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Sacred 2 modding tool: .txt modmerging inserter 1.0.1

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About This File

Inserts one mod's scripts into the other, kinda like a modmerging system for scripts and insanely fast. Works only on windows operating systems. Use together with S2CE_Extract.exe so you can pull one mod out and insert it somewhere else. Especially useful for mods based on other mods if the first mod gets an update.

But you don't need the Extractor, the tool is intended to work as a standalone. Usage is described in the included README file.

Support for CM-patch 1.60 and all mods which came later.

  • NOT supported .txt files:
    • scripts
      • autoexec.txt
      • genMipMapInfo.tx
      • options_readme.txt
      • startPos.txt
    • scripts/server
      • questscripts.txt
      • respawn.txt
      • spawnpos.txt
      • worldobjecthints.txt
      • scripts/shared
      • defines.txt
      • staticinfo.txt
  • Partially supported define based comparison .txt files:
    • scripts/server
      • creature.txt
        • The "mapPosition"s at the end of the file are not supported due to two different safe patterns.
        • Everything else works.
      • quest.txt
        • Task Creatures work
        • Task Items work
        • Quests work
        • nothing else works
  • Fully supported define-based comparison .txt files:
    • scripts
      • behaviour.txt
      • heightmap.txt
      • landscape.txt
      • optionsDefault.txt
      • roadmap.txt
    • scripts/client
      • animation.txt
      • collision.txt
      • Eliza.txt
      • environment.txt
      • keycodes.txt
      • minitypes.txt
      • patches.txt
      • poidata.txt
      • relations.txt
      • soundcluster.txt
      • soundprofile.txt
      • soundresources.txt
      • surface.txt
    • scripts/server
      • balance.txt
      • blueprint.txt
      • creatures.txt
      • drop.txt
      • equipsets.txt
      • faction.txt
      • pathObjects.txt
      • portals.txt
      • region.txt
      • spawn.txt
      • treasure.txt
      • triggerarea.txt
      • triggervolumes.txt
      • waypoints.txt
      • weaponpool.txt
      • worldobjects.txt
    • scripts/server/heroes
      • centurio.txt
      • dragonmage.txt
      • dryadin.txt
      • highelve.txt
      • inquisitor.txt
      • seraphim.txt
      • templeguard.txt
    • scripts/shared
      • books.txt
      • creatureinfo.txt
      • iteminfo.txt
      • itemtype.txt
      • material.txt
      • spells.txt
      • typification.txt


The tool is completely coded in lua and fully open source. The Script is included in the upload since version 1.1.0.


  • Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo, I used his srlua to compile the script into a standalone .exe.

Edited by Lindor

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


  • fixed a skipping bug in surface.txt
  • fixed a very rare skipping bug, previously occuring only on files with multiple defineclasses when a defineclass has nothing to insert and the next defineclass has exactly one define to insert
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1.0.1 is out.

On 2/13/2022 at 11:04 PM, Lindor said:

I have one last plan for 2.1.1: I want to make it so that you don't have to manually replace the CM-patch files.

This and the other plan of simplifying the process by making it not require you to rename the mods turns out to be too much work to do, I want to continue with my mod instead. All the bugs have been fixed, the tool serves its purpose, all that's left are quality-of-life-improvements so I'm postponing further development to when I'm finished with my next project for my mod.

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