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  1. Androdion

    Little help please with auto attack on PC

    Yeah, it's a world of difference when you get to that point. Try using regen per hit with weapon-based CAs.
  2. Androdion


    Flix, you've done it again!
  3. Androdion

    Little help please with auto attack on PC

    It depends on the CA you're using, if it's a weapon-based CA most of the time you just need to keep right-click pressed the same way you'd keep left-click pressed for continuous attack. Then hover the mouse pointer over the different targets. But if the CA is spell-based then you need to click-release-click again for acquiring new targets.
  4. Androdion


    Oh, ok then.
  5. Androdion


    It looks awesome indeed, but why six enhancements? I didn't even know that you could have more than the usual three.
  6. Androdion

    Need a new (or old) game

    Yeah, zilch. But thanks for the effort.
  7. Androdion

    Need a new (or old) game

    No idea, I wouldn't even know where to start looking.
  8. Androdion

    Need a new (or old) game

    That was actually the question I made before. I found download links for the series on an abandonware site, but I have no idea if it's faux-piracy or not.
  9. Androdion

    Need a new (or old) game

    Oh I know that, you can even only play Standard decks as there are no other game modes right now (at least from what I've read). I actually thought of it because MTG has been an on and off love for more than two decades, but the idea of the human element on the other side left me cold. You say that there's no noticeable difference when it's PvP? I can't find the Elite Force series anywhere for purchase. Sorry Gogo.
  10. Androdion

    Need a new (or old) game

    Case in point, you paid $240 for it, damn that's steep! That's almost half the minimum wage in my country, to put things in perspective, so my point stands mate. It's just too much money the way I see it. @gogoblender - I wasn't aware of that Elite Force series, looks pretty cool. Kind of like a bridge between Quake (ID Software after all) and Bioshock with the mini-games, but set in the Star Trek universe. Googling it brought abandonware sites giving full downloads for it, but I'm not sure if that's legit or just another form of piracy.
  11. Androdion

    Need a new (or old) game

    Don't be sad, I'm really picky after more than 20 years of playing pc games.
  12. Androdion

    Need a new (or old) game

    Thanks for the tips, but I wasn't enticed by most of it. Area of Effect and AoM are great games though, haven't played them in a million years!
  13. Androdion

    Need a new (or old) game

    Funny that you mention Starcraft, I've just installed the Battle.net client and both SC and SC2 (the free versions). Has any of you played Starcraft Remastered? The visuals I've seen online seem great, but is there the option to change sreen res or is it just 1024x768 like on the original? They seem to have changed some stuff, portraits for instance are the ones for SC2 instead of the original ones. Is the remaster worth 15€? I played SC2 Wings of Liberty for a few days some years back, my pc at the time couldn't deal well with it and I'll admit that I wasn't playing RTS games at that time. But what I do remember is that the game menu wasn't as satturated as it is now when I logged this version (Legacy of the Void version even though the campaign isn't available). Man, it's all bells and whistles, e-games propaganda, buy buy buy stuff... What the hell?! MTG Arena seems interesting, but it only works as PvP right? I'm not into multiplayer, never been.
  14. Androdion

    Need a new (or old) game

    Yeah, this is some really whacky stuff! Embark looks cool for those who appreciate the genre, but I was never into that kind of sim game. @Delta! - Never been a fan of the HoM&M series, hex games and all that. The only turn-based combat I appreciated was in the old Final Fantasy titles. Don't Starve is in line with the indie titles that Steam has, not a fan of the pack. I remember BfME fondly, a friend of mine used to play a pirated copy all the time and it was great. But... it costs an arm and a leg?! Ah, shame... I miss old school RTS games, I played Red Alert 2 and Rise of Legends so much it isn't even funny! @podgie_bear - Sorry for not saying anything about Icewind Dale before. Not my thing, but thanks for the tip anyway.
  15. Androdion

    Need a new (or old) game

    Ah, ok then! Thanks a bunch for that info. In the meantime I've dug up this beauty. Unreal was actually one of the first PC games I've ever played (honors were given to Quake 2). I haven't played an FPS game since Crysis 2 as I've began experiencing severe nausea and headaches, shortage of breath and revolted stomach included. Gladly enough I can't feel that kind of stress now with UT 2004 (maybe it's the glasses that are making a difference?!), so if that experience doesn't nauseate me nothing will! I don't really remember it being as bloody frantic as it is, but then again I had what, a Pentium 3 with a 32MB GPU at the time?! It's curiously a good game for not having sound, and right now it's doing the trick. I should really invest some time into the FEAR and Bioshock collections I have on Steam... I'll put Dragon's Dogma on the watchlist (it's 30€ right now...). If the price goes down I'll grab it. Sadly there's no demo available on Steam so I can't try it out. PS: Out of curiosity I've just checked the price of the Unreal series on Steam, they have the Unreal Deal Pack (Anthology+UT3) for 33€. I actually bought the Anthology for 4-5€ and UT3 for 10€ back in the day. Both are physical editions (how I miss those...).