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Sacred Underworld Downloads - Angel of Christmas

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  • gogoblender changed the title to Sacred Underworld Downloads - Angel of Christmas
3 hours ago, VilyaTheWhite said:

Angel of Christmas

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I know it's a bit early but I wanted to release this so badly. Seraphim gona give the gifts to every Sacred player this year when the time has come. Move the files from the folder in PAK folder and you will be fine. Enjoy frezzing your enemies with beeeffgee. So I think the guys will get a X-mas skin instead of an Autumn skin pack since I completely ran out of ideas... But if I get some ideas I will make autumn themes skins instead for the guys.

See ya next time, Vilya




Snowflake -styled BFG Blaster balls, trim new christmas colors outfit, an icicle sword and a shiny new Rotating Blades of Light ice effect... Martin, you have wonderfully delivered Christmas in a beautiful new package for the fans... great work from a super fan!



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On 11/15/2020 at 4:53 PM, gogoblender said:

I remember when the Christmas Add on came out for Sacred 2.. it was a perfect moment for my gaming life... you've added a gift just as valuable to Sacred Underworld now



Happy to be of service

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