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  1. Version 1.0.0


  2. EE Charons Changes This is a simple collection of changes to the current version of EE. Basically if Flix works too slow and/or I really want to have some changes in the game right now I collect them here. Changes which Flix rejects also accumulate here. This can serve as an up to date feedback and suggestion sheet for EE as well. This mod will be held relevant and up to date to the current EE version. If the current EE version changes or fixes stuff features can get removed or updated. The current EE version is 2.4 Test. DONT use this mod if the version numbers dont match exactly. Features: Flix Music Mod: Swapped out 071_bg_swamp_day2.ogg for Aen Sheide from the Witcher 3. If you dont have Flixs music mod is simply overwrites the vanilla one. LL% global values reduced to 10% of its former values. So if you had max 5% LL% per hit, now you get a maximum of 0.5%. If dimitrius can make LL% depending on remaining hp% we can reevalute LL%. RpH% values globally reduced to 30% of its former values. Switched out "Hireling_distance" AI behaviour with "Hireling_brave_ex" for improved AI behaviour with ranged weapons. Please discuss these changes in the main thread, rather than here: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/21916-sacred-2-enhanced-edition Features that have been taken over: Giantbat logic box and modelsize size reduced "doublehit_attack_ca" damage multiplier in spells.txt fixed Installation: 1. Download the file. http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/files/file/722-ee-24-test-charons-changes/ 2. Point the Modmerge Software [1.01]+ to the extracted folder. You can get the Modmerge Software here: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/23956-beta-modlauncher-and-modmerge-software-dl/ Compability: This mod is only compatible with the EE version specified, but could theoretically also be applied to any other build.
  3. Charon117

    Community Patch TOTAL CHANGES

    Yo, looks like im late to the party. There seems to be only positive voices about the Community Edition, and the ones complaining are missing. So let me picture for you what it might look like on the other side. First of all you have to realise that modders and players are fundamentally different. Players are people who are currently trying to grasp the concept of the game, and have much difficulties doing so. Modders are people who already grasped the game well enough and are running out of content. So they make more content, because they enjoy it so much. Introducing more mechanics and content ontop of a player just convolutes and confuses him, hence the saying "Why do I need this ?". And it is a good argument. We all started running in baby shoes to get where we are today. I only started to use other peoples modding content once I felt comfortable enough with the game, and had my fair share of experience with the base game. I moved up once I "understod" the game, some people never reach that level of understanding. Secondly, Community Editions are always bad and FECAL MATTER! on. And for a good reason. Take a look at this development chart. Community Editions are usually the first step in a full game development cycle. Thus they feel the least polished experience of them all. And people are right, because thats exactly the case. People dont like the CP, but praise Enhanced Edition, without realising that one is just further along than the other. But their judgement, as plebeian as it is, is not wrong. One of the things in my oppinion which went horribly is that the CP didnt distinguish between Code and Content, and thus mixed both together. A horrible mistake. While it is impossible to completely seperate Code and Content, a better effort could have been made to distinguish between the two. Something I am still requesting should be made. A direct impact of this is that the CP flooded the spawnable items in an almost vulgar manner. If I know that if I play 72 hours of a game, and wont be able to complete a single set than something went horribly wrong. Drop Tiers get mixed up, unique items with garbage stats spawn, and regular items are more powerful than unique ones. All of this was the consequence of the unhalted "restoration" of developer items, which were clearly unfinished, and unimplemented. Critique of the well designed vanilla progression getting destroyed by CP wasnt made without reason. A well desinged split between content, and code could have minimised that kind of repercussion. In my oppinion this is also the biggest gap that modders and players would need to fix in order to move forward. I have high hopes that bigger mods and modders would one day make a well designed rebalance and spawning of all items currently in the game, but it will be night to impossible to do this for 2 - 3 people. For such things you need dedicated testers, and a mass of players to rebalance your game. Most mods never make a full development cycle, because the mass of users are missing to kickstart the process, in order to aquire more users, which test your game even more, etc ... . So for this reasons I think it would be a good idea to split the CM Patch into a code and content part. And since so many CP people are here, does anybody know if the CP installer does anything else outside of the Sacred 2 Gold folder ? If not, we could simply start to synthesize the parts we need. But meh, what do I know ;).
  4. Version 1.0.0


  5. ESP The glorious days of full servers and massive multiplayers are over. And with it gone are the stronger mobs, the better loot and the bigger experience. With this in mind I would like to get a polished SP experience. ESP stands for Enhanced Single Player. Or ESP for short. ESP will be a mod containing balance changes ontop of the Enhanced Edition by @Flix . I consider EE to be a very close vanilla experience as it changes just the right amount of things without altering too many variables. If you have a decent understanding of the vanilla game, you will feel right at home with EE. Additionally EE also has a SuperSpawn (SS) option and a challenge mode (C), both which are more than fertil grounds for a long lasting and eventful experience. Too easy ? Change to the challenge mod. Too hard ? Turn it off again. But this isnt about advertising EE, as ESP aims to be applicable to ANY version, be it Sacred 2 Gold, CP 1.60, the Enhanced Edition or any other random mod. ESP changes: AdjustCriticalDamageFactor = 2000 (1200) --- I always found the crit to be too underwhelming in any case. Never was worth to take crit chances for anything. I suggest this as the new base, and maybe, but not necessarily, will intertwine this with decreased crit chances in general. SpeedMax = 4500 (1500) --- Maxspeed makes your game more unstable, but also unlocks all the speed. Find your sweetspot. RangeAggro = 4000 (400) --- How can you farm faster ? More damage, more attack speed and more run speed. Whats faster than running towards mobs ? Having them run towards you. IsUsableByHero = 1000 (700) --- One of the more important lines. If I want to raise an Inquisitor I dont want to get HE stuff. If I would want to raise a HE, I would play one. 99% of the loot is for your class. IsRuneForHero = 1000 (400) --- Yes, sorting through 15 x 3 x 7 = 315 different runes is fun in the first 2 hours, but you only really need the runes for your char, and you are not playing for the first 2 hours, your are playing for the 100 hours after that. Saves you a lot of nerves and a little bit of gold. PotionHealCooldown = 1000 (700) --- potion spamming never dies, not even with this. SkillMagicFindFactor = 2000 (200) --- Increases the MagicFind multiplier. This change has mostly been tested on chars without EnhancedPerception, to give them a valid alternative, An EnhancedPerception revision might follow later on, but the worst that can happen is that you naturally get better loot than expected. Despite it being a x10 multiplier the loot increases only slightly, just the right amount. If you want to read on the indepth discussion about proposed loot system changes read: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/23824-s2gcp16ee21ssc-esp-enhanced-perception-and-loot-progression/ Installation: 1. Download the file. mirror: https://mega.nz/#!IBQCVaRK!Tt8y9pl8izfAeWh2TZg8Q32apm75v0UWPK3coH6bl4c 2. Point the Modmerge Software [1.01]+ to the extracted folder. You can get the Modmerge Software here: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/23956-beta-modlauncher-and-modmerge-software-dl/ Compability: Modmerge System Compatible mods are always compatible with all versions and builds of Sacred 2
  6. Charon117

    BETA Modlauncher and Modmerge Software [1.01]

    @desm>it's kinda of a "mod manager"? It is exactly a Mod Manager, just that it doesnt build the game when you start it up, but only when you want to recompile your current build. >Justly I was interesting in adding Diverse Movement Speed to Diablo 2 Fallen, I will see when I feel it. Thanks again. Better talk with @Flix first about it. Diverse Movement Speed increases movement speed based on newCreatureInfo type id. DMS is based off vanilla/EE type ids. SacredFallen might have assigned such ids to different creatures. But dont worry, the worst that can happen is that the wrong creatures become faster all of a sudden ><.
  7. Charon117

    BETA Modlauncher and Modmerge Software [1.01]

    Well I cant downgrade my brain, but we can always sit down with the people to work out a format everybody involved in understands. [] You can use all present mods. The Modmerge Software has been carefully developed to support ALL current mods in existence. Even the future update of the Addendum is already supported. Then again, all you would do with mods which are not dedicated Modmerge Software Compatible [MSC] is a costly overwrite. For that instance I added the the OVERWRITE feature. Its a simple copy and overwrite function. I dont know how the Sacred Fallen folder is called, but if we assume its called "Sacred Fallen" than you can rename the folder to "OVERWRITE Sacred Fallen" in your mod library, point the Modmerge Software to it, and it will be the same as if you manually copied everything over. It is better than JSGME because all GME does is is make a mirror of your game setup. Consider following example. Lets say I just want to have a teeny tiny change in my game setup. I want to lower the minimum speed from 50% to 30%, and increase the maximum allowed speed in the game to 450%. IF you are using GME all you can do is copy over a whole file. Uhm ... ... ... how does that work out ? The only thing you can do is after you installed 1 mod to make all other changes per hand. With 2 changes that doesnt sound too shaby ... but the longer you play the more individual preferences you accumulate, no ? What about hundreds of tiny changes across dozents of files. Still wanna do that per hand ? Take a look at my recent release: All it does is embody said ideas in 2 files, which take the following form: balance.txt: creatureinfo.txt excerpt: If it wouldnt be for the Modmerge System I would have to make 49 changes in the creatureinfo,txt everytime Flix brings out a new EE version. And he recently brought out quite a few versions of EE, and shows no signs of stopping. Like in the example above, for max speed just add "OVERWRITE" anywhere in the folders name and it will do so. Additionally you can use following assets which have been written in the designated MSC format: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/23962-sacred-2-boss-farms-msc/ http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/23995-sacred-2-readable-console-msc/ http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/23996-sacred-2-mob-farms-msc/ http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/23994-sacred-2-disable-splash-msc/ http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/24023-sacred-2-diverse-movement-speed-msc/ I can make a video about why I need the Modmerge Software to upgrade from EE2.2 to EE2.4, and still preserve all the individual changes I made, without having to redo them manually. Cheers
  8. Charon117

    BETA Modlauncher and Modmerge Software [1.01]

    First and foremost I dont want the Modmerge Software to automatically repair the authors files. Thats contrary to the stated goal of the Modmerge Software. The Modmerge Software is based on the trust that the mod author knows what he is doing. Any sort of auto repair mechanism will just limit the authors possibilities, and reduce the responsibility of the mod author. You will definitely not be able to sneak in auto repair, or auto anything. A mod authors mistake will still be a mod authors mistake, and the Software will fail because of the mod authors mistake, not because the Software didnt work as intended ( crashing is intended behaviour ). With that out of the way I have to ask you what you want to achieve. I can write a bug checking Software for automatic bug checking if you want to. But then I need to know more than what you just wrote. Onto the technical details. I assume what you are talking about is scope. And ofcourse you can do that. If the scope is limited to the same line it doesnt even require thinking, If you are talking about string spaghetti you need a parser. Now to the replacing part. If its just a missing bracket, than easy peezy. If it includes to also repair wrong data you would need standard data to draw from, but anythings possible really. You just have to convice me that its worth my time. That is you have to describe how such software would make your own life easier.
  9. Charon117

    BETA Modlauncher and Modmerge Software [1.01]

    The Software has the utility it needs, and the features people want. In case I havent been clear on this topic: I will only implement things I need. I will only implement things other people want and describe to me. Im not a mind reader, if you want something open your mouth and talk to me. I usually dont bite. The more words you use to describe what you want the better. The more accurate you are, the better. Edit: To clarify what I mean, the Modmerge Software tool is written in C++. It is written in a way that enables and encourages any and all future changes. It is a well designed basis for any and all future changes people might need. It is build on the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, in which is stated that we like to build Software which harneses change for the (competetive) advantage of the user (customer).
  10. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

  11. This diversifies the movement speed of mobs in the following way. Reduced minimum speed from 50% to 30%. This makes slowing spells so much more devastating. Maximum Speed possible in game raised to 450%. Pretty standard for some mods. Rat units flat MS increase of 50 Spider units flat MS increase of 50 Wolf units flat MS increase of 20, excluding werewolfs and wolfriders Giantbat units flat MS increase of 50 The mod will be updated as the need arises. Installation: 1. Download the file. Mirror: https://mega.nz/#!ldQXwYLD!Hu-V-95Cl4O7Hu9t4mwHK4saIU7HX8qWHmQnpcm2BkM 2. Point the Modmerge Software [1.01]+ to the extracted folder. You can get the Modmerge Software here: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/23956-beta-modlauncher-and-modmerge-software-dl/ Compability: Modmerge System Compatible mods are always compatible with all versions and builds of Sacred 2 The files modifies creaturetype entries so it depends what the creaturetype is linked to. Creaturetype id is modeled for vanilla/EE ids.
  12. Charon117

    BETA Modlauncher and Modmerge Software [1.01]

    Update 1.01: The Modmerge Software now supports the merging of subdata for the creatureinfo,txt. Example:
  13. Charon117

    BETA Modlauncher and Modmerge Software [1.01]

    If it does, I could simply insert subdata anywhere. Not very pretty, but nobodies gonna read it, and if they would read it than they are most likely modders, in which case they can manually correct the order themself. Keep in mind that this is only for cases valid for which the base data doesnt have the corresponding subdata type, which will likely never be the case, but could still happen. Any way to test this so that we dont have to guess around ?
  14. Charon117

    BETA Modlauncher and Modmerge Software [1.01]

    Thx for the info @dimitrius154. I have been thinking about making a complete datastructure for Sacred 2, but I now realise that this requires a bigger effort than I initially thought, and the only gain of that would be speed, which is really not an issue, since you only compile your build very sparsly. I mean also apart from the fact that speed isnt an issue in the first place, since big mods can overwrite the full file, and small ones dont even have a speed issue anyway. Hm. Basically the idea would be to parse files into datatypes in the form of pair<string, string> where pair.first would hold the pseudo keycode, and pair.second would hold the actual data and then push everything into a SequenceContainer. Anyway, that would only speed up the Software, which is not necessary at this point, what we need is functionality. Most of the speed can be gained by checking whether or not files are exactly identical, so you avoid copying over complete identical files. Anyway, im trying to make the Modmerge System address subcategories of data, like runSpeed in newCreatureInfo. The best way of doing all of that is to simply make a datastructure inclduing parsers for everything. But thats a Mount Everest of work. On the other hand I could slowly just add the functionality I want, and wait for people to complain that other files dont have that kind of functionality. That would mean working software for the things people actually have a need for. Can you elaborate ? --- a couple of days have passed maybe more Ok, so I created a subdata merge command for the Modmerge System, called MODMERGE = "partial replace". It takes subdata of an data entry and overwrites subdata in the installation file if it exists. Here is an excerpt of a working file: So far it only works for creatureinfo.txt, but files with exactly the same dataformat could get the same with a simple reference to the function. But I won´t do that, so if people want subdata merge functionality they have to request it. @dimitrius154Regarding that feature, I wanted to ask if Sacred 2 can take data which is out of order. For instance would work ? If not I have to think about a way to insert subdata in the correct position. Depending on the answers this feature will get online as soon as possible.
  15. Charon117

    BETA Modlauncher and Modmerge Software [1.01]

    @dimitrius154 Do you possibly have some insight on how the lexxer tokenises Sacred 2 data ? Im pretty sure that "--" is the comment tokenizer until the next end of line (obviously, otherwise the files wouldnt work), but anything else is beyond my knowledge. "id = 2505," works like "id=2505," I assume ? Any light on the matter would be appreciated. Oh yes, and how hard is Sacred 2 on the order of data ? Can data subcomponents be out of order ? Like the intensity,bonus thing ?