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  1. Errr... What's wrong ? I cant see your topic anymore. It only shows the buff suits part? @.@
  2. This is what I dont understand loco! I create Lan session with my campain runner in free play mod (gold difficulty server because my level 5 shopper is currently at gold difficulty). When I join the game I cant do any main quest at all. and my shopper cant tele to my runner too. if I cant do the main quests, how can I unlock the next difficulty then? im really confused here. Sorry for many questions guys Anh
  3. Actually in LAN you don't need to speed camp or create templates at all. !. Find your Balance.txt file. It is found in the Deep Silver/Sacred2-Fallen Angel/Scripts/Server folder where you installed the game. Edit the line 253 that reads: LevelMinForDiff = {1,1,60,100,140}, And Change it to read: LevelMinForDiff = {1,1,1,1,1}, This will allow an character to enter any dificulty server on LAN. Thanks to both loco and Furian for all those responds! I did change that file balance.txt but still having some problems. You guys have any Messenger that I can chat with? I
  4. How can I transfer the campain status to the campee Loco?
  5. Hello bro, Here are the steps to getting to Niob at level 1 on PC HC Closed Net. I read your Topic and it says that's the instruction for PC HC Closed Net. Im currently playing by LAN right now. is it the same process?
  6. Hello guys, im having 2 pc and trying to figure out how to bring my shoppers to niob difficult (plaing by LAN). I have one char which can solo plantium and niob and he's level 126. My shoppers are level 5, 25, 50,75... Is there anyway to do this? Thank you in advance
  7. when I change it directly in that server/balance.txt file, I cant save it ( It says Access is denied) when I copy balance.txt to desktop, make the changes, then copy and replace the file balance.txt, it works (I rechecked again and it is LevelMinForDiff=1,1,1,1,1) I start the game, create new char, and it still shows bronze and silver only =.=' There are so many nice builds in here that I wana try but im so lost at the moment with the help from niob shopper and smither. I really dont know how to get those shopping and smithing chars
  8. im currently having this problem ! There are so many nice builds here with ice and blood version that I wana try but they all need niob shopper and niob smither to support them. Since I only play offline, I get no help. now im lost, I dont know what to do with the shopper chars and smither =.=' Any recommendations for me guys?
  9. There isnt actually any need to go online to do this. If you wish to, by editing the balance.txt file in the sacred 2 install folder (<whatever the folder name is>\scripts\server\balance.txt) you can allow access to niobium easily. Changing the line "LevelMinForDiff = {1,1,60,100,140}" to "LevelMinForDiff = {1,1,1,1,1}" will allow you to access each difficulty at level 1. Then, by creating a low character in silver, raising it to level 5, putting skill points into bargaining and then going into niobium and raising bargaining even further through gear raising it you will be able to shop f
  10. Tips for starting character: If you dont have some SP utility character, log on closed net EU Hardcore lobby, create a TG lvl5 with Bargaining skill and ask somebody from D.a.r.k. clan about helping bring your char to niob difficulty (they are very helpful good players). Then export this character in single player and enjoy niob shopping and smith arts for your SP toons:-) It can helps a lot. I extremely love your builds... Can you explain a little bit more about the niob shopper and how to log on closed net EU Hardcore lobby? I think we have to play online in order to do this right
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