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  1. Thatnks for a great job and a BIG thankyou to all involved! I have few questions if you dont mind: How to verify the patch is working ? Should the character screen say CM patch 160 if its activated right? I attached a picture showing what I mean How to add -nocpubinding -skipopenal shortcut options to steam version please? Im not sure how to check if they are working so I attached steam picture too.
  2. I just wanted to say big thank you !! To all who are involved in making this patch and all who are active in this forums posting builds and helping peoples. I have had hundreds of hours worth of fun out of sacred 2 because all of you guys who contribute I really apreciate how individuals put theyre own free time free of charge and make it benefit all players. I wish there would be more peoples like you guys that would make gaming (and world) alot better place :). And same goes for this patch it has made the game so much better and playable, it feel like a whole game now when before the patch so many things were bugged/missing not working as intended that I got bored to the original buggy game after a while. This brilliant patch breath so much fresh life to it, thanks again and good job! I believe there are thousands lurkers like me enjoying good build guides and this patch so dont think for a second youre hard word wont go noticed or un apreciated, im sure all lurkers enjoy it as much as I do
  3. Hi! Im having a lot of problems to choose how I spend my points in the game . Now I play a level 15 Dryad and have boosted 4 skills equally is this a good idea or should I stick to 2 or even 1 skill so that I could get it to level 75 as fast as I can? I feel like when im slowly gaining levels I dont get powerfull fast enough . Im making a dryad who utilizes Morbund animus as a main damage tool and I use throwing things with a shield. So far I have taken: Cabalistic voodoo focus Cabalistic voodoo lore Concentration Nature weaver Focus I have mainly put points to Caba lore+focus and concentration. I have eaten only 1 rune / spell so it dont get too big cooldowns. Im running with 2 x Buffs (Animus+Bark) But the problem is that I dont feel that strong and im really tempted to pick a weapon skill for ranged to boost my damage but im afraid it will gimp me bechause then I have 5 skills leveling slowly.
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