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Friend Refereal

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hey all


I have a request I need a hand to reach the end goal in refereals and I hope the community will back me up even though u dont like the game it would help me :)


here is what you help me get




here is the referral link




so I hope alot of D.a.r.k Guys/girls will help me in my conquest :D

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I've been looking at this game on and off and can't decide if I want to get into it - I really sucked at DOTA, so I doubt I'll do much better here. I've no clue what the game is really all about, but I've registered already. I still need to download the client but I imagine I'd need to create a new account if I'd be able to assist you in any way?

Just let me know...

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Yeah you need to registre a new one through the link to support me and it ain't like Hon and such its much more user friendly version of dota. I am playing on the eu west server and I be happy to assist you in anyway :)

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OK - I'll create a new account and hope to download the game some time tonight - might not start playing soon, though. We're going on a little break tomorrow and returning on Tuesday.


But according to step 1 I need:

"Share your referral code, or have friends enter your summoner name or email at signup!"


None of these are available in the sign up link in yer 1st post.

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Hey Epox, I recently got into LoL around 2 weeks and have had a blast with it. I've never really played any RTS games, so the learning curve is a little steep IMO. Is there any chance I could still help you with the friend referral? Or is it too late that I'm already a player? :)

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The last link is the one you have to use its is connected to my acc or you can sign in normally and add my summoner name Gnuen either of them works and thx m8s


well Ryan I don't know if you can that unless you make a new acc you can try and explore the possibility they made a new refearing system se if you can add gnuen somewere under referrals

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Hi Epox,


I'm still hopeful of getting this game downloaded. This last few days was just a little crazy in between work and trying to go away for a few days with my family and even working on those few days... crazy I tells ya. A little more hard work lies ahead this week and I hope to chill a little by the weekend, so all that said and done - I'm hoping to hold true to my word by the weekend!

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Sounds nice I will be on tomorrow also wife going to her 5 or 6 or 7 concert with the same artist again can't keep track haha are you gonna play on the European servers or na



nice we are born the same day could be wicked if it was same time also I'm born 7.45 night time

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I'm still hopeful to download tonight! but I don't know how much I'll be able to play - just heard that cousins are coming to sleep over 'cause their parents are going to a party... Woe x10.... :cry:


I imagine you're on the EU servers?


...I am playing on the eu west server ...

I'll join there too, but is there a server list I should pick from so be sure we're on the same server?


btw, I have no idea what time I was born :twitch: But you're the 1st other person I met who has the same birth day other than our head master at primary school. That was great, 'cause the Coke truck (Coca cola, not the powdery white kind) was at school on my birthday with an extended mid-day break! :BlobRed:

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I tried creating a new user, but there was nothing "special" I could do to add your summoner during registration. I'm downloading now, so let's see if there's a way to enter a referral somewhere when that's done.

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When you hit the refreal link its automaticaly adds you to my referal list


You just pick eu west server that's all their is to it


I know 4 people now with the same date of birthday now :)

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glad to hear. sheesh I'm having a hard time in this game, so many items, so many choices! :crazy:


EDIT: I reached level 5, but I only played bot matches. Some good fun, but the friendly bots seem to be a little less coordinated than the enemy bots :) The enemies would gang up together and fight a path right through the middle when me and another champ are busy storming their base. the other 3 friendly bots would go about their business here and there, but not really rally to save the base... then when it's all over and we pushed them back, the friendly bots would hang around the base a little waaaaay behind the minions and suddenly split up again... ahhh well - I'm going to try and save face a little with some real players tonight.

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Well I catch you later today then I can teach you the basics with runes masteries items and save your ip point until level 20 then you can but tier 3 runes :)

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had to spend some ip to unlock Udyr. I suddenly found myself a killing slave using any of this week's free characters

just got out of a game against a master Ashe player. Never felt so humiliated in my life. we had a 5v3 advantage and only barely managed to win after several, several failed attempts and many, many, many deaths.

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I thought I should unlock Ashe, since she's just so potent at long range and her basic attacks do high damage IMO. Then I encountered Amumu - man that little feller is a nasty encounter. But I suppose there is not really a "best" champ or "worst" champ... but I did find that a good team makes all the difference, no matter which champs are part of it. If you have only one member on a team that keeps charging in to battle and dying, that really hurts your chances from the get-go.

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hello again Darkies.


know I haven been away for some time, work, education and life, same old same old...


so I hope I will help with a little something if possible, im still toying around with this game, and I hope that perhabs 48 of Dm members might give a hand in this thing.


I need 48 more friend referals to unlock something for my favorit champion Twitch , the only thing need of u is to hit the link I post under this message, and then play up to level 10, if the crowd will help me in my request. :)




cya in LoL maybe :)



my ign is GnUeN playing on EUW

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