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  1. Oh no ..ari on hugging rampage again ;) tbh ..been to long since last :P

    Hugs and merry xmas :)

  2. Christmas Hugs attack!!!

  3. The first episodes is out and I watched them. It doesn't follow the book much if any though the main plot is kept as well as most characters. Its more a series set in the universe of SoT where every episode (so far) is just like a Xena or Hercules episode - meaning every episode is a new little adventure concluded in the same episode. My hopes is that it will be like X-Files was where a few episodes here and there will push the main story forward. And nothing on the topics you mentioned tim is included Here is the 10 min preview from the first episode on youtube: http://www.youtube.co
  4. Sorry for the Double post but, is anyone still playing this game if not then its going in the trash lol. Hey evil The player base in general is at all time low - lintra our server is also the one with the lowest population. For the "old" players here on the forum I think none is playing regularly any more. For me it was the lack of new content and stuff to do at higher levels that made me at least pause the game for now. Version 4.0 was released recently but "only" contained raid updates so I will not play I think until they add new / more content. I think it still have so much
  5. Ohh, the guild was never meant to be a guild like say Dark Matters. It was created for us here at the forum to have an easier time to chat and have fun on the server whilest we waited on Sacred 2. Thus we never actively recruited new members and tried to grow etc as that wasnt the purpose and takes alot of effort from all involved. And its not my guild tomi - you, me, gogo, schot, enci, stickem and telari all have the highest ranks and share it as I see it Some one had to create it and it just happend to be me when we started.
  6. Wow, you guys have really been busy with new toons and leveling I decided to go for the level 61 with my shaman so hope to see you all online soon Ohh, ill try to drag enci with me also Ps. Me, enci, schot, gogo and telari can invite to the guild
  7. naaa feels good! cant tell you how much I needed them :P A little hug spamming never hurt anyone ;)

  8. Hugs ari :)

    your arms must hurt from all the hugs now :P

  9. Awesome news tim, great to have you ingame Just send a mess to me, enci, schot or gogo for an invite Never had problems to login though, just that patcher that keeps giving me crc errors now and then
  10. Really nice guide and well written - wouldnt expect less from you though A but curious how you handle yourself when solo, what skills you use, downtime etc. For me as shaman I owned mobs until level 40ish and then it went downhill fast and only just close 55-60 with the new skllls and DNA I manage to kill off mobs pretty safe again.
  11. Wow, great editing there - very nice video And agree with you gogo, pity that most bosses, like in SL, are just max dps. I want to use my fireworks fully as with gramm
  12. Great pics tel And nice lvls both of you, almost time for the first dungeon Ohh, im sure you know but couldnt help noticing that your skill bar was empty and a tip is to put all the consumable drops there for buffs early on (you know the strange things that drop like books, eyes, broken weapons etc. Does wonders early on
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