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  1. I can try it'd be even easier to draw it with pencil as I don't have to worry what I'd do if something went bad (ink is bad, rly). As soon as I get home I'll take a piece of paper and I'll think of it.
  2. nooooo... it's 99th page of my favourite thread and everyone just ingore it? how is that possible? Finntroll - Under Varje Rot Och Sten means - Under Every Root and Stone
  3. Well, I've got here on DM whole thread with my drawings, plus a site on DeviantArt (link in my sig), if you'd like to see them Consider your sig - I haven't tried anything like that yet, but I can try to make something.
  4. Spider web has some sybmolic meanings indeed. But I don't like to make things that I draw obvious (hoooow could you read those spoilers! ) so I'm not going to talk about them unless you will analyse them by yourself.
  5. what language is calamari? I suppose it's Italian or Spanish... something like that.
  6. Knuckles: well, the 3rd owl and UFO might be hard to find due to low quality of the photo. 3rd owl is and the UFO is . And yes, there is my sig in the right upper corner There's also that face you noticed - part of the Nightmare Whisperer. ps. I usually draw with both hands. Some elements (like knotwork) is easier to draw with right hand but some others (e.g. clouds, trees and hair sometimes) I draw with left one. But mostly I use right one. pss. Hehe, I should mention also that I'm doing everything not to be bored 24/day but it's quite obvious when you see my site Gogo: s
  7. Ah, well, 3 owls, a man on the Moon and UFO.
  8. noone's interested in finding easter eggs, Sacred players? Awww.
  9. Waah, finished at last. Now I'm gonna train drawing landscapes, I still have big problems with them. The title is "Nodream Gooddream Baddream". Whole drawing contains many easter eggs, you know I've got a higher resolution that may help you to find them. http://i340.photobucket.com/albums/o350/me...at/IMG_0666.jpg Hehe, I laughed a lot when I saw the number of that photo.
  10. Gogo, that's my favourite part of pizza with frutti di mare topping, which is my favourite as well
  11. Gogo, I haven't eaten lunch yet, you make me hungry! I love cuttle fish. Well, I love fish in general. And you know, your Cthulhu has some undefinied cuttle fishy thing... o.O
  12. But isn't this Cthulhu cute?^ ^ Didn't expect it'd be so cool to draw this avatar. Loco, I usually prefer green/blue/black colours (all those 'forest' ones, if I can say that), but besides I love the combination of red and black as well. And I think it's just perfect for creations like this one
  13. Only paper, black and red ink, Gogo, nothing else It was really funny to draw this one and I have to say quite relaxing also
  14. I waaaant spring... I waaaant sprrrring... -.- It was so beautiful a week ago, all snow disappeared, it was warm and sunny, but 3 days ago it started snowing again. Noooo...
  15. Well, don't know if I can call this one a surprise, but lets leave the name Gogo, you mentioned - you have ^ ^ I just had to post this absolutely no-photoshoped version cause I love the light on the paper - normally it's just boring grey/white, but as you can see, I took this photo just before the sundusk. I love this light. In real the drawing is a bit smaller than a normal CD cover That is too cute.
  16. Loreena McKennitt - The English Ladye and the Knight this one I'll sing on folk music contest in May ^^
  17. Ye, living with me when - I'm nuts - is not really pleasant When I'm not nuts, it's not so nice too... hhhey, there are 666 threads in Sacred Underwolrd section...
  18. Busy, not in good mood, tired all the time and everything else that I forgot to mention. I had winter holiday a week ago - two weeks of freedom, I'd suppose, but after all I was not relaxed even a little bit. Also because of my intelligent brother, who wakes up at 6 am to run down to the living room to watch cartoons. And he NEVER watches it silently enough. Most of my free time takes studying, school and all those things that almost make me vomit when I think of them. But since yesterday I've got a plan to cut down most of those matters and grab more time for myself. Though during the next s
  19. Hel, dear. Isn't she cute? I suppose not. It always makes me laugh when I think that Hemrod came to her to beg for releasing his brother Baldur, while Hel is daughter of Baldur's murderer.
  20. Waah, what a pity -.- It seems my visits here will look like that in next several months and I'm already fed up with it. But still, better once a month or two than none
  21. Yup, the borders I drew before you asked me to show the work in progress, so I didn't take the photos. It is not so hard as it may look Step by step, it looks more or less like this. Took the photo when I was drawing another picture two or three weeks ago. The paper you see is handmade paper, quite expensive here, hehe... I'm gonna to try to make my own one, why not.
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