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The Adventures of Brafika, Seraphim Sword maiden

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While being at work - and having a low stress day for a change - I realized I made a 2nd mistake. After I got my RBoL rune, I should have continued a bit longer to get a few more runes. Those would be excbanged for a combat jump rune, as well as the creation of a combo with CJ and 3x attack / HH in it, making fighting mobs easier. Not to mention, that jump would've made it easier to access the starters island as well. As for my goals for today; clearing out the Bellevue area, including the few quests related to Silvercreek.


I'll get some screenshots about both skills and stats from when starting and finishing today's session as well.



Thorin :)

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1 hour ago, Zodiac-Mindwarp said:

Thanks for the reply Thorin.

YW. :)


To start with something I forgot to do yesterday:

Skills plus nice drop

Atributes and nice drop


That nice drop was one of the first things I got today after defeating several monsters. It was more or less the prologue to several set drops, although nothing for a seraphim. I did eventually end up with Jacquaires shield, one or two Vamp armour pieces and a WE ring. Plus lots of gold and several blue items. Oddly enough, nothing yellow, but what hasn't dropped can always drop later.


I continued the quests in Timberton, save for one as that was somewhere far in that Orc region and I wasn't in the mood to head their. Besides, with all but one quest completed, I got the region at piece, which was my first goal.

With the Timberton portal unlocked, I continued with a shopping trip to Porto Vallum; where I upgraded most of my weaponry and some armour pieces. Yet, for now my seraphim is stuck with the two set pieces and the unique until I find something really better. Good thing - for me - the set pieces got slots, so it's possible to "upgrade" them by adding better amulets. Not the most ideal solution, but one that does work.


After Timberton it was off to Crow's Rock Castle, where I did several quests as well, plus updated my main quest, bringing me to the point where I have to decide to take a side turn and exterminate an overgrown lizzard, or continue with the main quest by heading to Wolf Dale, then to Ice Creek Pass and Slater's Grave, at which point I'll have to do a large part of the main questline alone.

Seeing the amount of SB I've gathered  - it's somewhere around 31% right now - I know that lizzard will be 1-3 levels above my own. I also know Wimpbur is still going down easily, although he is quite useful as distraction or to eat damage away.
I also know that my RBoL and 6% LL are good enough to damage that lizzard, plus that I got the right weaponry for it. But I wonder if I got the potions for that encounter, so perhaps shopping for those would be a better idea.


So for now:

Crow's Rock skills


Crow's Rock atributes

Thorin :) 

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On 9/22/2020 at 4:33 PM, Thorin Oakshield said:

After writing some advice about a Seraphim, I thought I might as well start up Sacred: Underworld and play her myself. Just to realize I had to re-install the game after I deleted it when Steam messed up my computer. What also means I lost several other characters, but that won't matter now.



My first goals:

1) To start out in LAN Bronze,
2) gain enough XP for 5-6 levels
3) Get enough gold to get better gear / potions in Silver
4) Export the character
5) Start in Silver

So I started a new character and realized I have already made one mistake the moment I leveled up; I had forgotten to set the default skills to zero, giving me the option to choose my own starting skills.

Meaning I'm stuck with Magic Lore and Weapon Lore. Not the worst skills to start with, however, I would prefer Concentration over ML at the start.


Anyway, the plan is to build a DW RBoL seraphim, using the best items I can find and at least getting her through Silver; while doing some side quests  as well as the main quets. Shouldn't be too hard, I've been doing it plenty of times, but often I used an exported MP character for that. I could still do that, but starting from scratch is so much more fun.


So, after creating the character I decided to start an MP game  to get early access to the starter's island. The reason; I would find some runes after doing a short questing / killing run in the Bellevue area and I could exchange those runes for at least one RBoL rune.

What I forgot, was that in a Co-op game you won't start at the island, but near the Bellevue stables instead. Which was convenient, as I had immediate access to two health potions, but also meant I wasn't able to use the portals under the island to get access to Braverock and Maskarell to do some quests there.
So instead I did some of the quests around Bellevue - including the Blacksmith Quest - earning me quite some gold, runes - including one RBoL rune - of which some were exchanged for a 2nd RBol rune, and the Hack; basically one of the better starting weapons.


After that I exported the character and started her in Silver at the right spot.

Just to find out quite fast that the Hack is indeed a nice weapon, however, it's also pretty useless against a mage; as those have a nice resistance to magic. Fortunately I had a mace in my 2nd weapon slot and the additional firedamage was enough to deal with the mage. And enough to gain a new level; at which I could choose DW as next skill.

As for Atribute points; considering this is seraphim is a hybrid, I need to devide my points in 3 atributes: Strength, Physical and Mental Regen; with one point every third level until I get that 2nd atribute point. Which will take a while.
For the skills I'll concentrate at WL and Conc to start until both are at the same level as my character. After that I'll drop spare points in ML and DW; or focus at Armor Lore and Constitution first. That is, as soon as I got those skills.


For now she's level 6, just did the first step of the main quest, as well as a side quest and is ready to enter Bellevue for more questing. But more about that tomorrow. :D 

Thorin :)

Great  Thorin... like a nostalgic visit back into the deeps of Ancaria...

Where did the name BRAFIKA origin from?




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18 hours ago, Thorin Oakshield said:

That name is a bit of a mesh-up of the name of a former female co-worker I've liked and still like a lot.


I used it once - and with her permission - in a story I wrote several years ago and thought it was having that bit of a mistique touch to apply to a Seraphim as well.

Orignally I had in mind to use the full name Brafika iz Hrvatske, but eventually decided not to as I found Brafika to be enough.



And yes, it's indeed a nostalgic visit to Ancaria.

The Seraphim was the first character I played in MP, after having tried a Gladiator in SP.

I've always had great fun with a seraphim in MP - and if not mistaken you too with your Celestial beam build - and especially with a similar build as I'm currently working at. Only difference, with all those people playing MP, I usually was able to upgrade her set items every 15 or so levels; while in SP I really have to rely at drops or what's being found at merchants.

Since I haven't picked my final skills yet, I may actually add shopping to the list. At least that would make getting better items a bit easier. But at the same time it would make it impossible to choose some defensive skills, so I haven't decided about it yet. I still got about half the levels to go, before I hit level 50, so we'll see.

Thorin :)

She's always been the most dramatic out of the Classes to play IMO... the celestial light and the rbols... there was nothing like it at the time, and seeing fifteen cl's light down to smite out evil was always immensely satisfying 


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I just notice I hadn't updated after my previous session, yet there isn't much to  tell.


After the conversation to De Mordrey I decided to visit his pet dragon a visit. Well, that was a bad choice I barely managed to turn into a bad mistake. 

The trip through the dungeon was done while using about half my health potions. Four more pots were consumed before I even managed to get to the dragon and attack it; while Wimpbur passed out twice during that small trip. By the time I was able to attack the dragon, I didn't even scratch it. That is to say, over time I scratched it, but it took me way to long to do actual damage.

So I decided to leave it be and retreated, knowing I may have another chance in the future, And while typing this, I realized that "in the future" I must kill a certain dragon to continue the main quest. :Just_Cuz_21:


Anyway, instead of killing oversized lizzards, I went on to Wolf Dale, doing the quest there, taking the cave to Slater's Grave, doing quests there and eventually continuing to Ice Creek Dale to contact the captain of the Sharuka guard. After that........


..... end of Act I, thank you Wimpbur for being cannon fodder for some time and off to Act II.


So I ventured south by taking the portal to Porto Vallum and doing some serious shopping. After having upgraded my weapons and armour, I moved on to the west, turned south at Wyvern Pass and discovered that my upgrades weren't enough. Yet, the Urkuk portal was found and added to my list, I managed to find the waterbottle :tongue: and even managed to get out of the desert alive, before I finished in Porto Draco.


It's there I began checking a few things and noticed that my Seraphim is very underpowered and "under defenced".

Main reason;

The item quality.

While she got 50% survival bonus by now, the item quality of drops is in one word: awful.

About 98% of the drops are white items; gold or potions, about 1.5% are blue items and the other 0.5% are yellow items. Or perhaps it's even less as that 0.5%, as up to now I've found TWO! yellow items.

Yes, I've found set items; even got out of the desert with an Eggil's X-bow, but I only got 2 seraphim items so far. And those are getting out classed as they're around level 15; while my character managed to get to level 30+.


Same thing can be said from the shops. Since my seraphim doesn't have bargaining, the items in shops remain white. Most items don't even have slots, making it even harder to find good items. And if I see a blue item, it doesn't have slots at all, meaning it's either a choice of going for the bonii or for the slots.


Fortunately I got some easy quets to do in Porto Draco and Mascarell; but I don't think I'll go out and look for a certain dragon. Not even with most of my inventory filled with health potions. Despite having WL maxed and having quite a high number of strength and physical regen, this seraphim's too weak to face a dragon right now. But things can chance, so who knows what happens after I travelled to Tyrr Fasul to see Valor......



Thorin :) 

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  • 2 weeks later...

I tried to access Tyr Fasul with this seraphim yesterday, but gave up when I had to swallow several potions in a row  to survive.

Knowing I have to kill a Dragon to continue the main quest, I've decided to put her on halt - or even stop completely - until I've worked out a better way to deal with her lack of resistance and health.j





*longer drumroll*



*even longer drumroll*



*Smacks drummer to stop the drumroll*






*eyes the drummer to make sure he won't start another drumroll*


Good boy.


Now, however....

*faint drumroll*


I've recently started a Dwarf using my favorite Cannonblast / Flamethrower combo. This time I may actually give him both trading and forging to see how well that build may become. Also means I have to drop a defensive skill, but knowing how strong that build can be, I think he'll survive.


So more or less to be continued in a new  topic. :)


Thorin :)

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