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How to find unique - Shadow Sword?

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There's a spaceship hidden somewhere in the dryad forest. This sword lies next to it. But when toon comes close enough, the ship will insta-kill it; to pick the sword up, one could assemble the party of other players and try to rush in, however, in this case deaths of party members are imminent. But there's also a way to pick it up without ending up respawning: one should play vamp and have big army of "awaken dead" zombies (preferably from valley of tears) and use time control to quickly jump in, take the sword and get out, while ship is busy killing zombies (but even in this way, it's still possible for the toon to be killed).

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ahh, I remember the location and it being on Nightwolfe site. Bummer that I play single player.

I was thinking about getting one for my poision mist build and using it vs Sakkaras.


UPDATE - Playing my STOMP Daemon build in Underworld I managed to get this sword whilst fighting Hell golems - so it's not a quest specific item as listed in the wiki. Sad part was I died soon after.


Question - is it possible to die and still retain your Survival bonus? I got killed by Cerebrpods and Hell golems and I still had 80% SB - not sure if I got resurrected by Life leech, cos' in my stats I had one death but I'm not sure if it was before I exported my character into UW campaign. Confused :Just_Cuz_21:

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If it's the sword I think it is, I've recieved it several times while fighting. Sometimes it doesn't show up for a long time, it's possible some of my toons have never had it. Often the level of the sword is too low when my character finds it.

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