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  1. I think you can, even if it doesn't work as one would expect, Chance to Block: Stun is a blue modifier which can be easily found on many items and also on amulets, on top of that block/reflect stacks with ca modifiers so its even easier, my level 63 TG can reach easily reach 80% Chance to Reflect CC even tho that is my EpK gear I also built my super 321% Experience per Kill gear (+50% Mentor) to quickly leveling-up in Turtle Island, with this gear its like killing 4 turtles everytime I kill just one xD
  2. I think stun works the same way as spell intensity/resistance, but im not sure, if so that means in case you have +100% Spell Resistance then your base value is doubled, for example from 400 to 800, but if a boss enemy has higher spell intensity value than your spell resistance then you wont block the spell and it will deal more damage the higher the difference between the values. If I remember well I also was able to block the stun attack from Nameless with Chance to Block/Reflect: Combat Arts, cause the stamp its actually a CA, btw does Berserk really give stun resistance?, in the wiki the
  3. Superb!!, my brand new PC is comming on this Friday (hope so ) and now I see the ultimate patch of Diablo Fallen Angel has been released, guess this weekend's gonna be quite fun with the Sorceress an the Necromancer Thanks again Flix for creating this amazing mod that greatly combines the characters, spells, enemies and classic iconography from Diablo with Sacred 2 unique and limitless in deep character buildup, 3d open world gameplay and real time and intuitive combat system. Dev teams of both Sacred 3 and Diablo 3 should come here to learn and see how to make a fraking decent ARPG game in
  4. it's incredible the amount of UNIQUE enemies you are creating, they look impressive and remind me of some Diablo and Sacred 1 enemies, I specially love these: Bloodwitch the Wild Gharbad the Strong Pitspawn Fouldog Witchmoon Archbishop Lazarus Fire Eye The Butcher Coldcrow Eldritch the Rectifier Infector of Souls Radament Also I really like the idea of council members having one member per each magic element Having all those new different enemies gives the mod another level of deepness and inmersion, which combined with all the previous amount of work you ve put on the mod is making it
  5. I really like the idea of a phantom dragon near his own skeleton, its like his soul is still linked to that place where his fellows and himself perished and can't leave yet until the war in Ancaria finishes once for all
  6. Thanks Flix, I am very happy to see more dragons in the game, now its more like Sacred Underworld, in which you could fight against 14 dragons if I remember correctly, I heard that Wastelands was once the place in which dragons lived and fighted during the great war, but, maybe one young golden dragon survived the war and has been sleeping somewhere in a hidden place all the time until now
  7. Impressive work Flix, you managed to complete the all-class sets both in-game and on the wiki, I am also amazed that you could get all the Dragon Mage CM Patch sets, even Chaoskampf I really wish I could play Sacred more actively to finally complete the HE sets that are not on the wiki yet, Frozen Gems is a really odd one to see, and Mage of Spectrum is also hard to find, but I just need the boots to complete this one, which is my fav so far
  8. Hello Flix, I have been reading the Necromancer's CA on the wiki, its the first class I wanna try, but there are two things not clear to me -Revive. In the usage comments its says ca level wont increase revived enemy damage, but the gold modification is supposed to do so -Skeletal Mages. Taking Master conjurer mod replaces Fireball with Blazing Tempest? and about the lightning spells, any of the two versions inflict LL%? I got to say again you have made a lot of work on the mod so far, I see many new things apart of the characters and the Diablo-themed interface and items, but I dont kno
  9. Thanks, and good point! There are now two main entry points to Diablo 2 Fallen on the Wiki: Main Page - Top row, far right, is a button with a link to D2F. I replaced the defunct link to Sacred 3. Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - Under "Game Features - Starting Up" the 5th link is to Diablo 2 Fallen. You can also find it on the list of mods and modding guides on the Wiki's Sacred 2:Modding page, which is itself on the bottom right of the Fallen Angel page under the "References and Strategy Guides" section. When I get all the combat arts done I'm planning on making a trailer video. I've go
  10. Amazing work on the mod, really, the content on the Wiki is the icing on the cake, but I dont a link to the mod anywhere on the Wiki
  11. yeah lol, but im expecting something much better than legendary Hammer from epic office quest, maybe Soorns Doombringer, Sereish Thunder, Thunderstrike or even The Redeemer, one the best swords of the game would be a really nice drop
  12. there are some amazing guides for all chars here in the Guides section, most recent ones specify if it was played on Ice & Blood and CM Patch I will do myself a guide of TG (3 aspects build) as soon as I reach level 75 (im 67 now), I recommend you to play TG cause its very funny to play at high levels
  13. so can you tell us Hooyaah what are those nice drops? now I am curious about this aswell
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