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  1. I think you guys are a bit misinformed on Deathly Spears. Deathly Spears is a spell, not a weapon attack. It doesn't carry weapon procs and its damage is in no way based on your weapon. As far as I remember the only thing your weapon choice influences is the speed of the initial attack animation that doesn't really matter all that much on a spell like Deathly Spears as long as its not horrendously slow.
  2. I have never seen a ring or amulet with plain elemental damage on it, only percentage bonuses. Plain physical damage can occur on both blue and yellow quality rings. (I don't know about amulets, perhaps there is an unique one that has it).
  3. Bit of an update. I cleaned out my Graphics card as suggested and gave it a new coat of thermal paste and now it doesn't overheat quite as much, but it still gets sort of hot when playing Sacred 2. Were talking temps above 80, sometimes above 90. It seems mainly to be a problem when going underground for some reason.
  4. Why do manufacturers insist on doing this? Couldn't they at least make it easy to pull off the outermost covering without having to disassemble everything?
  5. Running Sacred 2 for short 5 minute Bargaining run brings my temperature up to 100 degrees as well.
  6. Well, running the stress test at 1280x720 resolution with no anti-aliasing for 1 and a half minutes gets my GPU to 100 degrees Celsius. Is that normal/healthy? ..Granted it's an old'ish GTX 570
  7. I'm somewhat convinced this might be a heat issue. What kind of temperatures should a GPU be at when running at a relatively light load (watching Youtube videos, playing mid 90's games)? My GPU is at 48 degrees c just when browsing the interwebs.
  8. It's time for me to come seeking help for a technical problem. Recently Sacred 2 Gold (the GOG version) has been acting up. It runs flawlessly for the first few minutes but then it starts to really chug. Like massive constant framedrops to the point the game is barely playable if I run it for more than half an hour. (It doesn't crash, however). I have tried all the tricks mentioned in the Steamcommunity guide as well as running Memory Cleaner, and while I can detect a little improvement in the initial menu load screens it does nothing for the framedrop problem. Given that you cannot a
  9. Then replace the C:\Program Files(x86)\ part with whatever drive and directory you have Steam installed on.
  10. SW's can wield the two-handed staff-shaped energy weapons but not the one-handed pistol-shaped ones. Why? I dunno.
  11. Well, the unspent points didn't go away did they? It's ages since I've played unmodded Diablo 2 but as far as I remember If, say, you just reached level 30 as a Sorceress you cannot just dump all your points into Frozen Orb. You can put your first point in at level 30, the next one at 31 and so forth. Actually it's a bit like Sacred now you think about it.
  12. Were you trying to put them in a skill that had too high level for you? You can only put points in the topmost row at first. The second row opens up at level 6, the third one at 12 and so forth until the last row at level 30. You quite often save up skill points if your initial skill choices are uninteresting for your build, only useful as pre-reqs or one point wonders.
  13. That must be Diablo 3 you're talking about because I'm positively sure you don't lose unassigned points in the first two.
  14. Yes, you can keep them for later, just like skill points and attribute points. You just have to live with the annoying flashing plus sign for a while.
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