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Yellow Scorpion companion wanted :D

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Heya all,


been levelling a melee and ranged Dryad. Both are moving up nicely, but my shrunked head collection stops at ~45 and continues at ~145 :4rofl:


In short, I am looking for two yellow insect heads ~75, preferably with either DB or HP. If not, good enough for me too :)


Perfectly willing to trade in the ~145 heads too.


ty in advance.



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Heya Barristan!~


I just checked I have a level 67 yellow insect head... they don't have stats you want though, but they're still okay for bringing up a Scorpion.


I'm in silver now,




for next ten minutes or so then have to leave. but we can meet later tonight you want as well.





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tyvm m8!


No worries on the stats, got a low level Monster Head with DB, so I'll cast & switch :)


I will have a go at desert scorp tomorrow, and farm some for the mules.


Will try and find you on servers later tonight!



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came in pretty late last night, and wasn't able to catch you there :P


I will be hitting servers again in about an hour! I seem to be fully back into the game :) Made about 170 levels :D On 3 toons that is!



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