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  1. I see. Pity.. Oh well, thanks for clarifying that!
  2. If there is indeed no such mod (and it's too much bother to make), pls tell me so that I don't wait and hope. Or if it's something that's easy to do - I'd be happy to learn how to!
  3. Hi all! I'm new here and I come with a very specific question. I recently started a melee High Elf. I'm having a lot of fun, but Magic Coup's animation is very boring. I looked here and in other places for a user-created mod that improves the spell's animation, but I didn't find anything. I'm not talking about an entirely new animation, but simply a mod that enables Magic Coup to use all of the HE's melee animations and not just the same one. Something like this would really make it feel like she's fighting and not just waving her sword in the same pattern in front of her... Is there a mod like that? Is it possible/easy for one to be made? I, myself, am completely ignorant when it comes to modding, but if it's a matter of tweaking some of the game's files I can try (with some guidance). I'm playing with the Ice & Blood expansion but without the CM patch. I got my game from Steam. Thanks in advance! -Rets