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SSD Drive Deal too good to pass up?

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I was browsing one of my favorite online shops when I came across this deal today and I'm just about to hit the purchase button. What do you guys think?


Seagate 600 SSD SATA III, 240GB

$150 Canadian + shipping($10) + tax

(original price was $260+shipping+tax)


My main pc has an SSD 160 GB drive and it's just a little bit too small. So this would be a nice affordable improvement. Plus I can use the 160GB SSD I have now in my i5 laptop which would make a very nice improvement on speed and power saving. Or keep both SSD's in the new system I'm building. Hmmm....

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Recently I bought a Samsung 840 evo with 120GB for 75 euro. Seems nobody wants this size anymore and I got it really cheap at a computer show. Two of them for same price as a 240GB is not normal I think.

I would have not bought them for my work machine. 3 years warranty if writing not more than 40GB a day would terrify me too loose the important simulation data or even worse get corrupted data at calculations. But they are nice for our notebooks, running a quickboot linux even quicker .



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Heh, well on the point of nobody wanting 120GB SSD, I can speak from experience. Nope! Not enough space. My present SSD is 160GB and even that isn't enough. For the average user though the 120GB drive that you have would be enough. I've got all kinds of graphics projects and website backups which, along with other user data, is using up about 24GB of space just in my user folder. Windows is presently using 22GB. My wamp server is using 11GB. Program Files is normally about 60GB ( I removed some games recently in preparation to format...). Then there are my even bigger project files + Backups that are stored on my external drive which occupy about 400GB and my spare internal HDD for duplicate backups. Sometimes I bring these externally stored projects onto my C: drive to work with more efficiently.


SSD reliability was a big concern in it's early days. Firmware problems were rampant not to mention hardware compatibility issues. These days SSD and HDD reliability stats seemed to be indistinguishable from what I read. Tomshardware tried years ago to offer a conclusion but simply could not say which is more reliable. Granted, RAID storage came about in the days of HDD so that should tell us something about HDD reliability. We still have RAID which gives us a simple message. Backup! :D Of my most important data I have three separate copies. The active C: drive version and two backups on different drives. So! Reliability is really just about being prepared for the worst no matter what your preferred storage technology is.


For my work though I value a constant speed boost over the chance of an error. Which in fact has never happened in the 12 or so years I've been buying/using hard drives. :agreed:



I probably shouldn't have said that. I'm going to do a backup now, lol. :lol:

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I don't know about the currency conversion with tax and all (why can't they list the price with tax included?), but I'd have a quick google into that particular SSD/line of SSD's to make sure it isn't being sold off cheap because no one wants them because they're duds or something. And if they survive the google test then go for it! It's not my money and it sure seems like a bargain! :P


And on reliability, I read the other day somthing that backs up what Schot said, it was something along the lines of tests suggesting modern SSD's are not likely to fail until ~15 years of use even with ridiculous usage patterns.

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It always depennds on what you do with the SSD's. At my work machine I reach this ridiculous usage pattern and that is what I wrote, won't use it on my work machine.

But even if not on a work machine: if you are upgrading an older machine and have not much RAM in it, some programs (even some games) swap a lot in the background. These are all things which have to be considered.

MY notebook has no games,pictures, videos or whatever on it. I can do all the stuff I need on it on around 90GB. So 120GB are a perfect size in that case. I was more talking about that 2*120GB were around same prize as 1*240GB. Which is strange because you would exspect an extra cost of a second case and a second controller.

So a RAID6 with four+ of these smaller SSD's sounds interesting for some uses.

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