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  1. Hey everyone. So, I've been playing around with Instill Belief with several test characters and there are a couple of things I don't understand (I&B with CM patch only). What exactly are the benefits of CM Lore to Instill Belief? The wiki says that "Celestial Magic Lore - improves combat art effects" but which effect does it improve exactly? I've used Instill Belief with CM Focus only and it still converts the target and a buddy (with Bronze Elocution mod) a 100% of the time even though I don't have CM Lore. Also, what does "Conversion Chance: 5.4%" mean? It is 100% chance non-stop w
  2. So, I'm using Sacred 2 I&B with the Community Patch but I'd like to play a melee staff build. I can't figure out what to tweak in the game files to make them melee again, can someone give me some pointers please?
  3. Oh, the possibilities! Adding togruta montrals or lekku (head tails) to the dryad would be SICK! Either as a hairstyle or as a helmet model... I'm crap at anything related to graphic design tho... Still, even just the fact that you can make her hold the off-hand sword backwards was enough to give me the illusion of playing with Ahsoka. The Sith vibes were real too btw. The black of the standard Ancient Bark animation and the red of Goldenglade are very sith-y. If anyone's a fan of Asajj Ventress from Clone Wars, the dryad even has an item set that's almost identical to one of her looks
  4. Some very miiiinor spoilers for The Mandalorian TV show if anyone's not up to date with it. Anyone even just keeping up with the rumor mill shouldn't be surprised by this but I've added spoiler tags just to be safe.
  5. Hi again. I think I have another question in the same vein - I'm thinking of playing a mounted 2H staff Magic Coup elf but the mounted 2H staff animation is horrendous - it's the same as the polearm animation and it doesn't look good. And I don't want to play staff-n-board. So, how can I change the mounted 2H staff animation to something more adequate like that of the mounted 1H staff - a simple swing. I tried changing the Magic coup line: animTypeSpecial = "ANIM_TYPE_RIDESM13-SPECIAL", with several other random numbers such as RIDESM12-SPECIAL, RIDESM11-SPECIAL, RIDESM10-SPECIAL, b
  6. Well, the forum actually auto-corrected the F-word to Frak but I don't mind, it is a great reference from a great show. Now we've got Star wars, BSG, and Sacred 2 all in one post - always trust the Darkmatters forum. it knows what it's doing.
  7. Dryad: *pole-dances for cash cause blacksmithing a lightsaber in Ancaria costs a crapton of gold* Little girl: What are you doing? I wanna do that too! Girl's father in the distance: Get the frak away from my daughter, you decadent tree-dweller! Cultural differences, amirite?
  8. Both pyro and ice elves excel at super fast boss-killing and mob-cleaning. Meteor shower and Ice shards are straight-up boss nukes. I'm very fond of Delphic melee elves too - not too fast at clearing mobs but very cool to play and slay bosses with. As for dryad - nature dryads are amazing boss killers with Acute mind and the epy-smthing lances. Range and melee hunter dryads are also amazing boss killers with range dryads also being awesome against large bands of mobs. Acute mind and Goldenglade touch also allow for some very weird and fun staff or lightsaber action (edit: the latter is onl
  9. There are many cookie-cutters like this one. Acute Mind dual-staff dryad is also insane, from what I've read. It's up to you whether you want a cookie-cutter build or something fun. I'm currently playing a 2-hander warrior going into niob - I don't care that DW would be better, if it's fun, it's fun. I started listening to audiobooks while playing a couple of months ago - best idea I've had so far in 2020.
  10. Yea, grim resilience and goldenglade do bump up the willpower quite a bit. That's offset by the l-sabers' lower damage and the fact that they're usually lower level since you'll mostly get them from quests. And even when they are better, I wouldn't say you're "forced" to use light-sabers, you can play with whatever you want - I've even seen no-weapon melee builds, there's no need to min-max stuff. The best thing about sacred 2 is that you can do wacky builds. Anyway, the seraphim doesn't have any willpower buffs and only has her naturally high base willpower so l-sabers are a pretty balanc
  11. Do you use the community patch? In the vanilla game l-sabers benefit from str, only in the patch they benefit from willpower. I think it's cool that they are a willpower weapon, it makes them more unique and allows for some pretty interesting builds (such as my former Goldenglade Touch Jedi dryad Ahsoka ). L-sabers have a lower base damage than other swords but for a class/build with extra willpower they can be awesome. SW is also awesome with l-sabers in the patch because Grim Resilience gives him a ton of willpower just like Goldeglade for the dryad. The seraphim has base willpower that's
  12. Sure, both %LL and flat-value LL work with any weapon, including lightsabers. The seraphim has a couple of sets with %LL bonus and there's a 2-piece jewelry set with %LL as well. There are several quests with fixed lightsaber rewards on the Community patch so you can replay them on LAN to upgrade your weapons. The only issue is that they'll be on-level and not above level sabers. But the seraphim is great with lightsabers as she has high Willpower so you should have fun.
  13. As lugate said, you can scroll through the world (M) map. You can't scroll the Tab map but you can slightly adjust its scale through the Settings (cog wheel) button in the top right. As far as the dragon caves are concerned (which, I'm assuming is the big dungeon in the center-north part of the map you're talking about, the one below Seraphim island) - they are an entire area of the game, not just a normal dungeon - they are Act V. They get fully revealed on the world map as you enter the main sections of them so they're easy to keep track of through the world map, ignore the tab map. Just
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