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  1. Breakfast -> farmhouse Not the Farmhouse breakfast that we serve at work... I just googled farmhouse breakfast and chose the picture that I liked most...
  2. Fortress Reikenstein -> off the beaten path. I sometimes forget about it when I play Sacred 2...
  3. Feather -> Anubis One of the roles of Anubis was as the "Guardian of the Scales." The critical scene depicting the weighing of the heart, in the Book of the Dead, shows Anubis performing a measurement that determined whether the person was worthy of entering the realm of the dead (the underworld, known as Duat). By weighing the heart of a deceased person against Ma'at (or "truth"), who was often represented as an ostrich feather, Anubis dictated the fate of souls. Souls heavier than a feather would be devoured by Ammit, and souls lighter than a feather would ascend to a he
  4. Neopolitain -> Greco di Tufo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greco_(grape)
  5. Bucket List -> Scuba Diving I would still like to scuba dive...
  6. De gustibus non est disputandum -> Alinea Restaurant Alin
  7. Dependable -> Colleague One of the Sous chefs we have now is very Dependable/reliable... he gets things done and done well and all the staff respect him. We are actually only the two sous chefs at the moment, Akram and myself... the other one was "dismissed" for stealing alcohol, drinking and getting drunk while on duty(multiple times) and then failing to fulfill his duties... so the pressure that was already a lot to bear just got more and we both have to take on more responsibilities. Before my last off days I worked 75 hours in 5 days, and so far I am going for about 60 hour
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