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  1. Hi, I have DM level 2 in Eu lobby with 26 points in Bargain. I don't know if a lot or is normal among experienced negotiators. Tanks
  2. I have experimented in es server (I have 2 accounts) and if is possible play with one runner with Campaign finished is very fast. 1,2 and 3 ok. 4 Run runner and oppen all 2 doors and kill all, 5 transport the campee, 6 leave runner (if no leave campaign is a runner), 7 campaign finished with campee^^. Greetings
  3. Very good explanation friend, you need very patience for finish in level 200 killing enemies ono for one^^. This is the raison I don´t use Seraphim, but you are more persistent than I. Congratulations for this work and for your seraphim. Greetings P.D.: Munera you have a private message.
  4. You are welcome. See you in Ancaria Greetings
  5. I have seen many test in HE with the 3 aspects and no satisfiers. You must choose betwen fire on ice and enhace their choice to the fullest. Anyway if you insist on using the 3 aspects certainly need Constitucion possibly instead of Magis Staff for kill you with magic and te handgun is unimportant in this char. Greetings
  6. I´m in Valencia (Mediterranean beach^^) Spain.
  7. You are welcome. All my toons have Warrior in the name. Sharing my time between Ancaria and the Mediterranean. See you in Ancaria. Greetings
  8. Pyx, Draagen and Torix these 3 Dragon Mage Sets, whitout being very special you get +X to all skills, +2 a low level to +10 a level 100 for example. The use is that whitg 3 pieces Set and gives it to you, and you have the possibility of using other 3 pieces og one of these sets that will double the bonus from +skills.^^ Greetings
  9. You have to see the ratio between its level and their score in Bargain. Bargain when taking 2,5 times its level and fully operational. At this rate and could buy swords lasser. Try a level 2 or DM or HE well see amazing results. I use my mule DM level 2 whit 13 points in Bargain I have made to rexperience rings at 7,1% (normaly is a lots by 4,5%). Greetings
  10. In pc Visperish Disease was bugget and managed in the last pastch before the addon (do not know if is bugget in console). I f you want fast leveling whit a Dryad, use dual wield, mine is the character who leveling beter after the Dragon Mage. Greetings
  11. To me, a doubt Shadow Warrior 2 swords, a high level (Platinum) is very important in number of sockets, but were most will notice is the leveling, while the shield goes up 1 level, te dual up 2. Greetings
  12. I take this read to tell my experience that I hope will work for a colleague. I purchased Sacred2/Gold Edition/UK for Internet in gamesplanet.com and I got off the game ( I can not guarantee that it works), only use the 2 keys to open a new account in eu lobby. I keep my game by reading the asignment and items in Spanish language and solved that in 5 minutes. I´m still keeping my 2 accounts in es lobby. Greetings
  13. I use it, I´m doing fine, but only in characters that use a single aspect. If you use more than one aspect, high level hurst you and you´ll notice. Greetings
  14. Before Ice & Blood patch, normal scarabs damage but do not experience. Now normal scarabs, ok experience but do not damage. Omelet by bugs for diner^^. Greetings
  15. I agree, qualificate decent game,I have one pc copie, but I want Multiplayer/Hardcore. Greetings
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