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  1. Dual-wielding CM 1.60 build

    Well, the build works, but I kind of cheated since I've got specific equipment from the download section and a ladder of shoppers to back it up with +all skills jewellery all the way to Niobium. I'd probably do some variations on it if I were to play it again now. Very basically it's a mish mash of several similar builds. I use Magic Coup as my main attack, one handed weapon with shield for melee blocking+Shield Lore mastered (after DAF/DAL/CONS/AL in this order), with Shadow Step modded as an offensive skill (Explosion mod), where the tactic is walking around shield in hand, evade with Shadow Step causing damage and stunning mobs, then switching to a bow (secondary weapon slot) and finishing them from afar. I just run around that routine and have Expulse Magic to cover the rest. For staying alive it's a mixture of Constitution and Shield Lore mastery, all attribute points in Vitality, Spell Resistance for Niobium (enemy spells), and Crystal Skin as a secondary buff. The trick with CS is that if you're playing with it you actually need to have both Mystic Stormite Focus and Lore for it to be effective. You only need to mod it to Silver, so five points will do (Gold mod won't do you any service anyway), but if you don't use the Focus skill you won't have much level behind it, and without the Lore skill the resistance value will be thin as paper. Just with +all skills bonuses and both skills you can get a base resistance value of several thousands, which with Armour Lore mastery will make your global armour value in the tens of thousands. That's basically it, and like any Delphic melee build it's extremely demanding in terms of having the appropriate gear. That's why I abused LAN with shoppers and had a Kira's Wall as a shield taken from the Download section. I know, shame on me, but I wanted to run it like that. There's probably nothing better than Kira's Wall+Kaldur's Legacy for such a build. PS (that math may not be entirely correct, but it's approximate enough): 2 - DAL (5 -> DAF@LV.5) => 1ST MAST@75 3 - CONC (1 -> 2ND BUFF) 5 - DAF => 2ND MAST@75 8 - CD (1 -> 10% REGEN) 12 - AL => 3RD MAST@78 18 - CONS => 4TH MAST@81 25 - SL => 5TH MAST@111 35 - SR => 6TH MAST@111 50 - MSF (3 -> CS BRONZE MOD) 65 - MSL (2 -> CS SILVER MOD)
  2. Dual-wielding CM 1.60 build

    You haven't played with a Delphic HE yet? Man you're missing out then! I can hand you over my build if you will. Just hit me via PM if you want it.
  3. Dual-wielding CM 1.60 build

    I read you, though the lv.150-200 boundary is the least of my worries. The +1/+1/+1 distribution is intended to "just" reinforce the shortcomings of the build, or in other words to emphasise the aspects that were built throughout the previous character progression. But in any case Speed Lore mastery just further increases run speed, so we're cool.
  4. Dual-wielding CM 1.60 build

    I think I have to eat my own words when it comes to the attributes. Speed Lore increases attack and defense values alike, but in percentual terms, which means it still needs a solid base value to work on. And like I mentioned in the build's synergies, adding +attack/defense value gear increases the skill's proficiency. So yeah Hooyaah, I'm thinking that for the lower end of the progression Dexterity is probably the best bet in terms of attribute placement. That is while only one point is given. It should be enough to build a solid amount of +attack/defense values in the character and have it progress naturally from the increase in level and SB from lv.50 onwards. By then I can start investing in Intelligence, two points at a time, in order to maximize the effect of wielding a magic staff. For the later progression (lv.150-200) I was thinking about probably dividing the three attribute points between Dexterity, Intelligence and Willpower to maximize all aspects of the build in terms of attributes.
  5. You don't actually need a guide, just download the ISO then mount it and install (you can use Daemon Tools Lite for ex.). Simple as that. Next time you start the game the Elite option will be visible in the graphic options menu.
  6. And Combat Discipline improves damage on all CAs straight away, the only aspect that it changes when they're placed in a combo is the regen time decrease. But I agree that CD really improves damage. It has become a staple skill in all of my builds because it really makes a difference!
  7. Mandatory quests

    So in vanilla it's just that?! Pity... How about quests that by definition will hand out enormous amounts of XP/loot, or higher possibilities of snagging set/rare/unique/legendary items? Just so one doesn't do all the reaping (always) in the Orc Cave. Mini-bosses are probably a good place to go, but which ones are usually the best in terms of real benefit for a progressing character? I'm thinking for instance about the Gahanka quest which fits on the previous paragraph. Any others like that one?
  8. Mandatory quests

    Playing it in LAN would be kind of like cheating though. Oh, it's Light Path specific too. Are there any other quests that behave like this? Any quests that always give a ton of XP or awesome items? Like The Undead Legion quest that gives a legendary for instance. Any class specific quest should also be made in light of this matter. So far then: Class specific quest (legendary item) Feed the Poor (one stat point, one skill point - Light Path only) The Undead Legion (legendary item) What else?
  9. Mandatory quests

    Let's say I want to go start a lv.1 toon and get to Platinum as fast as possible, but without loosing the benefits of specific quests that give you important aids on character progression. In that respect, which quests do you feel to be mandatory? I'm talking about quests that give you attribute and/or skill points, or gear rewards that you don't want to miss out. Are there any differences between the Light and Dark path in this case, as in, are some of these quests limited to either side of the story? Bottom line, which are the quests that you should always do in each difficulty even if you're speed running through the main quest? Any aid would be nice.
  10. Dual-wielding CM 1.60 build

    Update on this build: Started testing this build with a lv.75 blank toon straight on Platinum, went with a full Malevolent Champion set and little else of aid. Didn't do much in terms of upgrading apart from eating runes, and by the end of the day I managed to finish the main quest still below lv.84. Guardians were lv.96 and I managed to kill them easily, actually much easier than I had anticipated! Over 3% LL from opponents did help I reckon, but the Nether Allegiance summons also distract them a lot from hitting you. All in all this seems to be a very interesting, versatile and most of all survivable build. A lot of playing styles can be carried over and it allows for tons of variations, taking one or another skill and changing the balance here and there (take out speed lore and add death warrior focus for a higher level triple buff, or for astral lord lore and go full on necro, and so on and so forth). Base playing style can be both defensive and aggro, just be sure to configure your minions' attack orders and range appropriately. Some interesting sinergies are for instance using +attack/defense gear to maximize speed lore's effect, +leech life per hit gear for taking full advantage of frenzied rampage as a leeching spell (which with a magic staff shooting projectiles is great), regen per hit and casting frenzied rampage with both modifications for double hits will make each cast an insta-regen so you can keep your CAs very high. These are some examples but I'm sure that while playing with this build more can be found. It's definitely an interesting take on the SW, a more versatile one than just blunting everything to death. My plan now is to raise him from lv.1 to lv.150 (something) which according to my math is more or less when I can take eight skills to mastery level, but that should prove a long hard task and I'm only starting it after the release of the final version of CM Patch 1.60. In the meantime if anyone wants to discuss this I'm up to it.
  11. That's one of the new portals that Flix implemented, they're based on balloon NPCs but act like portals. You'll notice how the icon on the map has a green arrow over the portal icon. That's how it's supposed to be now. FYI, I've previously tested all of the new portals and they all work properly.
  12. You should be set then, cool.
  13. Can't you try a clean installation? It would probably be easier to pinpoint any problems.
  14. You just need to unzip the download and move the CM Patch 1.60 Beta folder inside the MODS folder. Then you run JSGME and enable the beta. Done!
  15. So what's the story on the projectiles VFX? Are they still being implemented (correctly that is)? Also: