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Moony's challenge Mod

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About This File

This is a mod that should add a lot more difficulty to the game by letting the player face hordes of super aggressive monsters. It'll be like fighting stoned pro-athlets on dope in a 100 meter dash with only 1 leg. ((Pretty tough))

It also adds many random boss encounters to all over ancaria (once this mod is complete) and they do respawn.



Newest update is CM patch 130 compatible/dependant

What's New in Version


  • See the thread in the forum for a changelog http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/19102-moonpaws-challenging-mod/

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This is really unfair, the enemies are 10 levels higher if not higher, is there a mod that gives bigger mobs but doesnt alter these things?

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Anyone that wants a better challenge mod get the Survival Mod or Challenge Mode patch from Enhanced Spells Mod. This mod is way out of date anyway and the mod author has abandoned the project and forbidden any updates.

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Just a quick update. Ill work on making it compatible/integrate CM patch 1.60 soon. Probably next week by the time im writing it

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