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  1. I'm looking for hungarian testers! / Magyar tesztelőket keresek! While I'm making the translation, I need some people to test all the text in the game to find google translated quest, typos, english texts etc. I know that 6 books and the Crystal Planes doesnt have translation, I'm working on it. I just need a few players to find everything inadequate for a proper translation. You only need the CM-Patch 1.60. The files are public you can access them in the link down below, if you find anything please contact me. Miközben a fordításon dolgozom szükségem lenne emberekre, akik letesztelik a szövegeket a játékban, és segítenek megkeresni a google fordítós küldiket, elírásokat, angol szövegeket stb. Tudom, hogy 6 könyv és a Kristálysíkok nem rendelkeznek fordítással, azon dolgozom. Csak néhány játékos kellene, aki segít megtalálni bármiféle alkalmatlan szöveget, egy rendes fordításhoz. Az 1.60-as CM-Patch szükséges hozzá. A fájlok nyílvánosak a lenti linken elérhetőek, ha bármit találsz kérlek vedd fel velem a kapcsolatot. Files / Fájlok: The file will update every few days with a new version! Don't forget to check it! (the link is permanent, just the file will update, you can share it) A fájl pár naponta frissülni fog az új verzióval! Ne felejts el ránézni! (a link végleges, csak a fájl tartalma frissül, nyugodtan megoszthatod) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rjRWEG4PXrqRg4xm6VoDaOglZifh_AW7/view
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  2. poses -> photography Some years back our second was sending a photo to a photo magazin with the theme people at work. She wasn't really thinking to have a chance (our oldest doing forest work with horses while fog at sunset) but she hoped for the 3rd or 2nd price: portrait or landscape lenses. But accidently she won: a week with a professional photographer for photos of more or less dressed models. Was somehow strange because there was no age limit for the senders of photos. She was 15 and I had to give the okay. I phoned and they changed it to a female fashion photographer. Our second was a bit shy because it were only two years after a bicycle crash against a car and her body still recovering from skin transplantations. Well she learned to do posing and portrait photography. And seeing how a good photographer can make the scars looking interesting the week was considered a success. .
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