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  1. Huh... interestingly enough, cameraShake was already set to 1. I tweaked the camera distances a bit and that worked, but the camera shake isn't happening. Am I just stupid and not accounting for something? Is the camera supposed to shake only when I crit/overkill something? Cause I tested it pretty extensively and there's no way I haven't critted/overkilled in all the testing. I dunno, I guess I'll just have to live with it. The CM patch gives too many other goodies that make this a small price to pay.
  2. Yes, it's there! Thanks a lot! I'll try out my SW later tonight! And the world shall tremble before me again!
  3. Hmm, I can't find that folder anywhere. All I find is "Options_readme.txt" and "OptionsDefault.txt", and neither of them has such a line. I'm using Steam.
  4. Awesome, thanks! I'll try it out as soon as I manage to wake up.
  5. Hi, I have a quick question - I recently installed the community mod (it's amazing, I can't believe I played for so long without it!) but I encountered a small problem. Before the patch, when I played my 2H hammer SWarrior, hitting used to cause the screen to shake and tremble, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Now, with the community patch, the screen remains perfectly still when I hit and I don't know why. I checked out the Options menus, I googled and searched in several different ways, but I can't see how to reverse it. I want the world to tremble when I hit kobolds, damn it! If anyone knows the answer to my rather silly and insignificant question, I'd be really grateful. Cheers!
  6. RetsReds

    New player's Dryad questions!

    I don't know about special places for rune farming but I did notice on my High Elf that you can't eat more than 200 runes per combat art (I don't know why, I couldn't find any info about it). So, keep that in mind when farming if you start reaching 200 as there won't be any point to farm beyond that (other than to slot runes into items I guess). As for shrunken heads - they are the cornerstone of a Voodoo dryad but for a Hunter dryad they are pretty much just for the stats they provide. Your auto-attacks, RI and DA won't deal more damage to enemies if you have the corresponding head equipped, so don't bother collecting the best of every head type or anything like that - just find a nice golden head that gives good bonuses. If you are playing a Hunter/Voodoo mix then you can farm the best of every type as the heads will boost Black curse, Twisted Torment, Anumalus, as well as the totems. On my melee hunter/nature dryad I'm just using 1 head with nice bonuses and that's it. As for the survival bonus - don't worry about it, it increases pretty quickly at first. You'll be above 50% in no time, and from there the increase rate slows down but so does your levelling speed, so... GL HF!
  7. RetsReds

    Q about RI and DA on melee DW dryad

    Hmm, so I did pick the wrong mod... Pity. It seems so weird to just give the Double shot effect to the skill with certain weapons even if the mod isn't picked. Maybe it's worth making a new dryad then. I'm still just in gold, it's not too late. I'll also be able to pick Spell Res over Combat Ref... Thanks for the info, Chattius!
  8. RetsReds

    Q about RI and DA on melee DW dryad

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Yea, the totem dryad was fun. I played her without viperish disease and just took it slow with the totems. It was really surprising how much the right heads affected the totems' damage, and little Scorpy was a monster!
  9. RetsReds

    Q about RI and DA on melee DW dryad

    Well, I guess not a lot of people are around these days, eh? Or maybe I didn't formulate my questions adequately, I don't know. Anyway, I've kind of made peace with the fact that I've screwed up the build a bit (especially in choosing Combat reflexes over Spell resistance) and I'll just play it out. It's still going strong but I haven't reached niob yet so we'll see how it handles spell damage there. I haven't tested if melee DW RI hits twice even without Double Shot, but I'm using it just for single target damage anyway, so I don't really need the Blast mod.
  10. Hello everyone, I have a couple of questions if that's ok. I recently started a hardcore melee dual wield hunter dryad. It's a rather unorthodox build (not staves/Int/Acute Mind) and if it works out I'll share it in a lengthy build post, as I'm not finding anything similar anywhere. However, I want to get it to niob first. The problem is that I haven't played many dryads beforehand, just a bit of totem dryad. So, I have a couple of questions for the hunter skills that I can't find conclusive answers for. 1) Ravaged impact mods. I picked Perforate, Breach and Double shot in order to maximize single-target damage. I’m fine with the Bronze and Silver mods, but I’m not sure about Double shot. I don’t really need Blast, but before picking Double shot I was noticing that sometimes RI happened to register 2 hits anyway even without Double shot. And since the DW RI animation shows the dryad hitting with both weapons anyway, I started wondering whether double shot is unnecessary for melee DW. I’m thinking of trying it out on a new dryad, but I thought I’d ask here first, as I'm not sure that it always registered 2 hits or just sometimes (with double shot it hits twice 100% of the time ofc). 2) Darting assault mods. I picked Reload, Wounding and Rotate to maximize Area of Effect damage. It works fine so far - a limited range, but alright damage. However, I started noticing that the Area of Effect hits and kills more than 4 enemies at once. At first, it used to hit just 3 enemies, after Reload it started hitting 4, as expected. However, it now kills 5 or 6 enemies with just one spin. And it’s not just that a couple of enemies die from the Wounding of previous DA – it’s always a fresh group of enemies. I’m not really sure why that’s so. The wiki doesn’t seem to indicate that Reload gives more hits the higher level DA gets, it just says “+1 projectile”. Does the Reload mod scale with level? Does the skill itself scale with level and I just wasted my bronze mod? The damage from the Edged bronze mod is just 22%, but it’s still something. My DA is at level 3 or 4 atm, due to item bonuses. So those are my two main concerns – whether melee DW dryads hit twice with RI even without Double shot (and I wasted that gold mod), and whether DA hits more than 3-4 enemies even without Reload (and I wasted that bronze mod). Other than that the build is going really nice and I have high hopes for hardcore niob – I’ll share it if it gets there. P.S. Another quick question while I’m here – do you prefer Spell resistance or Combat reflexes for a melee dryad? I’ll mod Dust Devil for Spell Shield and Goldenglade Touch for Persevere (I.e. a ton of Willpower), so I should be sturdy against spells. However, with Ancient bark, Armor lore, Constitution, and Goldenglade Touch I should be all right against regular attacks as well. Thanks! Edit: I don't know if it matters, but I'm using the Community patch on a Steam Sacred 2 Gold edition (should be the latest version, I guess).
  11. I see. Pity.. Oh well, thanks for clarifying that!
  12. If there is indeed no such mod (and it's too much bother to make), pls tell me so that I don't wait and hope. Or if it's something that's easy to do - I'd be happy to learn how to!
  13. Hi all! I'm new here and I come with a very specific question. I recently started a melee High Elf. I'm having a lot of fun, but Magic Coup's animation is very boring. I looked here and in other places for a user-created mod that improves the spell's animation, but I didn't find anything. I'm not talking about an entirely new animation, but simply a mod that enables Magic Coup to use all of the HE's melee animations and not just the same one. Something like this would really make it feel like she's fighting and not just waving her sword in the same pattern in front of her... Is there a mod like that? Is it possible/easy for one to be made? I, myself, am completely ignorant when it comes to modding, but if it's a matter of tweaking some of the game's files I can try (with some guidance). I'm playing with the Ice & Blood expansion but without the CM patch. I got my game from Steam. Thanks in advance! -Rets