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  1. tipsterdad

    Sacred in-Game Bugs

    I sure do buddy. Good drops in that area, and great xp. Lag....oh god do I remember. Game runs so smooth for me in single player, wish it would have been like that on their servers. Remember how we had to wait at times to get in a game? They would all be full. Glad you still have things going here....nice place you've got Mr.
  2. tipsterdad

    Sacred in-Game Bugs

    Gogo suggested you all might want to see this so here you go. This bug has happened several times and is kind of a hoot. Hope you enjoy!
  3. There is an easy fix for this problem...go into your Program filesx86, steam folder, steam apps, common, Sacred gold, config, and change your color settings to 32 bit. All should be fine after that. I saw it posted here, but I figured I would post the path to get there. It should be all you need to do. I am running win10 64 bit pro, GTX1060, and ssd's in raid mirror. Game starts so fast it goes straight to log-in. Runs great for me, no issues other than game bugs which I am going to post a video of one that keeps happening to me. Pretty comical!
  4. tipsterdad

    High Damage Ice Elf Build

    Hello all, it's been a long time. Thought I would give this thread a bump since I have playing Sacred 2 quite a bit lately; and in particular have been working on this "build by gogo" with great success! Nice vid btw at the wiki of you dispatching the guardians. I was just as successful completing bronze. Very cool! Anyone who played with me in S1 knows of my affinity for cold spells. The mage's ring of ice was extremely fun to play, as you pretty much completely incapacited your foes with it. Shards was a killer, just like it is in Sacred 2. I play it on Steam, and it runs great! I am anxious to get into platinum with her to see what damage she can really do. I hope everyone is well Tips
  5. tipsterdad

    Is anyone playing in Uni 43?

    Hi Gogo . It isn't the newest Uni, just the last one before the new skin/set-up. Hope all is well with you pal!
  6. A few of us at Clan-DA have joined Templar alliance in Uni 43 and I was wondering if anyone here has an account there? let me know so we can look you up.
  7. Frank Zappa - "Joe's Garage" (best tunes off set is Packard Goose, Wet t-shirt night)
  8. tipsterdad

    How'd he do that?

    Hey Schot ...why don't you put the wiki down for a while and come join us on the servers?
  9. tipsterdad

    How'd he do that?

    You mean like this?
  10. tipsterdad

    How'd he do that?

    Ha! We locked your evil twin up. That was YOU, your evil'r twin trying to shoot me in the buttocks, see I had to duck under the roof to keep him from plunking me.... You have a ways to go to catch Dags though, there is about 7 of him running around....
  11. tipsterdad

    How'd he do that?

    Look at this guy on the roof at the start Isle waiting for some unsuspecting soul to come in and get snipped! That man would be your very own knuckles....
  12. tipsterdad

    The overpowered Inquisitor

    There is something specific that triggers the bug, but I am not sure what it is. Even though I have mine to level 48 now he has never hit hi numbers like that on his damage, it has always been in line with what it should be. His range is out of line though and he hits stuff 3 screens away, which is bad for me because if I kill it that far away I get no experience for it and lose the drops. It does spawn large groups for me though, I have had a lot of fun with that . C. maelstrom and ruthless mutilation and you can wipe out a pretty good bunch quickly.
  13. This is my Inquisitor using his doppelganger as a buff, along with his doppelganger. I had 5 at one time for a brief moment but ended up with 2-4 most of the time. I got some great video, but am searching for ways to keep the quality higher than I have been able to so far. Will post when I do.
  14. tipsterdad

    Sacred 2 Combat Art Demo Pics needed

    Just so you know, didn't see it posted here, the game creates a folder in my documents/my pictures called ascaron. It saves the screenies in a quicktime format.
  15. tipsterdad

    A pc to play Sacred 2?

    Yep this is true Sil, there are a great many PSU's out there that say 450w when in reality true output is closer to 250w. I don't want my PSU to exceed 75% of its capacity at greatest demand, that way there is no issues with output, and it has a much longer life. There are only a few brands I will consider buying, although I have to say there are some new players in this market, formerly known for making good memory that make top quality PSU's. Also my case runs 5 fans, something people don't always consider when buying. I have very few issues if any and always have a little room to upgrade. Besides, that 750 I got came as a combo deal, I got a total of $135 off between rebates and such by buying it and my 8800GTS together, basically I got the PSU free. That is what prompted me to buy at that time. Just make sure what ever you buy is of good quality. Pick it up, if it is heavy that is a good start, light weights tend to be junk.