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  1. So, I've come back to this idea. I found the global.res file but I can't figure out how to open it. I tried the RES file viewer but it gives me an "Error, could not open file (Open: unknown filetype)" What program are you using for .res files @Flix? I'm thinking of swapping Cascading shroud with Instill belief to make a more jedi-like HE with a lightsaber and the forcefield shield.
  2. Hey, Narjnaar, here's an easy way to change the look of a buff (or any spell, really) without having to turn off the buff display from the options menu: You can change the Bark animation to anything - I've changed it to the Inquisitor's Reversed Polarity animation on one character and to the Sinister Predator animation on another character. This way you can still see the cool-looking Sinister predator buff without having to suffer the ugly Bark animation. The process is quick and simple, just read through that thread. And remember to back-up your spells.txt file before tweaking it,
  3. The icon doesn't seem like a problem but changing the CA/mods description would be nice. What is this global.res and where is it?
  4. Awesome, thanks. I hoped that just tinkering with spells.txt would be enough but had to check if there isn't anything else I'd need to do. I'm glad there isn't.
  5. So, this is probably way above my skill set but I'd be remiss if I didn't ask - how complicated is it to mod/replace combat arts? Say, something simple like replacing a seraphim's Soul Hammer with Demonic Blow - how complicated would that be? The animation can remain the same, as well as the sound effect - it'd just be a matter of tweaking some numbers and lines in one/several text docs, right? It'd be awesome if someone could give me some pointers.
  6. I see. Ok, thanks for the quick answer.
  7. Hey, Dmitriy. About that invisibility bug - is the fix overly complicated? Can a dummy like me fix it on their own local computer? I'm playing with the CM patch only and I'd like to use both CS and the SS invisibility but the bug's annoying. If the fix is a matter of just changing a couple of lines of notepad code, can you walk me through it? If it's more complicated than that, then nevermind.
  8. Huh. I feel like I've tried to leap out of roots hundreds if not thousands of times and it has never worked. The horse does "teleport" to the chosen location but it doesn't "leap" and the roots always remain active after the "teleport/leap". What am I missing? I'm maxing out riding on all horse-using characters...
  9. Are these available in a separate mod? I like the idea of a physical-based socketable for one of my current characters.
  10. Hey again. I'm wondering, how can I add a "break roots" effect to the horses' Leap CA? I'm guessing I just need to add a line in spells.txt but I'm not sure what and where.
  11. I see. So, I switched the three "sophia armor" files with the invisible textures and that indeed made the wings invisible.... as well as the entire rest of the sophia set. Ok, this problem is beyond me. I'll add a Read-me note in my zip to alert people about it. Thanks!
  12. I finally stumbled upon a set of wings I haven't managed to change - the Impressions of Sophia wings. Or rather, I've changed their model but their mq maps are still visible. I went through all the pak zips but I never found a mq\maps\heroes\seraphim\sets\sophia with maps for wings in them, just 3 files for armor in zip graphics13. So, I created a sophia folder in my mq\maps\heroes\seraphim\sets\ and I copied the invisible .dds with a dozen of different names in the hopes of accidentally hitting the right one. It didn't work. Does anyone know where the maps for the sophia wings are
  13. Thanks. What's even more confusing to me is which are the idle and which are the in-combat animations. There are 3x idle and 3x fidle animations per weapon and as far as I know there are only 2 in-game idle animations for each weapon - one rare and one that's more common. And I'm even more at a loss as to which are the in-combat animations - there should only be 2 per weapon type too, I think. If you don't know off the top of your head, don't bother to search/test, it's no biggie. I might try messing with them at some point when I have more time.
  14. Found it, thanks. I probably won't fiddle with it tho, I can't really pinpoint the animations I want, the names are confusing. Good to know tho, thanks again.
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