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Sacred 2 (PVP) : Brand new Video!

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Schot    298

Well here's another little video scoop I dug up. This time it comes from gametrailers.com. I'll embed a DivX and just in case I'll also provide a link to it on gametrailers.com. Very cool video this one. In particular I really love the soundtrack for this clip.




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Epox    2

nice movie ya found thier schot :) when ya ook at the graphic it does not look like it needs much of the high end gfx cards hehe

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gogoblender    1,635


What a sweet find Schot!

Best Sacred 2 video yet...I LOVE the detail that's showing up on this video..and what music is that playing in the background?





p.s. That red drip effect for when yer hp gets lowered has always been one of my favorite Sacred effects. The devs have style.


p.s.s. 1-The Shadow warrior's axe animation is cool...

2-What's that he's throwing out...homing fireballs?

3-Check out the way that guys tumble away from him when they're battered...coooooooooool!!

4-Pvp fight in the arena, with the parallaxing of the environment and colors...very nice too...lightings starting to look very good!

5-What music is that!! LOVE IT

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