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  1. So, the time of new Sacred is coming.. and I am thinking what kind of mind is responsible for this "game". I have an imagination.. A man who is thinking - lets go and make a game, which is stupidly dumped down, full of smashes, whooshes and flashes with great bubu monsters.Yeah, and don´t forget to piff off all developers, players and whole community of previously Sacred game, because, you know, that is the progress who all gamers want. Over and over. But its great that we can choose to not to buy this product and instead to support project Unbended (or different game from mature developers). And of course, hello everybody from DarkMatters, you are all definitely unforgetable community!! I hope there will be game which connect us again all together. Vaclaf :-)
  2. Hello all DarkMatters fellow, its good to see you and this awesome forum back. I am awaiting S3 and hope we will bring back the shared treasure of Ancaria´s gameplay .. as always :-) vaclaf
  3. Hi RupeOase, welcome on board, you wrote an excellent first necro-post :-) (no offens) I was thinking about LF Utility TG in Ice&Blood and there are some notices about version differences: * Skills (in order) - Blacksmith (5 points) - Bargain (max until first mastery) - Armor (1 point) - Devout Guardian Focus (only for six modification points for T-egg and DS, BA is not neccesary) - Lost Fusion Lore (max until second mastery) - Combat Discipline (fourth mastery) - Lost Fusion Focus (1 point) - Warding Energy Lore (third mastery) - Enhanced Perception (1 point or fifth mastery) - Toughness or Concentration (depends on build weakness - survival ability or regen. time) About CA´s and modification there are tons of Ice and Blood describtions in my others Mechanix´s builds. Anyway, thank you for reading my builds and watching videos, I wish you great gameplay! vaclaf
  4. Gamebanshee´s news about CM Patch Amazing work! * TG has now Ancient Magic? Woohooo, now thats a reason to start a new build (pretty overpowered I think).
  5. Hello all good players, I just discovered one (small) interesting and new socketing feature from me - but very familiar from Sacred 1 game experience. I am creating some armors for my new triple aspect Mechanix GTX (yes, new Mechanix). I found Ring of Cania from new CM set for High Elf and I tried to place it into TG set helmet. Hell yeah, it works. SO, just another small discovery for me and maybe for other players:-) More testing are welcome * It is possible to socket class specified jewelery into other class items and use them properly. CM patch 0100.
  6. Hello all good Dark Matters members, after a long, very long time I finally finished this build as I wanted. Now, everyone of you, good players, can try gameplay of Mechanix Omega T-X. Its pure Lost Fusion experience. Just download attached savegame files, unpack to Sacred2 save folder and enjoy. Some notes: * level 132 with fully modified Lost Fusion Aspect * all armor and weapons are forged into best fit pieces * Buff gear, Battery gun/Kaldurs gear and one testing Arm is in inventory ready to use * lots of minor, but great changes between described build/previous savegame and actually published savegame * compatibility with CM patch 0100 Enjoy! vaclaf Mechanix Omega-TX.zip
  7. Chance to reflect CAs is 50% from T-Shield (only one source).
  8. Hi claudius, reflect magic works very well againts Eyes. I was searching some proof in my oldest mechanix´s videos and found this one - Blood and Sulfur quest, check the second wave of enemies (0:43), there you can see magic reflection in action. vaclaf
  9. Hi guys, I have some notes about Loco´s melee build idea: * Constitution - useless skill and waste of mastery, high shield power with +LL and/or +%LL is enough for your HP. * Three masteries at lvl75 - Tactics (obviously max. damage) - Devout Focus (mastery due to max efficiency of Combat Alert and T-Shield) - Warding Energy Lore (for max. shield power, also increase +Shield power item modifier!) * T-Shroud mod Reduction instead of Recharge (check wiki describtions of recharge). Even with Tactics mastery the amount of in-combat shield regen is too small. 10-15% all-channel mitigation is much better. * Combat alert mod Assault instead of Barricade. At higher difficulties (platinum, niob), you will really need tons of Attack. And there are various defensive ways for your char other than defense:-) * Deathly Spears - Batter (resp. knockback) is maybe good defensive utility (for melee character?), but for gameplay it is very annoying. * Dedicated blow - regen time 0.5s. It can be higher, because animation speed of DB is higher than 0.5s even with both 150% attack/casting speed. * Hafted or Sword? go for sword with new character without much support and find Officier Saber, or go for Hafted if you have some nice Kaldurs:-) Anyway, it is possible to play melee TG without weapon lore skill, but it needs some good support and items crafting. * Skill options - Spell resistance or Damage lore or some fusion skill for JT. Maybe it helps, it is just my opinion. Try check some pictures or videos from my last build. There are lots of examples.
  10. Hello all good players, during last month, September, I had very intensive and excellent game experience, I finished three great games and decided to share with you some of my feelings about those games. Additional, I have to also train some of my neglected real life social skills:-) First game: I soloed Dragon Age:Origin with Awakening expansion and all DLCs with my DW rogue Beatrix. This was an amazing sophisticte diablo-like experience full of sneaking, poisoning and backstabbing - perfectly fit to my gameplay style. In fact, I think that DA is a little overrated RPG with some plot and gamedesign mistakes (and very poor tech. support) , but othersides there are tons of perfect things that makes this game still excellent. For person interested, Bioware announced Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition Second game: I beated Mass Effect 2. Three times:-) Our local games store discount ME2 for $14 and I have very small resistence againts this kind of price/output ratio:-) One walkthroug with Infiltrator class, two with Engineer class on Insanity. Engineer is my favorite, has perfect powers and gameplay was like playing shooter with mage. Highly recommended. Story, music and dynamic shooter are all 5/5 in ME2. And dont forget about perfect Overlord and Shadow Broker DLCs! Third game: Well, this is one of RPG´s legend. I hope you all know about best Good Old Games store GOG.com? So, last two releases was Baldurs Gate and (finally) Planescape: Torment. And Planescape: Torment is my last trophy, is completely different experience than prevoius two games. It is eruption of imagines, ideas, characters, story, it is in truth and depth role playing. Finished today at 6:34 AM (during sunrise:-) So, do you know what can change the nature of a man? Excelent games finished, now return back to reality:-) I wish you good playing too. vaclaf
  11. Few days ago I finished (again) DA:O with Awakening and all DLCs and I really enjoyed this playthrough. Finally I soloed this game with my rogue Beatrix on Nightmare, well, and I have to say it is very sophisticated diablo-like experience:-) * I hope DA2 will be also that good game with better technical support:-)
  12. Hi gogo, I made two exclusive videos just for your pingpong taste:-) Its gameplay of my Mechanix Omega-TX level 130. I modified AD with Ricochet/Momentum/Ice Bullets, there is stats: So, for your pingpong play you can see in action 100% chance to hit 3 target, 100% chance of knockback and slow from Ice damage. I made two videos from different battlegrounds - corridor and open field. You have to learn some control skill for effective using AD. Hope this is what you want (enjoy in full screen HD:-) vaclaf
  13. -- little offtopic, sorry -- This signature is small cut from one of many excellent pictures made by Luis Royo. If you are fantasy/steampunk/erotic/anythingelse pictures positive, just google some of Royo´s amazing gallery. * my favorite LR´s picture, set as wallpaper
  14. "And this is the happy end of one Beetle story and all characters farms him forever after" :-) To Arms and lets discover something new new! vaclaf
  15. Hello good players, I was serching about this interesting thing there on FDM, but without results. So, there it is: * I discovered that Scaron (Big Beetle Boss in Crystal Planes) respawns over and over during one game session - just defeat him, leave this area via some Portal and return back to Island of Thousand Paths (it is similar like Forest Guardian). It is very easy way how to train different combat strategies against weak Boss and farm some items. Just for information:-) * This info is relevant for Ice and Blood CM patch, LAN-free play game mode. I dont tested different game modes yet. * Of course, my favorite combat video cannot miss there as proof (enjoy in HD with Crystal Plane soundtrack:-) vaclaf
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