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  1. Androdion

    What was your first RPG - Action?

    I don't think that any of the games that I've played on my old Master System can count as RPG, I think the one that could get closer to having RPG-like elements would be Alex Kid in Miracle World. It was a fun 2D platformer with some awkward graphics and antics but it came bundled with the console, so I learned to love it and had a blast finding all the secrets all by myself. But yeah, now that I really think of it I suppose it doesn't count so I'd have to go with Final Fantasy VII on PC. Running around with Cloud, Barret and Tifa, trying to kill Ultima Weapons and finding all the best summons possible. I was never able to get the best out of the game but I was able to finish it even without Quadra Magic and KOTR, so I was perseverant ha ha. I'm having a total blank of to what ARPG I played first though... I was mainly into FPS and RTS games with the occasional dash into third person hack'n'slash games. To this day I still adore the Legacy of Kain series and its incredible story. So first ARPG then, I don't really know for sure but maybe Dungeon Siege 2?! Damn did I play that game a lot! Finished the game on Veteran with maxed out toons, twice. I think one of those two included the Broken World expansion so I would just do game->expansion on all difficulties until I had all of them maxed out, all quests made and all running jokes memorised. Does anyone remember that "Bruno!!!" joke from one of the guys at the enemy camp in the desert?! Man I need to find a video of that conversation. Oh boy, there's a whole playthrough of that sidequest with the entire conversation! It's hilarious!
  2. That must be his ubber twinked elf with 600+ in each skill.
  3. Why do I keep calling the ice phoenix "Narnuil" when it's "Narmul"?!
  4. If you're using Superspawn I believe those spots are more than enough to get those levels to Pyro Focus Mastery. I mean, the canyons alone can grant what, a million XP?! So you went after Narnuil thinking it would be easy? Oh mate, it is not in the slightest bit! First you need to destroy the four (are there four really?!) crystal formations that feed it, and only then should you procede into damaging it directly. All of this while averting that icy Dragon strike and its icy meteor shower, both of which are absolutely deadly! The trick is to keep moving around, time those two attacks and then start dropping all you've got on that beast. Rinse and repeat. It's not easy and if you make a wrong movement during one of those deadly attacks you're in the Dead Zone. But it's possible to kill Narnuil, you just can't stay in the same place for too long. The Blood Forest had a lot of XP to grind, a huge (yet convoluted) main quest, and deadly enemies abound. Be wary of the red eyes more so than the blue ones. Sure, the blue ones already hit for LL, but the red ones?! Sheesh... Even my BFG seraphim had a few redlines with those... They're mostly in the northern part of that region though, mainly after that field of construct soldiers. Add to that those elite Harbingers of Death that spawn a ton of smaller imps and you're in trouble really fast! And if not for anything else, do beware of the Abishai. The trick is pretty much the same as with Narnuil, you need to keep moving around, except that where Narnuil drops Area of Effect attacks the Abishai drops traps. You know how the elite Temple Guardians in the Wasteland drop deadly traps? It's worse. Plus he has an aura of LL as well, you'll see it as a red cloud around it, so stay as far away as you can then time the traps and keep moving around. Drop everything you have in between, but like with Narnuil don't get greedy as one wrong move and you'll find your HP going "bam bam, bum" just like that. And of course, having fun is paramount!
  5. Androdion

    Teleporting via command line

    It worked, he's safe now.
  6. Androdion

    Teleporting via command line

    That could solve the trick, I'll let him know. Thanks mate!
  7. Hey guys There's a Steam user that's playing with CM 1.60 and so after changing difficulty he teleported right into the expansion area without activating any portal or monolith in the main land. So he's basically stuck there... Is there any command line that allows you to teleport via the console so he can get out of there?
  8. I like your enthusiasm, but a full game translation is a huge huge task! You need to translate every little detail down to the books you get from drops, it's not just the common game details like menus and skills. It's an enormous task and I don't think that it's something that two guys can accomplish. I too love the game and I've been playing it since 2009, but I don't have the availability to spend months translating it entirely. Real life demands my time and the off time from that is spent in Ancaria anyway. You should really start a new toon with CM 1.60 because the difference is immense.
  9. Androdion

    Sacred Wiki - Latest Updates

    Made a correction to the order of the set bonuses here: http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Pandamonium's_Pride It's Like Denderan's set, the first three give +All Skills right away, it's not the final bonus as it was.
  10. DUDE YOU'RE AWESOME, THANKS FOR THE INFO! Now that I've shouted at you do feel free to keep spreading useful information, that is always much obliged.
  11. Enemies on the Crystal Planes provide notoriously less XP than on other higher level regions, but the enemy density is quite bigger in comparison, so my guess is that it evens out eventually. Plus you have a lot of quests, and once you go deeper into the region you'll find some undead and some mini-Facetalleons that give better XP. The area nearing Narnuil's lair is a nice place for grinding XP. And it makes sense for a Pyro Elf to dominate on that region since it's mostly an icy one, but beware because a lot of enemies have physical/poison and physical/magic resistances and damage so not everything is icy. If you want a great place to grind in the Wastelands do the following; start at the harbour and head over until you reach the first monolith with the merchant near it. You'll have to cross over a bridge and you can see a great deal of demons below that bridge. Now the trick is this, cast Shadow Step and target the spot below the bridge, you'll see your HE is suddenly down there in the middle of them. There are a lot of enemies there so beware, but once you've dealt with them you can travel back and forth that path and you'll basically do a perpendicular path to the one you do over the bridges while doing the path of the main quest. That path below the bridge runs for a long way so you can grind a lot of XP there. I think you can easily do 1 million there, so that's that. When you get over that just teleport back to the monolith and keep going your way. Answering your question to Hooyaah, at first it's important to master the skills to have the mastery bonus kick in, then if you really need them to be of a higher level you can do it. But the point is that there's a big jump when you go from 74 to 75 hard points on a skill, the same not being exactly so from 75 to 76 as the payback is considerably smaller. So I think that first and foremost it's important to reach mastery on the essential skills of the build and afterwards start pumping those two or three specific ones that will always come in handy (extra points in Constitution/Toughness for added HP/armor at levels 150+ for instance). The only reason to no not stop at mastery level at first is that you absolutely need to keep the skill at character level, either because you're a bargainer/blacksmith/etc or because you need those modification points for a fourth or fifth CA right away. Other than that it's 75 first and then we'll see.
  12. Androdion

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Then it's pretty awesome, well apart from not being able to randomise a tier 15 item. Still I think it's a very interesting approach to rewards, and it would surely help rebalance the character's set drop rates. Like Hooyaah said and I agreed there's just a too big of a pool right now and a lot of mini-sets keep dropping instead of the more specific character sets. So removing them from drop.txt and assigning them to quest.txt would probably improve this. And it would in turn give players an added motivation for questing instead of just grinding, as well as making way for added character planning. Want to play with a specific item that never drops, base a build or a build's approach to it? Now you can, with a bit of work. What do you think, is it a worthy development? If you do I'd say that the higher the tier the farther down the Wastelands the quest should be, as to power balance things. Having a Kira's Wall at early stages of the main quest feels like a no no, but getting to it when nearing the endgame feels much more interesting. I guess that this could be a way around one of the game's biggest issues, the fact that you can spend years playing it and never have items from certain tiers drop. Randomising quest rewards would be incredible for legendary rewards, but alas if it's not possible then there's no point in keep thinking about it.
  13. Androdion

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Indeed that was what I was asking. I did read the EE changelog like you posted above and the EE Quest Rewards after killing Holos and getting a Bergonix' Judge (the look on my face then!). I did so because I wanted to understand what and where those fixed drops are, and then I realised that the Crimson Vengeance sword I was wearing was just a random drop (yay for legendaries!). I've downloaded the Visual Guide and it's immense, but I think I'll have some fun browsing it. Totally forgot about it, you're absolutely correct. I even used to use it in order to farm the Egg at the Guardian's chamber before I started playing with EE. Yeah, I think that since you've restricted that modifier to uniques and above the idea of fixed drops for such game-changing items would be interesting in terms of progression in the long run, as well as character plan up. I stopped playing MC HE because it needed a bargainer to feed it those weapons, since Kaldur's Legacy barely ever drops anyway. So it would make sense to have different types of weapons with %LL as fixed drops in long chain quests. Another thing that would be interesting would be to have mini-set items drop as quest rewards, since some are legendary-like in their willingness to (not) drop. Now bear with me for a minute because now this gets technical and I may ramble a bit. Is it possible to make these specific items that are fixed drops as quest rewards absent from random drops? I have no idea if by removing an item from the drop lists it will affect its possibility for a fixed drop. Or in other terms, I have no idea if fixed drops and random drops share the same "base drop list", but if they don't it would be an interesting idea to have fixed drops absent from random drop lists as for the only way to obtain them would be making that particular quest. You want more interest in questing? Yes please. But alas I'm not sure if it's possible. Never had a Kira's Wall drop anywhere else, be it vanilla, CM 1.50, CM 1.60, EE 2.1, nothing. Yes it's overpowered as hell but it just won't drop. If it would be fixed though... One thing Hooyaah and myself were discussing the other week was that with the amount of set items that CM introduces it becomes harder to complete sets. So if it would be possible to make mini-sets fixed drops and remove them from the random pool it would also increase the possibilities of completing the character-specific sets. But it all depends on the technical aspects of the drop lists, which again I have no idea how they work. The idea seems interesting though.
  14. Yesterday I went by a location that I always go by, only to discover that if I cross it instead of going along it there's an automatically triggered chain quest. So I share the sentiment, ten years in and still having fun and finding stuff.
  15. Androdion

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Since I'm playing EE with a dual-wielding SW and I got a Disturbance in the Force making use of Grim Resilience for added damage I thought to myself why not getting a Power of NIF from the Epic Office quest to accompany it. Sounded like a great idea so I went along with it. So I got the expected reward but to my surprise I suddenly realised that Stradal's Hammer has a different design on EE. Not only that but its life leeched per hit bonus was changed to %LL from opponents, which basically made me go out of my chair and do a jig. It's worth noting that previously only Kaldur's Legacy had this modifier as a one-handed weapon, and since Stradal's Hammer is a fixed drop it will drop, unlike Kaldur's which is a nightmare to get. This opens a world of possibilities and allows for a better "late game" management since from Platinum onward it's very difficult to deal with some bosses without this modifier. Try playing a Magic Coup HE without this modifier and I'll guarantee you'll find it next to impossible at higher difficulty levels, just to name an example. So yes I'm very happy with this change since fist weapons where apparently neutered (%LL only on unique/legendary items on EE 2.1). It makes me wonder though, what other items did you change Flix? I've noticed that the legendary relics now have the bonus unlocked even without Enhanced Perception, but do you have a list of the altered items? Knowing you as I do I believe you have, I'm just not sure if you've posted that anywhere. Also here's and added thought. How about having a two-handed and a ranged weapon with %LL as part of a quest reward, making them fixed loot like Stradal's Hammer? If you already have a one-handed weapon as fixed loot why not having the other two to cover the range of possibilities?! You also have lightsabers as fixed drops, so it's just an added thought.