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19 hours ago, WilliamTokarev said:

pureHD mod for Sacred

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pureHD — минималистическая версия HD мода. Позволяет выбирать произвольное разрешение (вплоть до 1920 × 1080). Имеет несколько новых консольных команд. Особенностью является открытый исходный код. Предназначен для программистов — создателей модов. Использует Sacred API и Ecx Library.

pureHD is a minimalistic version of HD mod. Allows you to choose any resolution (up to 1920 × 1080). It has several new console commands. A special feature is the open source code. It is intended for programmers who create mods. Uses Sacred API and Ecx Library.



Welcome to the forums William, and thank you for the brilliant share!




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Perfect! Thank you, was just about to start a little session again and was delighted to find your mod - previously I only knew about the reborn-related one but that mod was no option as I did not like the other changes it did beside the resolution, so I very much appreciate your standalone option. Also love the fact you added the source code. And just in case someone else runs Sacred on linux, can also confirm there are no issues using this with proton.

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