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  1. Is there a a cap on attack speed ? Also I keep farming the Nameless guardians in free world, it's the best place but how can I be immune from stun? I keep stacking chance to reflect stun but it has diminishing returns, does anyone have a strategy to avoid it ? Is there a better place to farm Kanka relic set ? Thanks
  2. Thank you Flix.It seems the model comes from a Skyrim mod but I fear that it was ripped from Diablo 3, I don't think I would use it (except for personal use).
  3. Hi Flix, did you made the 3D model, textures and animations of Baal ? It's really great, I would like to use it for free modding in other hack and slash like Grim Dawn or Wolcen, would it be possible (of course I would credit the authors) ?
  4. EDIT : Sorry I didn't installed correctly CM Patch, I think it was 1.50 version instead of 1.60.Now it seems fixed.
  5. I have a bug with the mod V10, when in free campain, going to the white griffin from the portal Tyr lisia : Particlesystemmanager ...template not found See screenchot.
  6. Hi I just found a Legendary Dagger of the Assassin with % Life leech from opponents, it's now a great weapon ! I don't know if it is a community patch or Diablo mod change.
  7. Hi just passing to say I am still playing this mod. I mean I play even when I could play Poe, Diablo 3 or Marvel Heroes which is really surprising to me. So this is a really great mod.I have a level 200 barbarian, is it normal that on free camain when going to the orc cave I now found a not-respawning mini boss The butcher instead of the orcs ? I believe it will make this area less interesting at high level to farm, which seems fair because it was really too good compared to other farm locations. About Tyrael, can it show on free campain mode ? I use the free campain mode to respawn the guard
  8. Thank you for your answers. According to wiki : Yes I was only attacking the Nameless guardians, not killings the guards, because I thought it was faster (I have Life leech from opponents) but in the end if I keep being stunned I should change my strategy and try to kill first the guards and teleporters pads even if it takes a little more time it will be safer. Also it seems that block /reflect and stun resistance can not reach 100% because they are all multiplicative and there is no effect giving 100% stun resistance (or maybe a potion ?)
  9. Is there any way to have a 100% stun immunity ? It seems to be multiplicative instead of additive between gear and skills (aura). Against the Nameless guardians I keep being stun by the guards even if I have the berserker aura that grants stun resistance.
  10. Sacred 2 is a really great hack and slash with this mod and still one of the most beautiful with hight settings.However it still has it's inherent flaws : - No random dungeon, no random affixes on monsters - Melee targeting really bad : how many times my character is near an ennemy and instead of attacking it directly he walks around him to adjust his position, in the same time the ennemy also moves which maks both characters takes time to find the correct position where they can fight each other.Can't this be adjusted by increasing just a bit the range of melee attacks ?It seems so weird and
  11. Does Holy Freeze also reduces casting speed ? It is written that it reduces movement speed and attack speed but not casting speed ? Also why are there 2 attack speed stats in the character "Sum stats" of the inventory window (one from gear and one from buffs/spells ) ? Thanks
  12. Thank you Flix ! I think I will try it .
  13. Hi Flix, I am wondering if it is worth to pick the Enhanced Perception skill as you said you improved the way magic find works in this mod. From what I can see the skill gives the same amount of +magic find bonus as the original skill. So how does + magic find works ? Does it increase the highest quality tier items monsters can drop and /or does it increase the chances to drop a better quality item and/or does it increase the amount of items that drops ? For example if I have +10% magic find does it means I have +10% chance to find a Legendary item (tier 14-15). I plan to farm the Nameless Gu
  14. Any news on Unbended ? From what I read : So did they receive enough money to start making the game ? Have they started to make assets for the game (exept concept art and planning crafting ideas) ? What do we know so far ?
  15. Hi, I think I found someting strange with one of the enchantments buffs from the Barbarian (natural resistance) that gives block chance : Stun. The tooltip of the enchantment says +43,5% chance to block stun +0,5/level but it seems to give only +33% +0,5/Level chance to block : stun. Thanks
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