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  1. Where's everyone hiding lately? Are you still playing PoE?
  2. I've added you guys ^^ (Sorry for taking a while, I had an exam). Is there a way to play on the American servers? I don't think it is possible.
  3. Anyone playing D3 in the European servers? if so, let me know your email/battle tag via private message (so we don't get full of spam and keep it family like) and we can start playing together ^^.
  4. Write here exactly what you wrote in the console, maybe I can help you. The commands are meant to be called while in the game, the item will just drop right next to you. Hope this clarifies. *open console* unlock code *drops item* *close console* enjoy!
  5. I can send them to you. You need to open the console with the "º" key (the one left to the 1) and then write: 'unlock <code>' where <code> is the code of the item you want. Note that the " ' " aren't meant to be written. By the way, I sent you a private message a couple of days ago ^^.
  6. Hitting the servers with my current veiled minion reflecting SW experiment, still level 28, but leveling up so fast! ^^ I will soon update the thread I started last year. I restarted it with better picks.
  7. server name? anything that's recognisable by your mates.
  8. I guess Furian isn't around active anymore, right? He used to be the one doing the camprunning... Nevertheless, this weekend I will have time too Gogo ^^.
  9. I'm currently migrating the SC toons into HC. So I'm pretty low level. Yesterday night I was in for a bit, but I ended up having to be coming and going. Hopefully tonight I'll have a chance to hit the servers for a bit. I will be naming my servers Zalioth# (substitute the # for a number). Hop in if you want to help or need help ^^.
  10. Hitting the servers with low level char, any char sitting there is welcome ^^.
  11. I have seen some Germans (who I happily play with) but none of the DM community... I will start reporting when I play in the forums so at least the few that are still left can get together and play.
  12. I'm back at playing Sacred 2, and I haven't seen many people at closed net lately, are you all playing the CM patch on Open Net or what's the latest fashion on multiplayer these days? Thanks for the answer ^^.
  13. Well, I basically killed everything in my way lol... I had a 2 handed and modded the spectral hand and I was running around one touching everything in range... + high rph. About the items, I'll find them again, I haven't played for a couple of days, but I was already getting enough to replace ^^. About reflective emanation... just 10 runes eaten but the guys find themselves half dead in around 20 seconds, it's really good for mobs, and I expect it to be determining later in the game ^^. The SW has been rebuilt and is on his way back up, soon I'll let you know more!
  14. Working like a charm ! Thanks a lot for your efforts gogo!
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