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  1. Im gonna start a new high elf today which aspect should I focus? What are their diffs?
  2. Hi gogo I just started using sacred reborn can I ask how to open 2 games same time for trade? also how many points in forge skill for get special items like +100?
  3. Im planning to rely on summons and ressurecting from summon aspect
  4. I couldnt sure which summon should be modified and skills can anyone help me
  5. I solved it I installed steam version yesterday but still have non steam saves I deleted those saves and I can save game now sorry for trouble 😂
  6. I found an issue every time I save quit and back my character start over and ı got “error while saving” how can I restore it
  7. Thank you flix it worked perfectly ❤️
  8. Can I still download mod from here? And how can I install it can anyone explain me
  9. When is full patch release ? My sacred 2 is already giving me problems so I want to wait for full version to setup
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