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HolosBrothers Guide to Buff Suits

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Is a buff suit still working with CM 1.60 though? Aren't the buffs updating their penalties dynamically now, so when the level drops the buff's effect does as well? Maybe I'm also getting old but I believe that to be the case, rendering a buff suit ineffective.

Alchemy suit, seems interesting in theory, if only for boss fights. Can't see it being a thing if you try to run it 24/7 through the game though. Since you're an expert in Alchemy, are the effects of trophies bigger with each difficulty level or do they just increase with the Alchemy value?

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Dynamical now. But not everybody plays with the CM-patch.

Potions and trophies are no buffs.

Some trophies depend on difficulty level they were created, others not. Some even get worse when higher difficulty.

It is not only for boss fights. I use trophies and green potions also when entering certain caves. Entering a cave you are not mounted, and we all know that a mount is a two second amulet of life saving. Enter a cave and be surprised by 8 cute little dragons...

I think it was from the Waterloo movie when the heavy scotch cavalry attack on the french guns was countered by french lancers. The leading officer is killed and says dying: And I had way better horses at home....

So don't collect the trophies, use them.

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Well, I've been wanting to make an Alchemy build for quite a while now. So my question was more about if using a high level toon to collect trophies in, say Niob, would make them better for a starting toon. My idea would be to grab a full stack of each kind and place them in the shared chest for a new starting toon to use.

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Ahhh, should work.

Hell spellblock trophy is better than easy one at same Alchemy level. But Alchemy 200 easy is better than Alchemy 1 hell...

For an Alchemy build I would try something which is weak in defensive buffs.

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Thanks! I need to devote some time to planning it, it's an old idea of mine that I haven't materialised yet. I do need to get a concept behind it though.

On a side-note, I was jump-moving (Leap Attack) with my Captain America build and all I could think of was making a green Barbarian and calling it The Hulk. :3lmao:That would be a sick concept, ha ha.

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