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  1. Klaatu Armor Set: What is it?

    Oh man, the Evil Dead series!!!
  2. Heavy Burden quest annoyance.

    Oh I see. Well, much of what CM Patch did over the course of its existence was correcting bugged quests, so I'd say you're missing out on a lot!
  3. Heavy Burden quest annoyance.

    It's possible that there is some console code for that, but I'm not aware of it. Maybe someone else could pitch in. What do you mean "parts of it"?
  4. Sacred 2 Balance.txt

    I understand what you're saying, and I used to play a lot of time in the lower difficulties as well. Go back a few years and you'd see me trying to do every quest in Silver and Gold, but eventually I'd get bored out of repetition and not play the later difficulties. And since modifiers get better with each new difficultly I then started doing the inverse course by running fast through easier difficulties and then taking my time at harder ones where I can get much better loot. I guess we just differ in the way that we play. Regarding reaching level 200, I honestly was never able to endure it. I just don't have it in me, maybe I could do it if I repeated the game's completion on every difficulty level but I just don't want to play through the same content four times in a row like that. Plus, nowadays gaming is secondary to everyday life, sometimes even tertiary, ha ha. So the lack of proper time leads to a lack of progression in the game, which leads to me trying out these changes to try and see a bit of movement in the few hours I'm able to play. And without changing the game that much, that was my original intention. So yeah, I'm not breaking the wheel here or reinventing the game, just adapting its progression to my personal needs. I may come to find that progression past level 100 is too fast, I'll give you that, but I'll try to have some fun while finding it out.
  5. Sacred 2 Balance.txt

    Thanks for replying. Starting by the end on your first post, I think I made the rounding up on the max values and must've done the same for minimum values as well. Can't say for sure as my job has consumed a good part of my memory during this month. You're right that levelling gets a lot faster and that levels get wider with the changes I've made, and indeed new players shouldn't mess around trying new builds with such parameters. Even Flix usually tells that his tweaks to XP gain and/or enemy spawn count are made to test enduring characters, so we agree when you say that these changes are more in line with experienced players. At the end of the day I think these changes suit my original purpose. I've had a few sessions with a new BFG Seraphim build, like a version 2.0 of my previous one, and I've definitely noticed just how much faster the levelling was with these tweaks. Reaching Gold was fast, something like 10 game hours, even with a few stops for micromanagement along the way. Yet it was much faster than how much it would take me before changing balance.txt, and by a few hours. You see I've done the whole course, played untwinked, then twinked with Niob smith and a ladder of shoppers, to the point that the game got unproductive. Hell, I've even dropped my Inquisitor build on Gold because at level 60 it would wipe the floor with everything! Seriously, a Guardian run in LAN was like killing Kobolds, that's just how overpowered I made that toon via +All Skills and modifiers like deathblow and %life leech! All of this to say that my main idea was to level quickly through the pre-mastery levels and really start banging it at Platinum and Niobium. I usually end the main quest in Niobium around levels 110-120, so what do I do for the next 80-90 levels when I've already killed the toughest enemies in Ancaria?! With these tweaks my primary intention is to end the main quest in Nibium closer to level 200 than to level 100. I do hear your doubts about the XP penalty being turned into a boni, that's why I did a Guardian run in Niob with my level 115 SW to see the difference in XP gain. Before I'd get a bit over one million XP, and with the tweaks and boni the value now is closer to three million, which isn't much when you need over twice that value to get to the next level. Plus you're "not supposed" to play that bit over and over again, so if you want to consider the game being less grindy then these changes are bound to make pure questing and the path on which that happens more rewarding in terms of XP gain. At least you'll feel like you're advancing towards a goal, that being level 200. This is all theory though, but that's also why I started a new BFG toon to see how it fares in the long run. Right now it's working nicely, ten hours in at level 45 and Gold, so I should hit mastery level and Platinum difficulty within or below one day worth of gameplay. Then I can really have fun with my already strong build in harder difficulties. I'll try to keep making some updates regarding the progression, especially when I get over level 100. Regarding your Blacksmith tweak, nah, I don't bite. I've already been through the "put Niob arts in Silver gear" and it just takes the fun away. Even if the idea is to put a bit of restraint into it I'm not interested. I just don't want the early levels to be inconspicuous in the way that I can just mop the floor with every mob, I actually don't mind feeling a bit of stress on early levels because like I said above I already plan ahead for strong toons. That bit of challenge actually makes me feel like the progression is more balanced because it's early and your toon isn't fully developed in terms of skills nor does it have the best possible equipment. So even though you level up considerably faster and reach higher difficulty levels faster as well you'll have to play more carefully and plan better ahead. And then progress noticeably more the more you advance towards level 200. At least that was my intention, we'll see how it goes once I get past level 100 with my new Seraphim build. Like I said above this is a work in progress and I'll post my findings about these changes when I can.
  6. Sacred 2 Map Download?

    Seems so. I've contacted Schot, he should be able to bring it back.
  7. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Yeah, like I told you there's some micro-stuttering the first time you go through some places, but it's just the textures caching. I'm very happy to see that you've been able to overcome your problems and are now fully enjoying the game. Have fun!
  8. Had a strange death today

    Weird indeed. Maybe your HE was being hit by DOT and when you teleported something went south? Could be your answer. Yeah, I also don't do HC characters. I can see the appeal of playing HC online, where it's you with/versus other human players, but in single player it's not something that I can see much interest in. You seem to be having some trouble with that particular boss Desm, maybe it's time to surrender to Bargaining and get some %LL weapons on your toon?!
  9. Trimmed Elite Graphics

    Glad to hear that! If you happen to find micro-stutters the first time you are in Sloeford or Griffinborough don't stress, it happens as the textures are caching. Dmitry did a great job in downsizing the original graphics20-24 files into them being more fluid, but there are still things that are the way they are. Have fun and drop us a line if you find any other issues.
  10. Trimmed Elite Graphics

    Oh, sorry. I usually install the ISO first so that's why I have the files in the folder. You just need to put the graphics20-24 in the PAK directory then. Just that, then enable the elite textures in-game.
  11. Trimmed Elite Graphics

    Put them in the PAK directory on the Sacred 2 folder. Rename the original graphics20 to graphics24 prior to that in case you want to revert to the original form. Then on the in-game options menu choose elite textures. The original Elite Textures was an ISO that installed those pak files, the trimmed version are just the files themselves, hence not having instructions.
  12. Like I said, if you're doing regular left click attacks with your BFG then Combat Discipline isn't the best thing ever. I use Pelting Strikes more or less in the same way that I use Magic Coup on a melee High Elf, I have it at a low level and spam it as my main attack with regen per hit to cover the rest, so if you use your BFG like I do then Combat Discipline can help you cause even more damage, even if the skill is at level 1 with the rest being done by gear bonuses. I've been fooling around with the game ever since 1.60 came out and have discovered the taste for builds that rely more on spamming CAs than using regular attacks.
  13. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    You don't need to disable Steam entirely as you can disable the Steam Overlay individually for each game you have installed. When you right click on the game title in the Steam library and click "properties" the "general" tab will have an option to disable it specifically for said game. This means you can have it globally turned on but not for a specific game, which in this case is Sacred 2. I really hope you get around your issues as CM Patch 1.60 does all the difference in the world.
  14. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Oh you kill the Egg before the Guardians? That could be it then. Just a long shot, but Sacred 2 isn't very friendly with third party apps running in the background. Heck, even the Steam Overlay should be turned off for added stability. I assume AlienFX does some kind of backlighting on your keyboard synchronised with the app you're running?! If that's the case that could be your answer right there. And no, if you have a clean install then there's no need for a reinstall. You could still verify the integrity of the game files if you have the Steam version though.
  15. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    You'd be surprised at how many times users have reported "bugs" with CM Patch 1.60 just because they didn't do a clean reinstall or haven't bothered to start a new character. I've played a few hundred hours with it and even then I could barely reproduce a CTD, so yeah grab all the help the folks here are willing to hand you ok?! @desm @dimitrius154 - I've never been stuck with the Nameless Guardians not activating, though once or twice they didn't. Nothing a reload couldn't fix though. And I'm the guy doing Guardian runs for loot! Probably some remnant of a file misbehaving mates.