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  1. To be honest, the amount of anime I've watched in the past years is rather low. Don't need to watch it when my life is now anime basically lol. Also either the quality has maybe gone down over the time, or there's some nostalgia factor into it. Maybe I'll check it, I saw some mentions of texture packs and other improvements but didn't have time to read everything. Is there any quick guide to get the best installation options? I have some Indian co-workers, so a bit similar. They like the bento as well for when they cook food. They say it's more convenient than having 2-3 boxes
  2. It's funny because you weren't really into it back then. I might give it a try, if I can get back into the graphics of the game... I've been playing PoE sometimes, but the endgame could be better. There's too many one-shot mechanics in that one. Waiting to see what they'll do with PoE 2. I don't really follow youtubers so I don't know this channel, but I can agree that food in Japan is usually good. I have yet to eat in any place here and think "wow this is really bad, I can't eat this". Any place is average at worst. Only downside sometimes is that most non-Japanese food is Ja
  3. Hey, I was a teenager, it had to be edgy lol. Also I wanted Dark Tranquility, but had to compromise in the end. I've been living in Japan for about 5 years. Watching anime made me want to learn Japanese. First got a scholarship to study here, and now I'm working as a computer programmer in Tokyo. If you asked me back then, I would have never guessed my future would be like this. Didn't even know people still played Sacred. The Diablo mod seems kinda cool.
  4. Some pantless dude told me to check this one out again, so here goes: Looks like it hasn't really been covered yet, so I'll go a bit into movies that might not be usually mentioned, despite being really good. The Garden of Words (言の葉の庭), by Shinkai Makoto (famous for Your Name, previously highest grossing anime movie). This movie has one of the most stunning visual representations of Tokyo. It has a relaxing pace, while focusing on deep emotional concepts. It keeps a perfect amount of delving into mundane life, without ever losing the viewer's interest. If you ever wished to
  5. @gogoblender I saw your email somehow. I almost never check the inbox tied to this account lol. So... how's it going? Not sure who still remembers me, more than 10 years...
  6. Definetly windowed, that way I can play on one monitor and chat on the other.
  7. I hate gogo soooo much.... ;_; Character name: Youko Class: Rogue once I hit level 10 tomorrow.
  8. Well to be honest I've always been more of a D2 fan than a Sacred fan and as long as the game is just as good as D2 was I'll be happy. I guess that somehow the thougth of having the same feeling as the old version appeals me more than having a completely different game. As such hopefully they wont bring in elements from WoW (which is a really bad game IMO) and keep it just like it was. Eitherway I'm still looking forward to Sacred 2 as well and will play them both. Also surely I can't be the only one that reinstalled D2 as soon as he heard the news, now can I?
  9. Happy birthday Claire! Hope you have a wonderful time.
  10. And thus the llama population grows once more Congratulations mate, those are big news indeed. And I know it's kinda early, but have you started to think about a name for the little rascal?
  11. Aww, sorry to see that it didn't end quite as you planned it, but in the end all your past actions against his account makes you overall the clear winner of this fight. Enjoy your newly gained free time in RL and continue putting as much effort into everything you do. Respect to a great man.
  12. Hmm, it seems I haven't posted in either of the too threads, though I know I was certain I posted this before, guess it was on the SIF. When I was a kid I really liked the Indiana Jones movies and games. And so one day 8 years ago (I was 13 back then, though that's just a coincidence) I was creating my first e-mail account and somehow ended with dr_indy13, dr_indy being Indiana Jones related and 13 being my lucky number. As time passed by interest in Indiana Jones began to wane and the nick kinda lost it's meaning eventually, at which point I dropped the dr_ part. Now whenever Indy13
  13. I won't be playing anymore. Not yet 100% sure of what will happen with the account.
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