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  1. that was a blast from the past (look who is talking) :P

  2. I also joined the Pokemon Go bandwagon but I don't play it like a zombie. I didn't change my regular route going to work. I make do with what pokestop I encounter and I've had to run away from many pokemons because I don't like playing it when there is too many people around. But I don't see myself playing it for a long time.
  3. I joined a small alliance currently ranked 84th. No combat ships yet except for 5 LFs.
  4. Coldest morning of the winter so far. 0.3 C becoming -2.2 C due to wind chill. The car had a layer of frost. First time I've experienced it here in Sydney.
  5. Getting lucky on the colonies so far. First had 207 fields and the second had 234. Just concentrating on mines and research atm because of limited playtime.
  6. No not ships. Resources and ingame bonuses
  7. It's still a no graphics game right? About how much a year are they hoping to pull in from someone who wants to pay to play? gogo There is some color now unlike the predominately white on blue years ago. The ingame currency called dark matter isnt cheap. Lowest package is $4.99 for 40,000 all the way up to $99.99 for 1,600,000.
  8. First colony ship on the way. Took longer than usual because I'm only playing a few hours a day and nothing on weekends. Hoping for a 200 plus colony
  9. It's more of a curiosity at the moment but who knows what the future has in store.
  10. Actually joined a guild now and been doing small (cargoes) attacks.
  11. Ramsey is dead? So who saved the day for Jon and Sansa?
  12. There's no govt subsidy for day cares in Australia? gogo There is a 50% government subsidy if you are a permanent resident or a citizen but limited to usually 50 hours per week. We're qualified for the subsidy because both me and wifey are working. The $100 is the full price if you're not qualified or you get over the 50 hours limit. Healthcare subsidy here in Australia is quite good. The only problem are these people taking advantage of the system.
  13. Yes chattius my baby is on daycare Monday to Friday. Not really cheap at around $100 per day but at least me and my wife can both work. It's a very good daycare and no need to prepare food for the baby because it's all inclusive.
  14. Hmmm left the game open before I left the office at 5 PM yesterday and now it's 8:30 AM and my game session didn't even time out. Also played the game for well over a year and almost got in trouble at work because of it. lol
  15. Saw the teaser for the Battle of the Barstewards! and looks like Jon's cavalry and footmen are taking a beating from Ramsay's archers and pikemen.
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