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  1. Charon117


    This is a letter I sent one of my colleagues about nomenclatur. (C++)
  2. Its per mod. And not even that necessary, as people could just link to the common download source. But thats not the issue, the issue is in how-does-the-user-interact with the software. 1. If somebody wants to install a mod and the software is included in the package its most convenient. Convenience at the cost of 10mb. 2. If mod authors link to the source, and people would have to put both pieces together it makes it more traffic friendly, but less convenient, because users would have to switch out the modding content everytime.
  3. The modmerge software is meant to execute data changes in the already given form. For instance you could write AdjustCriticalDamageFactor = 1700, to adjust the criticial hit factor of your current build. A single line like that takes 36 bytes to save, while if you want to execute it, you would need to add a 10 mb software. I think its better to start off with the 2 main purposes of the software. 1. The modmerge software generally enables to save mods as a set of instructions, instead of complete files. The advantage of this is by taking the example above that if you simply want to publish a mod that changes the critical hit factor you can do so, without people getting their 97 other code lines in balance.txt altered. An existing example would be Flixs EE Challenge mod, which is basically just 6 altered lines in balance.txt. Due to the current nature of how mods are distributed he has to publish the whole file. It works fine for somebody who plays EE anyway, but somebody else who doesnt necessarily play EE will also get all other 90 code changes in balance.txt which are synced with EE, and not necessarily to any other build. The modmerge system would mean that Flix could publish a Challenge mod which is not only compatible with EE, but all versions and builds out there, as a six-liner. Any kind of mod could be applied to any kind of currently existing build. If you want to make a sword, give it attributes, and set who drops it you can do that and publish it in a form that any build can take the data, reorganise it, and make it into a playable version. Instead of having a thousand splittered mods for Sacred 2 you will have ideas, which are applicable to all Sacred 2 builds. Instead of 10 authors of having to change the critical hit rate for their own mod, you can have 1 instruction file which says "Change Critical Hit rate to X". So the first purpose of the modmerge software is to make mods (1) applicable to all builds (2) not alter uneccessary data. The main effect of this will be that (1) only ideas of mods will have to be formulated (2) you will no longer have to manually change data to avoid unecessary changes (3) mod content won´t have to be dublicated for each and every version there is. 2. Secondly, an automatic modbuilder is the goal-down-the-road. Going from the idea that the modmerge system supports single mod installs, an automated system that sequentially rebuilds your build is the goal. Here is my example: 1. If I would want to rebuild my current build I would need to make a fresh installation, or verify game integrity via steam. 2. Then I would need to apply CP 3. Then I would need to install the Trimmed Textures 4. Then I would need to install EE2.2 5. Then E2.2 SuperSpawn 6. Then the Challenge mod 7. Then collect all the parts of Flixs music mod 8. Then install ESP 9. And then I need to manually go into every file, and change the Hireling behaviour, the balance.txt, the strenght of RpH and LL%, etc etc ... . As you can see you can take a whole evening just getting your setup straight. The modlauncher will do ALL of that for you. It will merge the data step by step as specified, and after 5 minutes running in your background you will have a working build. The best part of this is that if you want to add another mod in the middle, you can just verify a clean installation, and run the modlauncher again. And if you want to apply a mod that you find later, you can either integrate it into your modlauncher and run it again, or apply it ontop of your current build. The goal of this project was to get the single mod support going first, but since the size of the software would make every mod a minimum size of 10mb, and would skyrocket traffic, it wouldnt be a neat solution. Disregarding the current situation I would like to get an idea of how the best integration of a build builder in players and modders life would look like, and what kind of features would be requested.
  4. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ... I originally planned to create the software so you can add it to every mod, but now I see that the QT Core library is about 6mb, and the core c++ is around 1,3mb. In total we are looking at a 10mb software. Doesnt make a lot of sense having to append 10mb to a 2kb download everytime. So I would like you to tell me how you would like to use a Merging Software most conveniently, and what you would like to see featured. @Flix @dimitrius154 @gogoblender @Androdion and everybody else on this forum. Ontopic I still need to know how to merge relations.txt and soundlcuster.txt. The problem is that it has dublicates, and since it doesnt crash one entry is obvioulsy taken over the other. In order to know if I take the first or last dublicated entry I would need to know which one is getting taken, which is why I ask somebody with a better to setup to test such than mine.
  5. Charon117

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Ok, then here is the video nobody asked for :D.
  6. Charon117

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    About the GarColossus, I believe its primarily the shield which is able to soak up too much damage. Without dedicated bypassing attacks I do zero damage on the first difficulty. Also without having access to arcane reliqs his ranged attacks are devastating. I also believe the GarColossus to be too difficult in relation to the other bosses, making it a hard road block before you can access the rest of the game. The lethality level for bosses ranked from most to least dangerous: Mist Fog Stone golem Dragon Crystal Scorpion Octopus Guardian Bionic Flyer Demon For being the first boss to encounter he is the second most difficult to take on, as 90% of attacks are useless, and his melee damage is insane, giving he has a chance for doublehit. Double Hit paired with fast AS makes every 2 attacks have a chance for a full hp kill, which means premptively hammering your space is a prerequesite. So the tankines of the stone golem boss has nothing to do with his physical stats, but with his shield, which might have a secret trick to work around ?
  7. I get it, it doesnt apply until somebodies uses the ingame "Reset to Default" button, or has a fresh installation. This is the logfile if you merge a complete EE2.1 build with an unedited EE2.2 content: logfile.txt
  8. Charon117

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Flix, could you look into the following problem. EE2.2, SS, C: The Fog Boss Monster has an ultra hard hitting attack, which appears to be DOT, which one shots even the sturdiest builds. L91, 11k hp, Ice Mitigiation 15% - 20% ?, 3934 Ice Armour (3x legendary ice reliqs) and the Boss still seems to apply 4000 dmg every 0.5 seconds over the course of 2.5 seconds. Which equals to 200% of the chars total hp. Now I dont really want to complain about the difficulty on a Challenge run, but even though I have a ranged character it makes the boss fight even more lame than usual, not even talking about melee chars. So I would like to see a change which doesnt one shots every build in the game. A few example would be to spread out the damage from 2.5 seconds to the normal 5 or 7.5 seconds. Or maybe something else unexpected is going on. To the relevant people, is there a way to make the hp bar update instant ?
  9. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh .. DUH ?! You lost me there. Give me a rundown of the process: If I change teleport to F9 where is it getting saved ? Also are multiposts allowed now ?
  10. Ok, so .. I assume a lot of ? in a row equal :). I assume thats autocorrect, and is made to save server space ? Im crying, and a laughing crazily a bit. 3 points With finishing the scripts folder I fail to see additional text files to write a modmerge system for. If you have any text files which still require some attention than please wishlist them now. relations.txt is still unaccounted for because of this issue: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/23827-s2gcp16ee21ssc-esp-the-beginning-and-the-modmerging-system/&do=findComment&comment=7014812 Please take another look at the issue and suggest a solution. soundcluster.txt is still unaccounted for because of this issue: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/23827-s2gcp16ee21ssc-esp-the-beginning-and-the-modmerging-system/&do=findComment&comment=7014812 Please take another look at this issue and suggest a solution. @Flix @dimitrius154 Phew. It .. works, and is nice. I suggest to implement this as for everybody else too. Or just wait until I release it as a standalone mod. Does it force change the options.txt permanently with every start ? Or is it a temporary change for one session ? Im kinda confused because if optionsDefault.txt would be working nobody would be able to change keys anyway ? Since autocorrect altered my original question, I still have no clue about roadmap.txt. Competent insight is welcome. Ill promise I will merge this post with the one above as soon as I get to it. Have a good start of the week :).
  11. @Flix Did you ... edit my post ?
  12. options_readme.txt: Does it actually do anything. And if yes, what ? optionsDefault.txt: I would make it modmergeable, unless you speak up now. roadmap.txt: :):):) startPos.txt: is empty. Almost. I doubt anybody misses the letters. @dimitrius154 @Flix
  13. As far as the .diff states it, this files controls what files are even getting taken for the current gamesession. It first seems to load up general textures. Then shared data between server and client, which dont necessarily have to be in the "shared" folder. Then client only stuff. Can I deactivate the splash screen there ? And lastly server only stuff. This file looks so highly sensitive that I suggest it to be copyable only. Is everything working in the file as expected ? There doesnt seem to be an constructor for the behaviour above, which begs the question. If new behaviour is inserted should it be below or above the constructor ? Due to the assumed sensibility I suggest making it copyable only. Check that out. The first scaling = actualy has a tab before the =, but all others have one white space. Congratulations.
  14. There is no chance that somebody would want to have additional modmerging functionality to add entries ? autoexec.txt: What kind of modmerge functionality is wished for here ? behaviour.txt: "name =" is the identifier ? There is also a cute local newBehaviour = {} in the middle Somebody explain genMipMapInfo.txt to me, and what kind of modmerge functionality it would need. heightmap.txt: "mgr.defineScaling( NUMBER," is the identifier ? landscape.txt: Similarily to weather.txt this seems to simply spawn a landscape mask for coordinates. Should we take the "mgr.defineLandscape(SEC POS," as unique identifier ? @dimitrius154 @Flix