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  1. thanks guys, but I cant quite celebrate my birthday just yet. got a pile of paper as thick as my fist to sort through in order to use it to revise for my last Uni exam on monday havnt even thought about what im going to do when I eventually get around to celebrating it.
  2. hmm, odd. are you sure it didnt just get killed while you werent paying attention? because I use 2.29 and my zombies never dissappeared. try boosting your Awaken dead to 3, or maybe 4. and see if that helps
  3. omg, look at that sakkara demon at 7:30. I really cant wait at all for this game edit: just finished watching the rest of the clip, and I have to say.... wow. this game is already shaping up to be far more than I expected of it when it was first announced. the things that the engine can do is amazing, and the way ascaron is going about promoting the game is spectacular, they are witholding information so well, it just makes me want to go crazy with anticipation. ooooohhhhh... what am I gonna do until its released?
  4. hey there, thanks fer your interest. the solution to your corpses dissapearing really quickly is down to the graphics level you set your game to. if you go into the options, and increase the graphics level, it should make the corpses stay around a lot longer. as for it disappearing after a short while.... what version, of which game are you using. I seem to vaguely recall my zombies dissapearing before TiV ran out with my old vamps, back in the days of 1.7 and plus.
  5. I didnt pay to use vista either, had it for about 4 months now, and im not doing anything illegal either. and im not being forced to use windows either, theres alternatives out there, if your willing to go without the obvious benefits that windows provides. and tbh, why would microsoft try and force manufacturers to install IE on machines? its not like people are charged for IE, its as free as Firefox is. (maybe not open source, but it's still free). besides, who's stopping the people who buy the machines from just uninstalling it and installing firefox in its place. besides, I think micro
  6. as far as I've experienced, microsoft doesnt really give a crap about what illegal software your using. I think all that its about is disabling any illegal versions of microsoft exclusive software, like office, or the OS. tbh, I secretly think that this service pack is gonna do something to XP that isnt noticeable, that will make swapping to vista seem like a good idea and most of those lawsuits are Anti-trusts suits, which have nothing to do with their software, or consumers... just their business practices. I really dont understand a lot of the Microsoft hatred that is going aro
  7. yeah I did some makeover today, lol he was primary necro before now his pure monk, I keep full partyes alive now PS: I am level 13 now lol a little edit: added a picture from right after I died -23 moral hehe notice the number of enemies here was even more a little later on ah damn, seeing all these lions arch images makes me feel like a should get my mes past the frost gate. gonna have to go spam my friend to gimme a run to droks too. I'v got the urge for some 7k armour. oh, and erling. if you dont like the whole "paper" armour thing that monks have going on, the
  8. woah!, BHJ is on a mission to get this thread back on topic... with a massive media spammage XD, anyway, my personal opinions of hellgate. having recently started to play it again, it's nothing great, but its not bad. an extreemly average gameplay experience. the combat feels clumsy (why does a sniper rifle have a very short range?) and the melee enemies are somehow inexplicably able to hurt me from 15 feet away. but its worth a play if your into the genre. as they damn well should be. I'v rarely seen a game that has been released that was as unpolished as this game was (I played
  9. tbh, all that is worth it when you get a good party, that knows what they are doing, and then congratulates you on not letting a single guy get killed on the thunderhead keep mission, and being the best monk that two of them had ever played with. it just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and totally lets you ignore the 35k you just spent on unsuccessful 55hp UW farming trips XD. so yeh, stick with it erling, and when you start getting into pug's (random parties for missions) you need to start learning how to be a successful healer, otherwise, they will just not even bother and quit
  10. ok, so I can understand why so many people hate MS, and refuse to use their products. I myself am not a fan of MS, but instead of boycotting their products, I have decided to take the deviant way of business, and benefit from the use of their products, without financing their capitalist dictatorship of the computing market. I'v always been curious about linux, however, I cant get a straight answer from anybody about linux, because they are either a fanboy (will follow something blindly, no matter how crap it is), or are so wrapped up in telling me how crap windows is, rather than telling m
  11. http://clan-da.com/showthread.php?t=7178 there ya go
  12. Ah sadly my time is being devoured of late. I just haven't had the time as I used to when I was making videos and adventuresome posts. For the most part I haven't been doing the videos because I STILL haven't settled on a video sharing site. So hard to replace Stage6. Would be great to catch you there Timo. Always a place for you my friend! And it was soooo great to see you Vampie! Woohoo tha bites have returneth. you could always pick vimeo, its a great little site. and as for the kami, I might only be able to be there for the first few hours, theres a DA event goi
  13. actually, all he is basing his tests on is that the menu loads up when he puts it in. this is doable by every single peice of media out there. for example, if I got an old VCR cassette, and took the magnetic tape, and cut out the last hour of the reel, and then wrapped the rest of it round, it would still play up to where its damaged. so I would like some real testing done before I decide that they are better than normal dvd's
  14. well this might be a kinda contiue of offtopic but why reinstall xp? is it vista you got? I works on vista too... hm it's likely u already know this even more off topic... and bordering on the nerdy here.... install both... you can create a separate partition on your hard drive from inside vista, and install XP onto it. the problem you will hten have is that you wont be able to select vista from the boot menu, because XP's boot menu doesnt support it. so you will have to repair the vista installation with the vista disk, in order to get the boot loader to work prop
  15. ok, just had a look at this new beta, and I have to say, its converted me back from IE7. although I have shamelessly distorted it to look a heck of a lot like IE7, it is nice having the search in the addy bar feature, as well as the thing that asks to save a password after you connect to the site, rather than before you know if that is the right pass. Lets just hope it doesnt randomly delete all my favourites and settings once a week now like the last version of firefox I used did.
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