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  1. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Windows 7 x64 here. It's not an area related issue as well since I'd always get crashes on the Cursed Forest with PhysX turned on and now I don't. In fact the last couple of days I've been doing the Cursed Forest with my Dragon Mage Mentalist and I've done more than enough to crash it without any luck. There's this part when you reach the field of the Constructs where you have these small "charging stations" that heal the Constructs right? I've gone to the point of rallying 30 to 40 constructs around two of those, which heal each other so I can't kill anything in that spot, and started casting Energy Blaze over and over again. You can imagine the load it was on my system, to the point that my frame rate went to hell and that never happens in this game. Smooth as silk. So in short, yes I'd argue that it's a system specific issue.
  2. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    What I find extremely weird is that you're having memory leaks at all. The fact that you mention 95% of 8GB of memory allocated in-game also baffles me because users have for years reported crashes and instability when the game allocates less than 2GB, so if the game crashes with such a low amount in comparison how can it run when it's using that much? Know what I mean?! I've been running the game with PhysX and Elite Textures ever since 1.60 development began and I can run it flawlessly, though each specific system will have variations of course. What I'm trying to say is that it seems like the problem is solely on your end and not a problem caused by the game or the patch malfunctioning. As a side-note I never had PhysX crashes during the development fase of the patch, but after installing a new driver version I can have a random CTD due to a specific PhysX library, though it has happened I think a couple of times in a month and a half where I've been playing almost on a daily basis. So mileage does vary, but all things indicate that the problem should be in your system somehow.
  3. And another Sacred 2 Easter Egg?

    You never noticed it before? I thought that grave message was of common knowledge by now given its location!
  4. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Maybe you have some kind of malware on your pc? I don't think Sacred 2 can ever use that much memory, though I'm not 100% sure.
  5. I will say, that's a very curious skill set you got there! I can see the endgame with that build but I'd be very curious to understand the mechanics of playing with it from level 1.
  6. Is that with the EP toon you mentioned? Can you grab a snapshot of its stats on sigma/skill set? It seems like its making a difference.
  7. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    You should uninstall 1.50 with its own uninstaller first, then you can install 1.60 and it should work fine. If you have the game installed in a system directory (program files or that sort of folder) you should install it somewhere else. If nothing works out try a clean install of the game followed by the installation of 1.60 to see how it goes.
  8. After a few gear upgrades courtesy of all the set pieces I've been getting and a redesigned balance on my SW I can now do Platinum runs on the Guardians, without my heart ticking too fast that is! And boy what a difference from Gold runs. Even though I just got to level 80 and the Guardians are lv.96 the amount of gold/XP/gear is just crazy. Since I get through the portal on Start Island and start a bit before the chamber I can encounter a lot of foes, so between that spot and the egg I can get as much as 700k of XP with a couple of mentor pots and over 1M in gold, per run. Between that and the ratio of rare to less-than-rare loot I can say that this is my new favourite grind spot right now, and it's definitely much better (read: faster, more rewarding) than the Orc Cave. Be sure to withstand Platinum Guardians though, otherwise it's probably not a good idea to do these runs. I think that Hooyaah and her GT elf lady should have a nice place to grind here.
  9. Get a snapshot of the boni if you have Sword Mastery!
  10. Thanks mate. Well I wasn't as OCD as to keep a pen and paper but given that I've spent maybe 4-5 hours total doing Guardian runs and I paused a lot to feed my bargainers, I'd say that 50 runs on them is probably a good estimate. I got it on one of my last runs this afternoon, not sure if it was a Guardian or the Heart of the Machine that dropped. I guess I'll keep pumping five per run as there's more loot to be had. I tidied up my chests as well, damn there were dozens of uniques lying around that I don't think I ever equipped since they dropped! I've kept a few "starter kit" ones on my level 2 bargainer, and a few others that are relevant for gameplay on the adequate toons, but the rest was just sold for gold. Between that and these Guardian runs I now have my level 2 bargainer with 2M and my level 35 bargainer with 20M worth of gold. The Platinum one... eh, I'll have to feed him probably 200M since at level 53 he already purchases jewelry for around 100k! Well, thank Forens for Guardian runs then!
  11. Uh, got myself a legendary drop and it's a, well a... alright you guessed it. It's a relic.
  12. Yeah, that's why I mentioned Primal Mutation. From the Wiki: Which makes sense since the Temple Guardians are somewhat part of the Great Machine.
  13. If you stick around the egg long enough it starts shooting this kind of light blue laser at you, which actually causes damage. But then on the summons that's what happened. First time I noticed a black pig running next to me with a Reflective Emanation spikeshield I thought I had broke something in the game, ha ha. Then I realized I had one skeleton less, so after a few runs I noticed it was the egg turning the skeletons into non-combatant units. Can't say I was expecting that!
  14. Good lord, I broke a fabergé! There you have it Gogo, a simple CTRL+left click with a mage staff with my character having a %LL from the secondary weapon on the dual wield config was enough. There are no damage indicators, no XP gain indicators, not really anything that indicates that you're hitting something apart from the LL and RPH lines that are visible. It takes about half a minute to bring it down, and with the new expanded collect radius of CM 1.60 there's no need to pick the loot individually. Just hit Q. Oh, and notice how the egg casts Primal Mutation (?) on my Nether Allegiance skeletons and turns them into pigs!