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  1. hi, I would like a sig of all char in sacred2 standing next to each other like as a team, even with the Inquisitor. prettty please(;
  2. hii, what level do you have to be for them to cap at 14 or 20 or what ever you said. thankss.
  3. level 51 skills 1sword wep-1 2tactics lore-41 3dual weild-41 4armor lore-41 5concentration -1 6constitution-41 7.toughness-1 8.ep-5 9.bargining-1 10.skill to learn at 65 or what ever. attributes, moat heath. little dex tiny str. with gear and what not, 4 main skills are 75-80 ep and barg are at 45-50. thanks!
  4. I no what your saying, but for two of my main skills, (pelting stricks, and battle stance) they both are fully moded.I dont no how it just kep giving me mods.and battle stance has 35 runes in it.PS has 1. I use pelting as a boss killer it works good im not a great boss killer but I can kill the dragon dude with the stick pretty fast and I killed the last 5 bosses no problem. but why would I need it to regen fast? its a buff.I just use it one time.
  5. I have taken my seraphim to level 49 now, about 50% threw gold with no problems.I really need to no what skill to get in one level.name-swimmy. skills 1.sword wep.-1 2.tactic lore.-39 3.dual weild.-39 4.armor lore.-39 5.concentration.-1 6.constitution.-39 7.ep.-5 8.touchness.-1 that is with out all my +'s. I was thinking about bargin. or proble combat reflexes I do NOT like magic so please dont sugest one of them power lore things. I only use that sheild buff and the top buff to.and pelting stricks I have 6 mod points? I dont no how. thank you.
  6. I started on silver beat it by 43 now im on gold im planning on staying at gold untill 90 for plat to be easyer, but any ways silver was really easy no deaths last bosses or last main boss was not hard at all.
  7. I remember when I sold one of them cuz I was newb. lmao. sorry bough your loss bro.
  8. I ment 33, im trying somthing diffrent, I was trying to have 4 skills at 75 by the time I was at 85 so I kep 4 skills 10 lvls below my level. I forget one of the 4 though it wasnt I combat power lore or foucus, hmm, if only I had my phone on me...sorry about that but one of my other skills is toughness, I got that, but its at low level untill I get my main skills max, im planning on staying on gold untill I get to level 90, so I can do alot better on plat, that last power ima get it soon...thankss.
  9. thanks for the advice I only got 8 skills I got 2 to go I was thinking bargaining and one of them two other skills what do you think would be the better one to pick, Revered Focus or toughness? thanks for the help.
  10. hiii, I was planning on making a druid a bow one, I'm sorta new.please help thanks.
  11. sorry for the no replies, it seems I cant get no one to help out me either...id help you if I could but my highest char being 45 , dont think I can help sorrrry again.
  12. I think you have to get one of the other sklls in that area at 5 hope I helped.
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