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  1. BFG Seraphim with a twist

    I've finally started playing around with the BFG Seraphim this past week, and although some of the initial ideas in the OP are still present I've done a completely different build. You see, after having a bargaining tree up to level 100 and a Niob smith I was basically handpicking all the best possible gear/weaponry for my toons, and from level 1 for that matter. I started an Inquisitor build based mostly on Gruesome Inquisition but with some tinkering of the other aspects (mainly the permanent and temporary buffs) and he's so bloody offensive that it stopped being challenging quite fast. Dual wielding with a combo of Clustering Maelstrom+Ruthless Mutilation followed by a combo of Ruthless Mutilation+Callous Execution makes the ground tilt in red... So basically I thought to myself how feasible it would be to just play with all the general skills that would make my toon totally independent and autonomous, namely Enhanced Perception, Bargaining and Blacksmith. And so the adaptation towards an "all-in-one" BFG Seraphim came into place. The basic template is more or less like this: 2 Enhanced Perception 3 Ranged Weapons 5 Tactics Lore 8 Armor Lore 12 Bargaining 18 Concentration 25 Exalted Warrior Focus 35 Revered Technology Focus 50 Toughness 65 Blacksmith General skills are first in line for mastery, then Armor Lore and Toughness. Tactics Lore and both focus skills have enough points to modify Battle Stance, Soul Hammer, Pelting Strikes, BFG and Divine Protection. I'm skipping Revered Lore so no point in using Archangel's Wrath because Soul Hammer's damage trumps it. I also have no interest in using three buffs, only one point in Concentration. At first I thought this would be spreading too thin (and to a certain point I still do) but eventually the build started shaping up to be better. With lower regen times and higher ranking CAs I can wipe the floor of the Orc Cave in sometimes as little as two snaps of the SH+PS combo. I just purchased a Volcanic Tiger special mount and it covers some of the weaknesses like low HP and low shield energy. So far it's been fun and challenging in terms of approach and micromanagement. Bosses are actually easy because the BFG boost to Ranged Weapons is static, so I can just move into a different weapon slot with a throw weapon that has "+X% LL" and it'll still have the same benefits, just not the boost to Tactics Lore since that one is on the actual weapon of the BFG. So bosses are covered and crowd control is as well, mostly via gaming style instead of Area of Effect CAs. Either kill from afar or drop Divine Protection while rounding up mobs and then discharge rapid fire with the multi-hit combo. It's actually very effective since the weapon will switch between enemies very fast when casting Pelting Strikes, assuming they're in close range. Now if I can find the other five pieces of Genesis Siderea (I actually have two already but one is level 135...) I can have an always leeching BFG. Plus, at higher difficulties the BFG damage combined with the "+X% LL" bonus from the set should really help in keeping my toon alive! We'll see.
  2. CM Patch 1.60 Addendum

    Well I can't test with an OS I don't have, but anyone with a Win 10 x64 system can grab a Dryad from this file and repeat my procedure. Suit up the Detheya set, buy a weapon and some fire relics on Start Island, pick up some skills and have a go at it. The teleport even leaves you at the island where you talk to Merkil so you it's just enter the cave, turn right and then left and it's straight ahead. As for your second question, nope, I'm playing Sacred 2 Gold with only CM 1.60 on top of it. The Carnach still leeches life as usual from the fire elementals he summons after he goes below a certain HP threshold. Now if what you meant by healing is the elementals casting a healing spell on the Carnach then no they don't do that. But then again they never did as far as I can remember.
  3. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Good to hear!
  4. CM Patch 1.60 Addendum

    So I picked up a blank Dryad and went LAN->Free Play, suited up and travelled to the Carnach's lair and beat him to the ground, four times in a row. No crashes, no hiccups and no weird stuff happening. His minion elementals do heal him as usual and I've tried running around him and making the fight longer, see him cast spells and all of that but nothing unusual happened. Seems fine on my end.
  5. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Curiously enough I've started an Inquisitor recently, hopped into Gold just yesterday and had no issues like that. It's a weird thing indeed...
  6. CM Patch 1.60 Addendum

    Is it possible to test run the crash on LAN->free play or does it need to be tested in a single player toon?
  7. CM Patch 1.60 Addendum

    Does this mean that every Dryad build with CM 1.60 will crash at the Carnach, each and every time?
  8. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Hey Desm. I've played the same exact alignment over the past few months and never noticed those quest givers missing. Those are the ones for Ancaria Airline and the quest where you rescue the women and children from the Kobold (Happy Farm or something like that). They've been always there in my runs so I'm not sure what's happening there. As for the drop rate, I don't think so. Full gold/legendaries at level 10 makes it seem like something is off.
  9. Yeah, armour in the game spawns with different values for regen penalty, or even without one which means that the coloured graphic near the sigma value in unaltered. That coloured graphic is like your "over 100%/below 100%" indicator, which means that you can control how the regen penalty on the armour is affecting your CAs. Armor Lore will always improve the regen penalty, I.e. make CAs regenerate faster, and to me it's pretty much a 100% needed skill on every possible build no matter how you play. It improves both your armour values and you regen penalty so it's a win win. I don't know how the exact cumulative formula works, but basically all values within the same modifier in the game are cumulative (more or less), so more is always more and less is always less.
  10. Getting other class mounts

    That would be visually appealing but it would have no effect in terms of modifiers since they're all formatted by class. It would be an interesting modding project, though it would require to be able to first have them available to all classes (not sure if that's even possible in the coding) and then changing all modifiers on the mounts. Maybe Flix can say if it's feasible or not, though since there are specific attack and CA animations for each class while mounted it probably isn't.
  11. Howdy everyone. Does anyone know of a way, or if it's in fact possible, to clear the CA slots near the compass after putting a CA or Combo there? It's easy to place them and replace the ones in place, but how about leaving the slot open? Is there any combination of keys to do this? Because I can't find info on this matter on the usual platforms with info about the game, and Google isn't being any helpful either.
  12. Niobium High Elf vs. Narmul

    Yeah, Narmul isn't your "kill in 10 seconds" affair, at least usually. I had a go at it with my Platinum DM and it made me sweat a bit, running away from all the dragon strikes and "summons" when it defrosts the animals around. You need to pay attention to its attacks as opposed to just hitting hit up and close. Unless you have a boss grinder like that, ha ha.
  13. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Edit: Never mind my previous post, I had "idiot mode" turned on.
  14. Man, I'm playing in a screen half that size at the same distance and sometimes I just can't see the mouse cursor amidst all the freakin carnage!
  15. CM Patch 1.60 Addendum

    I'm just saying that that's the behaviour in-game, not saying how you should present things in your mod. That's your choice and I won't debate that with you. Like I said I can't vouch for the behaviour on AW or SH since I never tested those in the same way, though it's quite easy to do so with my blank toons in the download section.