksmith and Magic Find has been an interesting experience. The first allows me to make better use of the sockets, and with the bonuses from a few gear pieces I can get very decent bonuses from the Blacksmith arts as well. Funny though, when socketing one of those the third bonus is variable to your level of the Blacksmith skill. Having Magic Find makes my stash look much more interesting. I have a complete Pandamonium's Pride set, from which I'm using five parts, while Doom Guard Armour and Denderan's are only missing one piece to be completed, plus several other set pieces. First one those two being completed will become my "boss suit" since completing them give a %LL bonus. It should be interesting for doing the Arena and bypassing the low damage issue from not using a weapon. My end game goal is to get that Tooth and Nail mini-set so I can ride with %LL everywhere without having to compromise on my gear choices. Until then a "boss suit" will suffice. Oh an by the way, I've got a legendary drop from Radament when doing his quest, and a nice one!
  6. Yeah, I didn't even consider it to be honest. But I should've known since I even made a topic about Bargaining in Niob at level 2! Oh, my memory is definitely not the same as it was a few years ago... PS: OK, so it took me this further long to realise that all the stuff I'm socketing can be bought in Hell with better bonuses. Man, this return to work has really killed my brain as it seems. Nevertheless I shall not twink my Steve! My Steve will be strong in due time (plus I don't want to spend most of my time in LAN mode).
  7. If you want sure hits you may want to raise it a bit above 100%. In my experience, and given some of the problems in the coding, give it a 30% upwards margin. But more is always more in this case.
  8. Never did I ever think about doing a LAN shopping session for higher difficulty relics with better bonuses. But then again I always start broke! My only remark right now would be to take Battle Orders and use it until you have Iron Skin modified. Even unmodified it provides better attack value and HP regen, both are great at lower levels.
  9. It doesn't. I've done extensive Guardian runs with a SP char in Free Play and never had any issues. My guess is that something went wrong during the installation/re-installation of either the game, the patch or both. Maybe a clean install is in order. As for that "bug", still no idea on what it could be. If you could take some pics or make a video of it happening it'd be better for us to understand it.
  10. You're probably being hit by rangers. That's my best guess. The circles around the mobs indicate their danger level in comparison to your level, the higher the level the darker the colour (yellow, orange, red, purple). If it's an effect around the mobs then it's usually a buff.
  11. If it's only the relics then there shouldn't be any issues. I'll give it a try. PS: Worked like a charm!
  12. Ok, so is that blueprint.txt then? Will changing that cause any kind of re-roll on RNG items, or is it safe to apply on an already existing character? PS: Out of sheer morbid curiosity, what's 342?
  13. Try magic staves, since with CM 1.60 they're basically ranged weapons. It's makes for a pretty cool effect.
  14. Anybody said Magic Coup?! Love that kind of build, played it to exhaustion I reckon. The great thing about it is that you can use Stray Damage mod to splash hits on nearby opponents, making its LL effect much more interesting. I still recommend any given LL+% weapon on a secondary weapon slot for bosses with that build though. It's like you say, as its a percentual and non-boss mobs have a much lower HP value leeching a flat amount is more effective. Though at Platinum/Niob above level 100 the distance between the two begins to fade a bit.
  15. Golden (brown if you prefer) items are unique, legendaries are orange. And there's quite the difference in the bonuses on your example, the yellow one increases the chance to cause Poison as a secondary effect, so basically your chance to cause Poison DOT. The golden one however increases the amount of Poison damage you can deal, globally. Those bonuses are not the same, so their percentages can't be compared directly.
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