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  1. Oh I remember that priest NPC, thanks! I assume that by Artic Blast you mean a big white wave around him. That thing hit my toon on both runs, but on the third one I kept moving away from him, hit and run attacks, and never stayed for too long in melee range so that could be it. It's easy to replicate it, you just need a toon strong enough to withstand his attacks and let him go berserk on you.
  2. Your challenges are always interesting, no doubt about that. Small update, broke it to Hard at level 66. Some gear updates some trading here and there, all seems well for now but I only did the Gahanka, smith and runemaster quests. First few areas shouldn't cause me much trouble (if any) so it's a run for the later regions and for mastery level. Nimonuil managed to kill my elite mount with his "suicide pire" when I got way too close to him, so lesson learnt. The Guardians weren't that hard but I did kill them from a distance in the hallways of the Great Machine, and one by one of course. All spells have been showing improvement, but I really want to see how things will be when can run the triple buff with Conviction. I finally chose my tenth skill and I was very traditional and defensive in my choice for Toughness, for the added damage mitigation. @Flix - Two things. First I had a really weird movement issue when fighting Baal. Yeah I know he has a root spell, but when fighting him and his clone up and close I got stuck without being able to move sans the rooting effect. I teleported and I couldn't move with the keys or the mouse. I went to the main screen, reloaded the save and went in for the same battle once again. Same thing happened again. I teleported out and rebooted the whole game, went there and flew by Baal for the next save point and then came back for him, this time without any issues. Second thing, I totally missed the Whoops class quest on my run in Normal... Where's the questgiver for that one? I'd like to pick up the shield from the reward.
  3. I'd say everything could happen. The gear bonuses get better the more you climb the difficulty ladder and the higher your toon is levelled, so it's a matter of chance (read: good RNG). You can increase your chances with Enhanced Perception for drops and Bargaining for vendors.
  4. Quick update. Did a nice run through the Swamps and into the Desert with the amended blueprint and spells (almost running v13 here ). It was probably the gear upgrade I did before I stopped playing last night but my toon is much more efficient right now. It was fun burning down the swamps, though the second my shield would drop I was in real trouble. With my shield up and Ancient Magic's diminished immunities apparently kicking in HF was very helpful in that region. I'm running two combos, FotH+BH and HB+BH for demons and undead. So it's going pretty well. Now that I've looted enough for gold I have one of the weapon slots with a shield+sword combo with 40% deathblow, which should prove interesting for boss fights. We'll see if it works as intended, but between 35% on FotH and 40% on BH I think the chances are it'll work. Garganthropod here I come (tomorrow, tomorrow...).
  5. So the idea is to only have tripled criticals when there's an investment in the appropriate skill to unlock them. That makes sense. I have no idea how much work that takes or if you have done it already, but would it be too much to ask for you to release that amended blueprint here? If that's possible how would it affect the items stashed? Would they be re-rolled?
  6. Yeah, I agree with you there. If it's not for jewellery then it's kind of a waste since the TG can't use two-handed weapons.
  7. That build idea is very nice indeed. Somehow you can always find a way to play "outside of the box" master Chattius. I've been playing more sparsely these days, the weather and work have been leaving me half-sick on and off. I've managed to make a run for the Swamps and got to level 50 for that ninth skill. I ended up choosing Armor Lore because I was getting too many close calls, my regen penalty in the inventory was always high and since it's a build which is dependant on gear I was missing on many locked modifiers on armour. I managed to get by the Orc region and Octalamungus and then by the Carnach Caves and both bosses, but boy did I feel the heat. I know I know, I'm playing with a semi-underpowered build in the hardest difficulty mode the mod provides so the challenge was actually welcomed since it doesn't feel like I can just advance without fear. No, I need to think and pause, time out and readjust. I eventually felt the need to readjust my gear in some aspects and spent 3 million gold doing so, the difference was noticeable on the spot. Boss runs consist of hit and run attacks until they're dead but they're manageable. I believe that once I get some skills up this won't be that much of a problem, even in higher difficulties, as I still need to modify CAs I'm using. As for CA behaviour feedback and balance, everything seems tidy and clean. Nothing is overpowering at the level I'm at but they also don't stop killing, there's just this need to adjust here and there. I think that when I master Ancient Magic this won't be much of a problem. HF is working well, not burning everything but managing to burn many things and even in the Carnach Caves, FotH is the main killer but it's not as beyond the curve as to allow to just spam->kill everything, BH is working nicely but could benefit from some modifications and a weapon with more emphasis on fire damage (and deathblow, but I have no gold for that right now) and HB right now is lacking because it's unmodified. Prayer and HS have been very supportive but not impervious so I guess the balancing is great. Currently I have +27 All Skills, so many of my level 1 skills are providing decent numbers, and that allows some space for a slower progression and CA modding. I'm going for Devout Offense Focus, Concentration and Trading masteries and then I should master Devout Offense Lore, Energy Shield Lore and Ancient Magic in some order. I'm still on the fence between which Lore skill first, but if the toon keeps getting away with mobs I may go for DOL first to finish modifying my CAs. As it seems this may be the first time I intend on modifying all CAs in the same tree. As for my tenth skill, it'll be either Blacksmith for the added socketing and smith bonuses or Toughness for the added damage mitigation. I'll have to keep playing and see how my toon behaves and try to understand what's best for it. PS: @Flix - Just so it's clear, you said before that you sent out v12 with tripled critical chances. Was that corrected with the revised spells.txt or is that dependant on other changes? What I mean is if that's already corrected or not.
  8. You can bargain rare lightsabers with the skill, though 99% of the time you can only purchase two-handed ones, so it really depends on how you want to roll. The Blacksmith skill isn't bugged, I don't think I've ever played with it bugged since I started playing Sacred 2 Gold. Can't remember with FA though. The skill works very well and allows you to forge jewellery into sockets with lower rarity, so if you're going for a "+All Skills in all holes" kind of build it's a very important skill to have. Forging amulets into silver sockets and rings into bronze sockets gives a lot of manoeuvrability.
  9. Man, when I think I make a challenging build you just leave me three steps behind!
  10. Oh, I remember reading about those. They seem really cool! I've gone against Gar and it wasn't as hard as I was expecting. Sure, it was long, but all I had to do was run circles around him casting FotH and renewing Holy Shield. He almost had me near the end because I was so absorbed that I didn't realise my shield had just gone away, but he "just" redlined me. It's done. Using Blessed Hammer has been fun because its range is very wide and it's great for targeting running mobs or just snipe them from a distance until they're in range for HF to kick in. Using a Shadow Weaver with nearly +10% Combat art range has also been helping me out, and I have to say that I really should've chosen Devout Offense Lore sooner as it's making the damage output increase to decent numbers. And in other news I've just noticed that Speed Lore is a secondary skill, so I can't choose that and something else... Oh well, I need to decide what to do. I'm not running with Armor Lore, and I'm considering not choosing it and just master Energy Shield Lore early for having a good defense. I don't know what to choose though and I really need to make up my mind. This "go with the flow wannabe Auradin" needs to go somewhere.
  11. I was pretty sure of 1) but not of 2). Thanks mate.
  12. Nah, you could bargain two-handed swords and pole arms with that modifier in vanilla, apart from (yes) the ranged weapons. Though I'm pretty sure that was it regarding rares. Those high damage weapons would work wonderfully with Blessed Hammer. I know the answer is probably lying somewhere in the mod's development threads, but I'll ask all the same. What do you mean?
  13. I don't think you absolutely need to keep Bargaining at char level since above level 100 it kind of "stops improving" with each point. There's something in the code which prevents it, something about the formula on which it's based that makes you see items lesser than rare at vendors even with such high values on the skill. I'd say that anything above 100 hard points in that skill is a waste, at least from my experience. You can use those points to improve other aspects of your build.
  14. Yeah, seems like a decent strategy. I'd have to pick the Blacksmith skill to unlock the Whet bonus though. But then again that would help me out with forging items in lower sockets as well. Um, I've got to consider that option. @FlixHow widely available is the %LL modifier in v12?