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  1. Oh, and I'm taking a big hit now... well, wasn't all that strong and dangerous yet, but now I got an attack of 150 battleships on me :shocked: well, guess it's back to building completely defenceless planets... one question about this (don't know if I should ask it in this topic though) is it possible to lose buildings apart from defence or complete planets due to an attack? Because of course I prefer not to be attacked, but if I have to be attacked and fleet/ress save, I would like to keep those level 20+ mines...and if I had them those nanites. I did see planet destroyed or sumt
  2. Getting my first nearly perfect ninja now (3 seconds difference). oh, seems I'm going to ninja a rank 120 ok, ninja failed, my fleet came there 1 second to late, but I don't understand how that is possible. This was about one hour before the attack: and this is what happened: sorry for the fact it is dutch, but it seems I got wrong information. Also I tried to send my L.Cargo with part of the recourses away from the planet, which should have been about 1-2 seconds before the actual attack, but that failed as well :s
  3. ok, thanks Indy! So that also means I can't attack to high ranked players either? Well, I am still under the 5k so guess I still have that noob protection. I was actually wondering if it would be smart to build no fleet at all and start building only mines. As u would have noob protection u can't be attacked, but I guess that is not possible...
  4. In the dutch Ogame I often have/had the problem that people had noob protection or got noob protection after I raided them (a few times) now in uni9 I'm still a starter and I was wondering for how long do I have noob protection? And as a small update of my uni9 Ogame progress, I'm raiding some inactives now, but I'm still low on resources to actually build anything of a fleet (only small cargos now). Mines are still rising, but they too are not far above level 10. Although I am allowed to join, I think it's better that I wait a little moment with that till I can actually do something and
  5. Wahoo, 6 attacks! And I thought my regular 4 attacks at the time was alot Ah well, I thought I have some eggnog somewhere here... *searches for the eggnog* sorry gogo, can't find the eggnog...anybody else?
  6. Not a real member yet... but mine would be shai.dg@gmail.com edit: oh, and ingame I'm the equivalent of Shai-hulud...Great Wurm
  7. lol, that's great! Congratulations! (now I have yet to see that happen in the dutch universe where I already play for like 1-2 months) *joins the party* awww...gotta sleep now
  8. Rofl, exams next week...and week after so drinking for the three weeks now *thanks gogo for the beer* *takes the first bottle of beer and drinks it* and a round on me!
  9. Well, I just started out in uni 9 as gogo invited me. It will probably take a while till I'm strong enough to join your clan, but oh well...u got ta start somewhere *and I just wanted to let u know I started*
  10. Heya every1! *waves to all in the bar* thanks for the invite gogo! hope u all had a great christmas and a good start of the new year *walks to the bar and orders a beer*
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