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  1. This series is one of the best and the Books are beyond epic adventure, love action and comedy all wrapped into a fantastical story who could ask for more.
  2. first time here in a while hi guys.

  3. Had to just say that Delta does make the Best Ice-cream ever if you follow his recipes and advice you cant go wrong, he has the talent to make anything taste good and the creativity to try new flavours and combinations so if anyone has any combos or recipes you should post and let him experiment with them Im looking forward to him trying them NomNom warwolf...
  4. Hunger Games is Epic loved the books and movie was great as well it really takes your imagination and makes it soar..... warwolf...
  5. Today in Cape Town South Africa its overcast with a slight breeze and warm. Sun peeking out now and again warwolf...
  6. My cousin understands real problems . IJKFH Warwolf...
  7. Dads are daring during years. LOVED Warwolf...
  8. The Queen eats royal watermelons. GUYTR Warwolf...
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