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  1. Either they are just a quest items that actually go into your inventory (that you cant use) or they are unimplamented as of yet items
  2. Increasing the Regen on the aspects not being used, would kill my 2aspect build seraphim
  3. 1. They dont have a sheild level bar for Console at the moment Its really kind of annoying
  4. Also it depends what you do for attacks, If you were a high elf or seraphim that was strictly a caster and only use your Combat Arts then the attack speed penalty wont affect you much, BUT if you were a shadow warrior that uses your spectral warriors and just hack and slash everyone then the attack speed penalty would be ugly Hope I helped
  5. They really need to use the marketplaces on xbox and ps3 to their advantage, offering epic weapons or lowbie starter sets for points, that would be a constant flow of cash into the the company From Consoles
  6. Tonnes of fire resist gear, and do lots of ice damage
  7. other than small glitches, and the GUI the pc and Console versions are identical
  8. Get lock, there are too many times when you will fire and just watch your target move a little and there goes a waste of a spell
  9. Hopefully the add-on happens period, Bankrupt puts alot of things in the air Everyone is saying its still a go tho
  10. Best stuff ever is the longview Beefjerkey, ITS INCREADIBLE, soft but chewy and tasty as hell
  11. Just found out Home Depot now charges 5 cents for bags
  12. Superstore is the only place that charges for bags in calgary
  13. There is no glitch with Xbox, Ive achieved diligent and extremely diligent, altho I did do EVERY SINGLE QUEST in silver that I could find, I got extremely just before I hit Swamps
  14. On xbox, my SE uses radient pillar all the time, I will useually drop 4 or 5 of them in about 10 seconds and they last about 25 seconds, I can useually drop the in the cave, kill everyone run out and then run right back in and everyone dies instantly from the pillars in there already. its just a giant loot fest
  15. arnt you PS3 jrmoore:) ive got tonnes to trade johny all the way up to level 80
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