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  1. Well, it is true that the game is slow going. I mean, if you know what you're doing and you're playing a good build, silver and gold are essentially tutorial-level difficulties. I've had the urge to skip them as well. However, yes - that kills the game for me. So - just enjoy them instead. It's a beautiful game. What I usually do to make silver and gold more interesting is play more obscure and sub-optimal builds. Listening to audiobooks is also fun during the easier parts of the game.
  2. Whelp, I can't say I managed to make a transparent texture... So, if Flix, Fleet or anyone else can hook me up I'll happily rename and replace all the in-game textures and more. If not, so be it, I'm still playing my new seraphim to niob.
  3. Not to my knowledge. It does help with the "playing issues", however.
  4. Thanks for the tips. I'll try tonight or tomorrow.
  5. Mm, I don't know about Win 10. I'm still on Win 7 and when I had trouble starting it up for the first time years ago I just needed to update the nvidia physx driver from here: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/drivers/physx/9_10_0513/physx-9-10-0513-driver/ Then just add the community patch and you're golden. I hope that's the problem for your friend too, but I don't know about Win10. Good luck!
  6. Hey, @SomeOnesBody, I have a suggestion you may want to try but I'm not 100% sure it will work. Sorry I didn't comment earlier, I don't visit the inquisition's side of the forums often. Anyway, I've tested changing mount models before, you can check my results here: Not all mount changes work, however, because each class sits on their unique mount differently. For example, I tried changing the dryad's lizard to the seraphim's tiger but the dryad ends up sitting inside the big cat... pretty disturbing. (If someone figures out how to move the mounted character models at least up & down and forward & backward, that'd be AWESOME) Some changes do work, however. For example, changing the high elf's fay drake to any horse, to the dragon mage's draconicon and even to the seraphim's tiger looks awesome because she sits on them relatively well. Changing the seraphim's tiger to a horse also worked but I had to dig into the sound zips to change some of the spells mounted sounds and animations in addition to tinkering with the soundprofile.txt - it was pretty time-consuming so I'm playing my seraphim on foot now. Another easy change is swapping the dragon mage's draconicon with a normal horse. So, back to your spider - I haven't tested it and I've never played an inquisitor past level 15 (for the achievement ) but it looks like he sits on the spider pretty similarly to how the shadow warrior sits on the hellhound. Maybe swapping one of the spiders' models with that of a hellhound might work? Check the other thread to see the steps for switching the mount models. Here are all the hellhound itemtype_ids: 341, 11182, 11183, 11184, 12877, 12878, 12879, 13360, 13362, 13364, 13366. I'm guessing 341 is the basic hound, the next three are the vanilla aspect hounds, the next three are the Ice & Blood aspect hounds, and the last four are the Community patch hounds. That's usually how it goes. Here are all the spiders: 5544, 11169, 11170, 11171, 12870, 12871, 12872, 13342, 13344, 13346, 13348. Again, the order is probably - 1st basic, 3 vanilla aspects, 3 I&B aspects, 4 community patch spiders. If you have an on-level inquisitor you can test this for ~5 minutes after doing the special mount quest. Just back-up your itemtype.txt, creaturesinfo.txt, and soundprofile.txt and change the numbers and text around. Maybe it won't work and the inquisitor will sit inside the hound's head but it's probably worth trying if you like the class. (if you're having trouble, let me know which models you want to swap, I can switch them for you and send you the edited .txt files) Or, you can go on foot. Yes, the mounts have nice stats and can get you a second life by dying first but a good build can go even through niob on foot without dying once. Run speed is a pretty easy stat to get too, I've had a lot of fun no-mount builds.
  7. Here, I changed both the default and the Xmas wings, both look the same: I hope it's just the file being wonky. I've PMed Fleet, hopefully he'll see it in the next few days. I'm definitely taking this new seraphim to niob so I won't stop playing with her any time soon. I'm having a lot of fun with Instill Belief, actually, I thought it'd be terrible but I'm finding a lot of uses for it. Also, I think the wiki is wrong - turned enemies do follow me around. Or, I guess that could be the patch. Either way, pretty fun skill.
  8. Changed the mq and lq folders in zips 2 and 4. The default wings are now in fiery black and orange colors (medium game settings). But I don't think there's an hq folder with default seraphim skins in any zip - there are several hq folders here and there with skins but not with default ones. Am I supposed to create a default seraphim skins folder in one (any?) of the hq folders and dump files it in? Also, for the other wing models - there are an awful lot of suffixed for wings such as _dx, _no, etc. There are also -var1/2/3_d, and -var_sg, etc - should I ignore those? That's what tripped me up the first time. I was thinking - wouldn't it easier to make one set of wings transparent and then change all other wings to them from the itemtype.txt file? Like you showed me with the Smoke demon shield a while back? Edit: Ok, I think I got what you mean - I'm supposed to create entirely new folder structures in the pak folder outside of the zips and not just replace the files inside the zips? So, I made three identical folder structures outside of the zips: pak\hq\maps\heroes\seraphim\default pak\lq\maps\heroes\seraphim\default pak\mq\maps\heroes\seraphim\default And I placed the transparent c_sera-default-wings_d.dds, c_sera-default-wings_n.dds and c_sera-default-wings_sg.dds files in each one. However, the default wings are still in a fiery orage/black color. I haven't deleted the files inside the zips, should I? Also, I don't know if me not finding a hq\maps\heroes\seraphim\default structure inside any of the zips is meaningful.
  9. So, progress report: Edit: Yeeea, nvm, I'm asking Fleet for tips, this is too complicated for my little brain. xD
  10. Mhm. So all I need is the transparent texture. I'll ask Fleet over the weekend.
  11. I wouldn't mind doing the grunt work if someone could give me some pointers (I'm generally a newb at this). If I'm the only one looking for such a mod it's weird for you or someone else to do all that work just for me. Ideally, that mod would be operational but it says that it's for the demo U,S. version which leads me to think it won't work on I&B + the patch. Anyway, I haven't PMed Fleet or tried anything else myself yet cause I'm not done with my work week yet. I'll probably ask him for tips over the weekend.
  12. Well, disabling equipslot would leave the default wing stumps/handles/whatevers visible, right? That'd be no good. Plus, most wings have awesome stats. I'll take a look at Wolf's mod later this week. If there is an "invisible" texture sample already created that should make things easier. That'd be my first attempt at something like this but if I struggle with something, I'll ask. Btw, I haven't said it much (or at all) but thanks for all the help on the various such annoying little questions I've had here. Between the community patch and your help, this game has given me almost 2k hours of fun where I'd have otherwise likely stopped after 200-300.
  13. I see. Well, I might try later this week when I'm done with most of my work... I'm assuming that the models are somewhere in the graphics archives in the .pak folder and I'll just have to create an invisible wings model and swap it with the originals. Can't we just turn off / remove the placeholder? Or will it change with an empty pyramid or sphere then?
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