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  1. From my point of view the NL mod is a techie version. A highly configurable tool which allows the interested player to change many, many aspects of the
    game. There are also interesting systems and concepts wich are currently maybe best described as some kind of foundation. The house, which stands on it, is
    still under construction. This might be the reason why "Sacred NL Pure HD" has more downloads than "Sacred NL".

    As Flix mentioned already, Reborn mod has the advantage that the player goes right into action after installation, there are no bigger configs to make.
    I understand that the concepts of Reborn mod (more slasher) and NL mod (more rpg elements) are different. Merging both mods in a gently way would be the
    best solution imo. 

  2. 4 hours ago, xInquisitor1961x said:

    But all I can say is that I get rare crashes if someone dies in middle of the door, and it crashes on save game still... its a problem... but since I do a lot of import export I dont mind it...

    Important infos. Inform the maker of NL so that he can fix it.

    4 hours ago, gogoblender said:

    If NL retains original game play, but comes with shiny HD screen and gets rid of some bugs it looks like a good choice for someone wanting to play Sacred OldStyle!

    Fixing the bugs needs already a Hercules, removing the unbalance between character classes and their specific items, sets and unqiues needs a Zeus.  Combined with new quests, more immersion and blabla... Liftetime job. Since the maker has put so much work in, I think it is a Sacred-for-life-project for him, but I would suggest to outsource some non-coding projects to ease the pressure on his shoulders. He still has to do the QA, though. 

  3. 1 hour ago, xInquisitor1961x said:

    And it is pretty much vanilla game

    That is why I did not gave Sacred NL a try yet. I have played the bug infested, unbalanced vanilla edition of Sacred long enough and won´t go back.  I think I have asked you before if you can introduce NL to the community. Can you upload the changelog of NL?

  4. - Interdimensional trader
    A trader whithout own gear who buys, stores and sells the items you gave him. Heros of all classes, levels and difficulties can access the items. Makes sense for people who play "self found" only. Suggestion: The trader in Porto Vallum who is hiding in the cave.

    - Torches getting equipped like shields
    As above. They also got a light radius and can be bought in stores. Some might have special properties.

    - Pitch black caves and mines
    To look more realistic

    - Blanc background ambients for various caves, sewers and mines
    4 blanc ambients for water caves, taverns, tombs, thief hideouts, or Dark Elf mines. To fill the blancs with life is the players job.

    - Ambient sounds getting silenced in caves and mines
    Bats, singing birds and gusts of wind are not welcome anymore in tombs, caves and mines.

    - Introduction of charms and rune words like in Diablo2
    There are at least a dozen unused textures in the game, so why not turning the useless game boxes into tomes, rune stones, or charms? Since enemies do not drop game boxes, the player has to search them.

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  5. Reborn´s  "Dark Star" + 2x "Ring of Protection" = Good addition to every class.

    But I thought about the little discussion we had a few days ago. Sacred 1 is not dead, we simply fail to contact the remaining players and keep them together. On youtube for example, there are dozens of Sacred players. Surprisingly, they know nothing about mods, some even play in 1024x768 res. If someone could leave a comment under their videos, it would be surely useful.

    Speaking of mods itself, I think it is necessary to understand what the remaining playerbase accepts and what not. Adding any kind of eye candy is welcome, since the build of a player does not get touched by it. It think vanilla players like their malfunctioning, unbalanced game with all its flaws and errors. They have found a way to use all the bugs and glitches, poorly balanced CAs and items to their advantage. Adding new mechanics to the game like Overlookers did, shatters the players comfy bubble and forces then to think their build over, which most do not want. Either for time reasons, or because they are simply or not open for new ways.

    Under such circumstances, does it makes sense then to continue coding?

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  6. For the records:

    I have muted the following file and put it into the pak folder. Just to test it.

    First try:



    No again

    Since there is a difference between the extracted files and the sound list, new try:

    First try:




    File is .wav format, mono track. Thank you.

  7. I understand. It always hurts when your big hopes turn into dust. Thats a very painful experience. I think the slow decline is the fate of all old games and as soon as you understand, you become calmer. The best way ist most likely, not to force you into something at all costs. The community, despite being small, is still active and the door is open. Sacred will still be there in a few months and years and until olks return others can hold the torch for a while. It is like an open invitation. They will surely come back.

  8. You won´t come far. The extractor gives the wrong names for the files.


    Wrong: 21204324

    Right: Zwerg_Blasta_Bomb_Schuss_01

    Even if you got the right names, you have to speak German, since all files are named in German. It is a problem which can be solved, but there is still trouble. The game does not accept the new files in the pak folder. A re-pack of the sound.pak is not necessary afaik.

    There is a person who has dealt with the issue before, but he is here only now and then. When I am back in buisness I will gladly ask him.

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  9. 1 hour ago, gogoblender said:

    @Dax  Remember when you posted a link to that vampire clip ... dancing, and going up the sides of the street or something like that? Great music, maybe it was connected to interview with vampire ... cant remember and cant find it...going maaaaaaaaaaaad...



    The music is called "danse macabre". It is a thought construct from the middle age to make people fear death lesser. The dead in all states of decay dance around the living at any given time and try to take them by the hand. The living sooner or later will join their dance. Here is the clip you are looking for:


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  10. 3 hours ago, gogoblender said:


    Sorry for your loss. It is always hard to loose a family member. Sometimes I ask myself why some people avoid the vaccination at all costs. With vaccination an infection is already risky and should be avoided if possible. Being not vaccinated means you challenge the moody goddess of fortune. Which is a pretty dense idea. Even if you get away one time, you still can get crushed as soon as you catch the next virus subtype. And since airplanes fly happily around the globe, carrying the virus from continent a to continent b within a few hours, we wont get rid of cov19 anytime soon.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Vishanka said:

    That's the original texture, but that's also a feedback for my work then :crazy:

    Oops. Well, I dont got Sacred 2, so I cant be blamed. Lucky me.

    Speaking of S1, do not know if you still play it, but I can say that some big things are happening right now in terms of modding. Had in mind anyway to ask you and Lindor to take a closer look at the new text file. If you want to of course. Its a bigger story. Quite time consuming, but I really would like to hear a different point of view.

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