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  1. What's going on in here? Oh I think I got it. Sad => Death
  2. Nice! Dryad was my first character and my favorite class.
  3. 1. What is your favorite class and why? 2. How long have you been playing Sacred 2? 3. What is your most favorite thing about the game? 4. What class would you recommend to start with? 5. Are you a big fan of Blind Guardian? I just wanna know more about the community. Not sure if this topic went in the right place but whatever.
  4. 1) What is your favorite color? Definitely Purple. 2) Name your 3 favorite hobbies. Gaming, Watching TV, and Sleeping. 3) Do you like being in the spotlight? No. 4) Are you lonely or do you prefer community life? I don't really care. 5) When is the last time you fell in love? I haven't fallen in love, I don't give my heart into something easily. 6) Right or Left? Right I guess. 7) Favorite video game? Sacred 2 8) Favorite food (you MUST say: "pizza")? I love pizza but I love beef jerky, hard choice. 9) What do other people think of you? As a friend. 10) What's your favorite movie? I really enjoyed The Hobbit. 11) Something that make you feel angry? Sacred 2 not being on Xbox, that makes me angry. 12) How bored were you from 1 to 10 doing this test? Not really bored, I had nothing better to do.
  5. Maybe this year, maybe the next, maybe not at all but I'm still here and always will be. Keep what little hope you have left, this game needs it. I hope all of you guys are doing well and are having a great year so far.
  6. Most likely won't happen unless everyone requests like a Sacred 2 Remastered. They were working on a game called Unbended and then ended up canceling it. It was supposed to be just like Sacred 2. Not sure what's going to happen with Sacred 2, but there is still is a chance and that's all we can hold on to for now.
  7. Same here, my 360 disc drive broke and I was never able to buy it on the marketplace because the game got taken off.
  8. Yep, hope is all we have but that's the thing, if this game doesn't get republished to the Xbox marketplace in North America, there is no hope because that is who and what decides if the game goes into the BC program besides Xbox if you didn't know. Sure Deep Silver could say it's okay for it to go in as BC but Xbox needs permission from the publishers of NA who don't exist. I can only think of one person who might consider maybe working out an agreement with Deep Silver and picking up the rights and that is Keen Games because they are the closest closest connection to them with Sacred games. We all know Keen Games made a game called Sacred 3... Yeah that game... what a disappointment.. If Deep Silver doesn't want to do it, who else will or can, I guess "hope" is all we have. I'm no expert on how companies can just pick up and renew rights or anything, I just know it's a complicated process. Thanks for the welcome by the way, I'm glad to part of a community who are fans of Sacred. 😃
  9. So here's the thing, Deep Silver (Publishers of Sacred for EU) have gave me some information on this. Something from them when I asked if it was coming as BC and the NA marketplace, "I don't think there is a big chance of this title coming back to Xbox Marketplace anytime soon or as BC. Ascaron doesn't exist anymore, CDV doesn't exist anymore - it would most likely just be too complicated to untangle and renew licensing and distribution agreements for North America, if nobody is really in charge anymore. Besides, this is an old title, from a management point of view this probably also doesn't have a very high priority (if any)."
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