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LightSaber hum - driving you nuts?! My solution :)

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The hum was the most annoying thing about the Lightsaber!

And since I have an audio editing background, I did something about it :)

I edited the sound file to be 24db lower in volume, so it is pretty much unnoticeable now above the ambient sounds.

But the good Lightsaber swing and hit sounds are still active


Download here, and unpack into your Sacred 2 Pak folder in the install directory


or from the download sections here



I'm also not that happy with the energy weapon sound, so I think I will find a replacement sound from Star Wars maybe :starwars:



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Rock on! That's a great idea for a mod... just tweak the one part of the audio down w/out messing up the other effects.

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I experimented with changing the sounds on the energy weapons/TG arm gun and certainly gives a different feel. I've never been really happy with the originals - too cheesey and annoying

A sound I created by accident in my audio editor, mixes a WW2 cannon sound from a mod I did for Combat Mission years back and a short burst of another gun sound, seems to work well for the 2 handed energy weapons and TG gun - gives the impression of more power :)


Just for laughs I snipped one of the light saber swing sounds and tried it on the energy staff and it seems to fit!


Just a note, to make the sounds play in Sacred 2, you have to save them in OGG format, and using the VBR option.

16 bit mono, 44 or 48khz

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