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  1. The majority of the purchasers gave Sacred 3 one star, (11 people out of 25) But enough took pity and selected 3 stars, about 5 posters, that Sacred 3 was raised from the bottom to appear even half way respectable. There was concensus it bore nearly no relationship to the Sacred franchise, one reviewer even suggesting one would have to leave their expectations at the door before they could enjoy the game. I trust the actual buyers at Amazon more than the professional reviewers anyway. I think it was GN that thought Red Dead Redemption about the greatest game of all time, and most rated
  2. My impression of shards and now weapon spirits, and I'm not a tech guy, is they sound like after-thoughts to inflate the balloon enough so it looks like a real ball. But it's still a balloon. Linear game is a no for me. A serious breach by itself to quit right there, with a mere one percent chance the game is still Sacred; but it's not even that close. There is no in- depth character build- and no involved combat art development, and no variety of combat arts. What the actor's voices sound like, or how silly, much like any issues with the artwork, could be overlooked if the fundamental
  3. I was wondering when Minecraft would hit the Elder Scrolls RPG form. Now, where's that missing AI?
  4. Of course not; aren't programers and designers following the guidelines set by those with the money to pay their salaries? I don't blame a programer for a linear Sacred 3 without deep character builds, anymore than I'd blame a Vietnam vet for that war in Asia. But don't sell me a comic-book and tell me it's a famous Russian novel....
  5. Or someone (s) on top insisted release sooner rather than later, perhaps seeing further investment of resources would not be productive. When Gothic for Xbox was released the cut-scenes were beyond bad- mere sketches of cut scenes never developed. Someone decided no further development.... make what money could be made and get it over with. And that's what happened, too. On a more positive outlook, perhaps Sacred 3 is tidy and complete, not needing the few weeks more, because there really wasn't that much to tidy and complete.
  6. both my use of Xbox and PC have this problem; many times the spell will gather foes, and then fail to launch and or knock them around. We just stand there, eyeing one another, until they decide to hit me and I decide the spell has failed. thought it might be my technique, and have tried everything. I just don't get it. Love the spell, bread and butter for this guy, but when it fails, so does my enjoyment. I've quit toons rather than put up with this. It seems to fail in waves, might stop working for 8x straight then work fine for 3 more, then back to putz. What am I doing wrong
  7. I learned a lot- compared to the little I knew before. Very interesting stuff.
  8. There is this stance, being repeated and expressed in many different ways, (for over a year-since S3 facts became understood) which says we can't judge until we actually have Sacred 3 on the screen in front of us. This appears very reasonable, fair, and not being knee jerk . The idea, to wait and see, is valid in so many ways, it's hard to disagree. If Betty Boop gained 400 pounds would we still want to see her in a brief slinky outfit singing her song-'I want to be loved by you, by you, and nobody else but you'? (in the cartoons..of course) It might be good for a laugh, and then she coul
  9. If it's the sword I think it is, I've recieved it several times while fighting. Sometimes it doesn't show up for a long time, it's possible some of my toons have never had it. Often the level of the sword is too low when my character finds it.
  10. these posts are what I came for, why I wanted to ask. thanks all. Oh, just an aside about Morrowind- it did not have the AI of Oblivion. I forget what Beth called that AI in Oblivion, but it's gone. They returned to the Morrowind model in Skyrim, but without Morrowind's layers of factions and that societal context they had going. They never returned to Morrowind's level of 'book' literacy. There's a surface layer of 'grit' and 'harder hitting' realism in Skyrim's writing that is at first glance superior to Oblivion's simpler approach, but it is only skin deep. There isn't really any
  11. Silver_Fox, you put a lot of ideas foreward for me to think about. Thank God! Wish I could get a transfusion of information and analogue from all you knowledgable people. There are many games I don't know-and the tech side my son understands while I do not. AI may never be 'good as a human' at this stage of our tech, but it won't be that way forever. More importantly, AI remains the most desired achievement. Gaming is supposed to feel real? They can't get away with better graphics each year as a replacement for interaction, er, can they? I don't think so. The wild card has to be the
  12. I go back to the Atari 5200. I was old then- 30- most people that age would not get themselves an game system. But I was a reader, SF, classics, loved movies, comics, pop art forms, and always music. What was wrong with fun? Nothing. Doom came and went, Hexen, Heretic, Diablo, others...then Sacred. Sacred really did it; I thought Diablo was great, but Sacred was a place you could go back to, live in. And we did- my son grew up with Sacred. (He started on Doom when the media was filled with dire warnings about children and gore and what would happen to them. My son is one of the most m
  13. Probably at least an incorporated face in Nevada or Del.
  14. Grim Dawn; (for those who mentioned it- Ryanrocker etc) I bought into Grim Dawn because my son told me it was Sacred -like. It isn't- It's Diablo like. Pretty much Titan Quest -esque. Some of same people making it, same format. Both Titan Quest and Grim Dawn are fun, by all means have some, but don't expect Sacred. While not exactly linear it's not even close to the kind of open world Sacred one and two have. The fighting is densely packed. Thats what you'll be doing. Neither franchises have the attention to the world of a Sacred. Nor that great balance between conflict and being abl
  15. Sounds to me like they raised a Dream, had it splatted down by lawyers and copyrights, yet are rising again. Sounds like...Sacred to me. Henceforth called unbended or whatever they want. The world is filled with fantasy characters. While you can't make another Seraphim in high heels, you can make a Angel. The world is also filled with knock-offs you can't challenge. Almost every game or book out there has ties to other books, movies and games. The original Sacred was advertised by critics as Diablo without the mistakes, or improved Diablo. Remember that? Diablo couldn't stop Sacred, a
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