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  1. During Spring break, I might add a post of my own in your wonderful section! Everything still looks great, even though I just ate dinner. I want to eat again. I think I will.
  2. Nice mines guys, and crazy nanites Locutus. @ Joshua: You can trade the excess deut. Normally I trade using 2:1:1 or lower rate (in old uni) and it converts to metal or crystal that easily. The lower levels of deut are cheap compared to how much deut they produce, I would upgrade those deuts to level 26 or 27 right away.
  3. Bump. =) /me plays darts, occasionally putting one close to GoGo's drink. *hides*
  4. Sorry it took so long to reply here. But it is obvious, your HoF's are just as tasty as your bbq. Way to cook that turtle soup mate.
  5. Always nice to see DAWN and D.a.r.k. working together, like brothers in arms sort of. ^^ A side note: Gratz on the #1 ranking yet again. Took a while to get back up there, though DL pwning his RIP's was a pleasant sight. Sorry it took my so long to get back here, I don't visit these forums as often as I'd like. =/
  6. Hehe, you are a natural ninja. @ trd: I remember that Saint ninja too, back when I was around more. Very similar, but I think both players knew what they were doing a little more than this case. I'm with Anestty on this one too, it seems like what he posted in the general consensus on the matter. As for the "I reckon he seems a little familiar with Cam to not know him at all." ...only time will tell. Probably nothing, but when Cabe's (Sphen's) account gets cleaned, we can at least call it revenge for Noorg too, I suppose.
  7. Congrats! This does not really relate to the topic, but have you heard of this: http://www.snopes.com/computer/virus/fbi-facebook.asp
  8. Good thoughts, nice to see you (gogo and Ike) keeping informed on ogame. Misiek vs Cam: Your thoughts on that? I'm not sure, could be a push from Cam, but Misiek thought it was a good crash (Cam let him). I'm not sure of it, but something smells funny. Something if off kilter because Misiek, the "Polish King/Ruler of u9" is not telling the whole truth.
  9. hehe, yeah... I'm happy about that too. I'm assuming there are alot of personal NAP between Others and PAWNZ. ^^ BTW: What happened to Ogame section here, it doesn't look very active after Ike left.
  10. Just stopping in to play some darts, as usual.
  11. What do you all think of the 2 new top 10's in u9? (Both Igs ninjad, and Mika huge 102 RIP kill.)
  12. Aye. This isn't my first go-around with GO's or SGO's, but this time it is somewhat personal - with RL friends. (And this time, I know it was wrong... the GO keeps insisting they did not respect the rules, when they did respect and obey them.)
  13. I remembered this thread when earlier this week, two of my real life brothers were banned (unfairly without a doubt) for account sharing. I know for an absolute fact, the two of them have never, ever shared their accounts. Perhaps you could help my brothers out of this, like you helped Anestty when caught in the Red Tape of the O-bureaucracy?
  14. Oh well, at least you did a good bit of damage. I wish you could have gotten the whole DF, and really messed things up. Even the blind squirrels find nuts sometimes. Now PAWNZ is largely without help in u9 for dealing with Sphen and his crowd of high ranked noobs.
  15. Must be a nightmare to be a GO here, lol. I would not be surprised is Sphen was playing the acct with a sibling or roommate, that is quite common on other servers. Comparatively, .org does a decent job of rooting out the multis. They might both have accts in 14.pl.
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