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  1. Androdion

    Sacred 2 - New Questions

    For question 2 your answer is in this thread:
  2. Androdion

    Newbie Help

    Try using Divine Protection, even without Warding Energy Lore it's a CA worth using as long as you can modify it.
  3. Androdion

    Newbie Help

    1. It's a bonus that grows the more you spend time without dying, making your enemies grow in level, which also gives you the chance to get drops from higher levels than your own. So if you have the proper skills and a good SB you'll get to wear better equipment. Also the SB value makes your attributes grow, so the more the merrier. 2. True, you should always do that. As far as your progress goes, you're level 5 and you haven't chosen a single skill? The agenda here is to get the skills on the spot, which means that as soon as you're able to unlock a new skill you should populate it. Same goes for attribute points, place them at each level.
  4. Androdion

    Diablo 2 Fallen Classes: The Necromancer

    Hear hear!
  5. Androdion

    Dryad Attack Speed

    I believe that in CM Patch they still get three times as much XP as your toon, which was changed in the lates EE by Flix to a 1-1 ratio. I think Dimitrius did the same in his Addendum. You could get the unique mount as early as when you arrive at the Orcish Byway, if you head over to Artamark's Gate and do the quest to get it. Then when you get to The Jungle you can purchase the Elite mount for added bonuses.
  6. Androdion

    Sacred 2 Community patch 1.60 help

    Ask Flix, but I'm not sure if it's hardcoded or not. He should know though.
  7. Androdion

    Sacred 2 Community patch 1.60 help

    Yes, it's removed in the patch. It's all in its changelog.
  8. Androdion

    Been ages since I played

    Yep, once you finish Silver difficulty you can jump onto Gold, then Platinum and Niobium. Bronze is starter's difficulty but doesn't unlock anything else. There are a lot of char guides here on the forum, many made with Ice & Blood in mind so it's probably better to get a jump start from one of those. You can grind to Lv. 200 but it takes a lot of time and effort, but then again the game is vast and full of content. I'd advise you to install CM Patch 1.60 because it makes the game stable (zero to barely any CTD) and does an enormous ammount of corrections to bugs. Can't answer about Discord though.
  9. Androdion

    Flix's Guitar Videos

    Actually the last time I've listened to Pantera a few months ago I jammed this album. You should totally jam Cemetary Gates off of the debut, great tune!
  10. Androdion

    Little help please with auto attack on PC

    Yeah, it's a world of difference when you get to that point. Try using regen per hit with weapon-based CAs.
  11. Androdion


    Flix, you've done it again!
  12. Androdion

    Little help please with auto attack on PC

    It depends on the CA you're using, if it's a weapon-based CA most of the time you just need to keep right-click pressed the same way you'd keep left-click pressed for continuous attack. Then hover the mouse pointer over the different targets. But if the CA is spell-based then you need to click-release-click again for acquiring new targets.
  13. Androdion


    Oh, ok then.
  14. Androdion


    It looks awesome indeed, but why six enhancements? I didn't even know that you could have more than the usual three.
  15. Androdion

    Need a new (or old) game

    Yeah, zilch. But thanks for the effort.