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  1. Hello! Well then - why not, but if you are a caster it is highly recommended for you to choose ancient bark, but if you are single hunter aspect - why not? You discribed all very well.
  2. Dimitrius, that work, was heavy and heavenly, yep I saw the changes, but should pick some time heavy for enjoynment and for searching your work, besides, it will be soon, and I want also to add darkside patxh for it, but my fellow said that there is some same trouble with some files, for wich we were speaking in pm, but don't figured what is wrong or the same problem with gme. ))) Best regards Andrasael
  3. Million + to your karma !!!! Thanks a lot. Will try ))) Yep, cm and 2.65.1. installed.
  4. Gogo, Dobri - the old Army of Sacred 2 hear me and answer ^^ I know you will read this.
  5. Guys and Girls, Greetings all! Long time no see Since it's 2021 year and I have a new interest in Sacred 2 got few questions on multiplayer side of PC version, since my ps 3 gone with and years gone I want to ask you how I can play for multiplayer? I gor gold edition of it and got CM patch also. The main question is - how to get files which you upload to dropbox or mediafire, because in Russia we got blocked at those sites, so we cannot go for them. Sincerely Andrasael.
  6. God,be praised Essjayehm.This build is awesome! we have a fully 3 aspect to choose who and how should die,even at pvp I guess this girl will be a certain in a**...thanks a lot for that. Maybe it can be modified,but you already wrote about AM and CD. so good farming to all who choose that!
  7. /start joke Mmmmm, I like to eat Sith for breakfast, as well! Ewoks are good, too... but usually I savour those at dessert /end joke Sorry, couldn't resist The biggest issue with pure casters on the console versions is that you will typically have to defeat the bosses to advance the difficulties. If you're lucky, you can ask someone online to "glitch" you into the next difficulty, but that may be difficult if noone is playing anymore Inexorable Subjectation tricks work good for keeping you safe (bosses cannot hit you if they are paralyzed), but doing actual damage to them w
  8. Ok, I like Mages, I like Starwars ,but the main problem is that really cannot create Inquisition trader + pure mage yes I already read a hybryd Inquisitor topic, but it is not that I want. Maybe there will be some solutions from Guru?
  9. Well, in my opinion seraphim is a quicker, she hit faast, do lot of dmg,and to dump your possibility to hit harder enemies is to farm sets of course + having some jewels with +all skills and for example + attack spd + dmg + defence.And finally find at forum some topics about CA cooldown,it will be necessary here.
  10. Use mentor potions,do orc cave + wastelands and the desert.In couple of hours you will be level 100.
  11. Hello to anyone Sometimes later I just read all solutions, builds which you post here,make my own templates of what I read, cuz I play just sacred 2 ps3 version, and have some restrictions on performance but the basis is yours, for that I thank you. Hope to see someone at psn, will be happy.
  12. Recently start playing after a year of playing with a lot of mistakes made by myself. PSN: Andrasael (Due to maitance do not know when will be online)
  13. Orc territories or at the swamps.And a road to nimanull at the mountains after beating the coloss.
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