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    Rioja wines and Islay whisky!
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  1. Going in for a few hours. Silver level, whee.
  2. I'm on, just trying to get some levels. Join in if you can/want too. Silver
  3. I'm a client advisor and business administrator at the Swedish Post! I'm not sure what I'm doing. Could be kung-fu
  4. Den Delvar

    Discuss programs you cant "live" without here

    TuneUp works excellent, for me. I've never experience any problems with it. It's mostly a 'clean up'-tool, I'd guess you could call it a sort of enhanced defragmentation. It fixes all those little things we're all 'unaware' of as Windows users
  5. I might aswell... Not-so-good webcam pic; The one from my profile; Some show; Another show; At work; Enjoy!
  6. Den Delvar

    Accessing FDM troubles

    True. I had that in mind when I wrote the post, I believe FasterFox has higher requests than if you do it this way. Keeping the values under 10 won't put much strain on any server. I have full respect for hard working servers and bandwidth!
  7. 1. What color pants are you wearing? Dark blue jeans. 2. What are you listening to right now? People talking, clients calling my phone. 3. What was the last thing you ate? Peppermint rock. 4. Do you wish on stars? Yup. 5. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? turquoise. 6. What is the weather right now? Sun is shining, not a cloud in sight. 7. Favorite drink? If alcohol, whiskey(Islay whisky, yum). If not alcohol, water and coffee. 8. Favorite sport? Sport...what? is that edible? 9. Hair color? Dark brown. 10. Do you wear contacts? Nah, glasses. 11. Siblings? A sister. 12. Favorite month? August. 13. Favorite food? Tough one, there's too much good stuff to eat. 14. What was the last movie you saw at the theater? 300, I think. Don't go to the theater much. 15. Favorite day of the year? Any but tuesdays. 16. How do you vent your anger? I don't get angry. 17. What was your favorite toy as a child? Lego and transformers. 18. Summer or winter? Summer. 19. Hugs or kisses? A little bit from column A, a little bit from column B. 20. Chocolate or vanilla? If it's real vanilla, I'd say that. Otherwise chocolate. 21. When was the last time you cried? Last sunday :´( 22. What is under your bed? The floor, amazing isn't it? 23. What did you do last night? Had my HC debut! 24. What are you afraid of? Bugs(it's not funny. I scream like a little girl everytime a dragonfly comes to close). 25. Plain, buttered or salted popcorn? Not plain. 26. Favorite car? Those hybrids are cool. 27. Favorite flower? Roses. 28. Number of keys on your key ring? 5, I think. 29. How many years at your current job? 1,4. 30. Favorite day of the week? Friday. 31. What did you do on your last birthday? Avoided it! With little success however. 32. How many states have you lived in? Zero. 33. How many cities/towns have you lived in? Four. 34. What is your favourite scent? The perfume my fiancé has, whichever it is. 35. What is your favorite candy? No idea. Whisky? :/ 36. Married or single? Not single, not yet married. 37. Happy or Sad about the direction your life is taking right now? Happy! 38. What do you miss the most right now? Coming home. 39. Any regrets? Not anymore. Good stuff. 40. Sunshine or a Rainy day? I like both. Especially when it's raining on a summers day. 41. Are you in love? Oh, yeah.
  8. Den Delvar

    Hi, everyone.

    Thank you everyone who dropped in and helped me out yesterday! Katran helped me get to Silver too, woho! Anyway, I'll be sure to be on HC for some more action. This is grand! Hope to see everyone around there
  9. Den Delvar

    Hi, everyone.

    Oh, cool. I'm insided the 'private server' in a game called Den's den. I'll be there on/off, so if anyone sees it and wants to join, come on in and whatch a newbie in action™
  10. Den Delvar

    Hi, everyone.

    So, if I want to introduce myself ingame and not here or on mIRC(where I just popped in), what hours am I looking at? I'm at GMT+1, so I'd guess most american peeps would be six hours less than that? Are there people still playing?
  11. Den Delvar

    Hi, everyone.

    Off to HC now! Hope to see everyone ingame
  12. Den Delvar

    Hi, everyone.

    I'm getting more and more juiced up to try out a HC character now! I might aswell try it out, learning the ins and outs on Soft or Hard won't be much of a difference to me right now as I'm still low level. I guess I'd actually learn more from HC since most of the good people seem to hang around those servers. Trial and error, here I come!
  13. Den Delvar

    Hi, everyone.

    Thank you so much for all the information, Scoth! I'm going to read through the wiki asap, it's blocked from work so I've been reading most of the guides on the forum so far. Great read! I'll look more into the different skills. All the arts are a bit confusing for me right now, and sometimes I can't understand how things work(Like Greed goes off at the same time as my CannonBlast even though they're in two different slots and not part of a combo. Maybe Greed just works that way, I don't know but I'll guess I'll find out sooner or later!) Not even sure if Dwarf is a good novice-character, or if it matters much which class you go for as a newbie. I'll do my best to sharpen my axe a bit before I try the HC servers! Once again, thanks to everyone for the warm welcome
  14. Den Delvar

    Programs you cant "live" without

    Program title: Ad-Aware Area of application: Detects and removes Trojans, worms, spyware, and other malicious programs. Repairs damage left by malware, System restoration. Recommended because: A well-written, easy-to-use good anti-spyware program. Download from:http://www.lavasoftusa.com/ Cost: Ad-Aware 2007 is free for personal use. Known drawbacks / limitation: