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  1. I've ignored several characters for a long time because I didn't like their looks too (I still don't play with the inquisitor). I hated how the SW runs for a long time too. But usually, once I play with them for a bit, I start enjoying the different looks and quirks. The TG's unique mount, the unicycle, also makes him look very different so you can give that a try too. Edit: Here's a quick video of how the TG looks when riding and fighting from the Mobiculum mount (from 16 minute on) - quite different than when he's just walking.
  2. It's sounds like an awful lot of work. It should be doable, modders make entire new classes with the models and animations of the original classes, but it's going to take a while to copy all the animations, item models, etc. I sometimes change certain item models, spell animations or mount models which is easy enough but changing everything? Yeesh... It's probably easier to just change some of the SW's combat arts with those of the TG that you want and play that "modded" shadow warrior. It's still going to take a while to alter the animations and sound effects but it'll be faster. What'd be even easier is to just get used to the TG's visual appearance. He's a bit weird, sure, but hey, he is unique, you gotta give him that.
  3. Yes, so, fleet gave me a working link to his original mod: http://www.wolflore.net/viewtopic.php?f=118&t=2642 I copied the dds and gr2 files from his mod into several more folders for the genesis, sophia, sopor, and virtues sets (genesis, sopor, and virtues in mq and genesis and sophia in models - those were the ones in the original zips,). The original mq folder in the mod also only had the std-iron vanilla set so I added the other std-s (lol), ancient, angeldust, and mystique. They had gr2 files in the models folder but not in mq, I don't know why. Here's a link to what I've got so far: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1frhrnbGsTehht3DiWXJfhnAA1A8SPBwO/view?usp=sharing I started a new seraphim to try it out, all the wings I've checked so far are properly invisible. I haven't bothered generating every single model, I'm just going through the game for now. I'll update it if I've missed something.
  4. Pick a weapon lore skill (sword, hafted, polearm, dual wield, whatever you're using) and start pumping points in it. The "chance to hit" stat is one of the key stats in the game - it's normal to be missing if your chance to hit is low. Your chance to hit is generally based on your "attack value" stat and on the enemy's "defense value" stat - the higher your attack value is, the better your chance to hit. The best ways to boost your chance to hit are: Increase your weapon lore skill. Increase your strength and/or dexterity (although it's usually better to let them increase naturally and put your points in vitality or stamina.) Pick a buff that boost your chance to hit and/or attack value such as Sinister predator or Battle stance. Pick gear that increases your attack value and/or chance to hit or gear that lowers the enemy's chance to dodge. Pick combat art mods that boost the chance to hit whenever you can. Magic coup's "Target focus" mod is a good example. With most classes the first several levels will be a string of constant missing unless it's a class with a nice offensive buff like Sinister predator or Battle stance. Once you dump some points in your weapon lore skill. however, and you get several pieces of armor and/or rings/amulets with "chance to hit", you'll be golden. There's a similar system with the spells in the game where "Spell intensity" increases your spell's chance to hit while the enemy's "Spell resistance" increases their chance to resist your spells. But spells are generally easier to hit with most of the time.
  5. Absolutely, Magic coup elves have been my favorite builds in the game too - S&B, Polearm, even bow elves, MC's LL is that insane. I so wish 2H swords or DW worked for high elves...
  6. One thing I always wished about relics is for some relics to give bonuses to two general skills. So if, for example, I'm playing with both Riding and Enhanced Perception, I wouldn't have to switch between an *80 armor + 4 EP* relic and an *80 armor + 4 Riding* relic but would also have the option of using an *80 armor + 2 EP + 2 Riding* relic.
  7. There's also "Life leech+X" on some combat arts like Demonic blow, Magic coup, and others. At first glance them seem as straightforward and basic as the "Life leech+X" on weapons and gear - just a flat amount of life leech, not nearly as spectacular as the "Life leech +X%" which is a great boss-killer. However, such combat art bonuses have the added benefit of being boosted by skills like Tactics lore (Demonic blow), Delphic Arcana lore (Magic Coup), etc. So, while this type of flat life leech bonus can be easy to ignore on gear, don't overlook it in combat arts - there it's often spectacular. The basic rule of thumb is that "life leech +X%" is great against bosses but the flat "life leech +X" (especially on combat arts) is better on mobs. I especially love the life leech of Magic coup - it's actually much higher than the same bonus on Demonic blow or on the Inquisitor's combat arts (5 + 5 life leech per level vs 3 + 1.5 per level) and it can leech a LOT of life at higher levels and max Delphic Arcana lore.
  8. That's the blueprint.txt in the scripts\server folder? That downside doesn't matter, it's a fresh character anyway.
  9. Quick followup - how do I change the 2D inventory item pictures of items? I don't mean to make and add new ones, just switch the models of some more items and switch their corresponding 2D inventory pictures as well.
  10. Hey, uhm, I've got a follow-up question - what's the line for unmounted melee auto-attacks? Meaning, what should I change the animType = "ANIM_TYPE_SM01" line on a weapon-based skill like Soul hammer or Ravaged impact with to change its animation? Switching it to SM02, 03, and 04 only cycled the casting animations of other skills. Thanks. Edit: Nvm, figured it out. Switched it to: animType = "ANIM_TYPE_ATTACKA" animType = "ANIM_TYPE_ATTACKB" animType = "ANIM_TYPE_ATTACKC" and the last one was the animation I wanted.
  11. Yea, that's why I've been avoiding it. Well, I'll keep doing so - blacksmithing it is! Thanks.
  12. Thanks! What about the mastery bonus, do we know the percentage for it?
  13. Ok, here's an on-topic newb question - how worth it, would you say, is it to treat bargaining more... "normally"? Meaning, to get it to 75 and leave it there with no special "Bargaining suit", not even bargaining relics, just the occasional "+X to all skills" ring or amulet you've found in the wild. I'm currently deciding on a 10th skill for a 63lvl character. As I understand it, this should: - Get you the "better quest rewards" Mastery bonus, but how effective is that? Is that chance the same % as the special offer %? I don't like boss-farming so this is actually a bit tempting. - Get you better vendor prices which is not worth 75 skill points. - Get you somewhat better vendor items, but how much better at just level 75-100? I'm not interested in shop-farming for "+X to all skills" jewelry for this or other characters, so, what would the +7.5% "Higher quality wares" bonus actually offer? The occasional blue weapon or armor piece? I also don't remember what was the difference between "Chance for Special Offer +X%" and "Higher Quality of Wares +Y%" Sorry to bother you but the topic was already open and I figured I'd expand it a bit. I used to have one bargaining shop-farmer years ago but I haven't used the skill in ages.
  14. Wowza! Yea, I've never bothered with it that much and I don't think I will. Kudos to anyone who has!
  15. I don't think there's much detail to add, that's about it. The points you add "manually" to a skill every level can only go as high as you current level. That's likely done so we don't drastically overlevel certain skills to an imbalanced degree. Extra points we get from gear can go beyond our current level, however, as they are rather limited in supply. As a side note, those "manual" points you add every level (I think they're also called "hard points") are the ones that matter for reaching "Mastery level" with skills when you boost them to level 75. It doesn't matter how much extra points from gear you have on them, they'll never get the Mastery bonus until you add 75 hard points manually. The same applies for skills that give modification points to your combat arts - only the "hard" skill points will boost the mods of CAs. With General skills like Bargaining, the easiest source of extra skill points is relics as they almost always boost one General skill or another. You can get several relics boosting your desired general skill from the vendors too, they are in the "armor tab" of the vendor. All that being said, I haven't used Bargaining in years so I don't know exactly how much above your currently level you need to boost the skill for it to be effective. I'd imagine it's just several points, however, so 3 Bargaining relics should do the trick. Also, if your sole reason for boosting Bargaining is to get those sweet, sweet, "+X to All skills" rings and amulets, keep in mind that the CM patch makes them not-so-impossibly-rare-to-drop-anymore so you can get by without Bargaining too. If you want to use the skill to twink other characters, however - it's still great for that.
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