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Unbended - Important message for early supporters

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12/24/2014 For our noble supporters – a Christmas message from Aetherra


Dear UNBENDED supporters of the first hour,

we’d like to thank you for your trust and support with which you’ve showed us that you believe in us and our project. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been discussing a lot about the concrete shape for the development of UNBENDED in the coming year, and we’ve come to the conclusion that, right now, crowdfunding is not the right way.

This is why all noble donators will receive their money back within the next few days.

The following reasons are the deciding factors:

- We’re currently in negotiations for a lasting funding for UNBENDED.

- We’ve noticed that, due to the large number of supporters, we’ve also imposed a certain obligation on ourselves to regularly report about the project’s state. This is regularly putting pressure on us and the bottom line is that it costs more time than we currently have.

- We know that for the majority of potential supporters, it’s too early in the project. The day will come, but until then, there’s much to do for us.


What’s the future for UNBENDED now?

For us, this decision is rather a reason for calm and relaxation; we can apply ourselves to the development considerably less stressed. And of course, we will continue to inform you about all important news on our website, in our official forum and on the social media channels.

What happens with your gravestones, NPCs and villages?

That’s our present to you: Everything will be kept, your gravestones, NPCs, villages and keys. You are the supporters that have been with us from the beginning and that you’ll stay.

Will there be a possibility to support the projects again at a later date?

That is possible; we’re not ruling that out. When there will be the possibility, you will already be able to see and “touch” UNBENDED, though. Only this way, we can satisfy both sides.

We realize that not every supporter will be happy with our decision, but in the end, it won’t change a thing. Aetherra will arise, the story of UNBENDED will be told and we will develop that ARPG on which our hearts are attached. And that, truly, are bright prospects.

We wish you happy holidays and a happy, healthy and successful new year.

Your thankful UNBENDED team

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My gut reaction, crowd funding fell short so they decided to find more conventional funding.

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Well, they did have a lot of problems setting up a worldwide crowdfunding system.

On the other hand we have proven that there is money in this.... And judging on how many people were out there, who didn’t have PayPal, there is a lot more.


By my calculations, the development would need to ship 50000 copies of the game at full price just to break even.


We might need to buy 2 copies of the game later, and some merchandise, to prevent them from going bust again.

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