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  1. how would I check that?
  2. I didnt do anything but load the cm patch and enhanced spells mod. How do I get these items to show up? I copied and pasted your script version and it correctly updates the quest rewards but I already have completed the quest.
  3. This is mine. rewards = { {57,0}, {653,0}, {656,0}, {656,0}, {57,0}, {57,0}, {650,0}, {647,0}, {2453,0}, {2468,0}, },
  4. That's all there is for that quest
  5. Reward_exp=1 reward_gold=1 reward_drop=1 reward_attr=0 reward_skill=0 also rewards= 57,0 653,0 656,0 656,0 57,0 57,0 650,0 647,0 2453,0 2468,0
  6. I am new to the scripts, what are you wanting me to do?
  7. I only got the hammer and the Ellen's ring.
  8. Did the epic office quest today. Didn't get Benny's or power of NIF.. What gives..
  9. Spent hours doing the quest, I can't see anymore blue quest makers but I didn't get a turn in quest. Hat am I doing wrong?
  10. ben007

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    I believe I had to change it to "language uk" because no text was showing up on menus or in game. Not sure now, I think the advance spells added all the formatted langues it supports. When I have it set to US I get game sounds and voices but no text, when I set it to UK I get old combat art text and no sound, but updated combat arts,
  11. ben007

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    so I downloaded the mod and installed it, I thought I didnt have the new spells but I do. Thing is they are new ones but all the text including the names and the modifications to all the combat arts are the old spell text.. how do I fix?