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Community Patch Shadow Warrior Jedi/Sith


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With the Shadow Warrior getting the best Willpower bonuses, AND the NIF lightsaber adding a percentage bonus I thought I'd put my thoughts down in regards to a build.


There are plenty of points to get lightsabers as drops before the NIF lightsaber comes into play.


In terms of equipment or sets, it really seems pretty wide open. Armantin seems to be the natural choice with the double hit as part of the set bonus. I could see Pandamonium or Denderan being options as well.


For skills, it seems like the below would be required:


2. Tactics Lore

3. Armor Lore

5. Dual Wield

8. Death Warrior Focus

12. Concentration

18. Malevolent Champion Focus

25. Constitution



If investing all points into Willpower, I'm not certain if Spell Resistance would be needed.

Damage Lore would seem like a good pick to put in additional damage on top of the Willpower increase.


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Looks reasonable. I went with mostly the same skills myself with a couple of exceptions.


1.) I went Hafted instead of DW for this one. I wanted to take advantage of those lovely big ol' honkin' 2H hammers and axes.

2.) I skipped Constitution and went for Toughness. In the place of Constitution - I chose to arm him with Life Leech runes and other LL gear.


Yeah... Armantine's armor set is OK for this sort of thing - except I just can't stand watching the guy running around in what appears to be an overly full diaper... I went with the Pandemonium set myself. I also took Blacksmith to unlock EP. I'm also in the process of building a Blacksmith suit (kinda like a shopping suit or buff suit) that boosts the Blacksmith skill somewhat. Using random ammys and armor that has +Blacksmith as well as the Cold Grave chest piece with +4 All Skills that has yet another + Blacksmith item forged into one of the sockets.


And speaking of sockets - I've socketed a bunch of RpH stuff into my armor so one or maybe 2 hits and my CAs are ready for the next attack.


As far as lightsabers go... There is (for the most part) only one lightsaber dropping per region. (The exception would be for the Seraphim who gets one for completing the Class Quest "Whoops" in the Elf region...)


That means there are only two that will drop for you before you get the Power of NIF. One in the Elf region (Benny's Corn Circles) and one in Artamark (I forget where it drops offhand). That leaves visiting Frank Rentmeister in Nor Plat (Assuming you've got the Epic Office Quest already going before you go there.) Otherwise you'll have to go through most of the game to get the quest and then double back to the Orc region to get the Power of NIF from Frank... Sounds like an awful lot of work for the primary weapon you want to base your character on. One that will be pretty much underpowered by the time you get to Dryad Island.


The willpower attribute gives you Spell Resistance. And no, that would likely be a wasted skill as adding Spell resistance won't work backwards to give you more willpower.


Damage lore only gives you the chance at adding secondary effects to whatever damage you've already done. ie. chance to burn, freeze, for poison or magic damage... This could be a good thing.


I went with astral lord focus - for the simple reason that I sometimes like using Spectral Hand - and I want it to be powerful enough to do damage to something and be spamable as well. Spectral Hand is great for getting at some enemies that are otherwise unreachable (like behind walls of some dungeons like the one in Reikenstein's basement when you're chasing the weapons dealer - there's a couple of rats that you just can't hit otherwise).


All in all.. Looks reasonable... Good luck with it.

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Don't forget that grim resilience gives a significant bonus to willpower. And since you are using the CM patch, the obvious choice would be Kanka's relics for armour pieces. The rph bonus on the gloves, plus dual wielding, plus demonic blow (modded for area of effect and life leech)... you can guess the results...

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While I don't mind the fact that the waist piece looks like a giant metal diaper (so long as you also get the legs with it to ensure your SW looks like he's at least wearing something akin to a pair of pants), I am against using the full set of Armatin's for mainly one reason: the arms also include a knock back modifier, which I personally find a little irritating for fighting melee even with Frenzied Rampage, and gets all the more annoying at higher levels. The only thing more annoying is the 'chance to fear' modifier, found in the Lucreti's Stars set (Astral Lord). When I put my SW together, I would avoid using the arm piece and wear something else in its place. It means I won't get the full bonuses, particularly the double hit since it requires the full set to attain it, but I find it is no loss whatsoever. There are ways around such modifiers, but in general I prefer to simply avoid them altogether and find something else to wear.

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It's really too bad the latest versions of the community patch locked the Power of Nif lightsaber behind the Epic Office Quest (completed, not just started so you can go to Frank). That makes all lightsaber builds a lot less appealing. There's no way I'm ever going to do that Epic Office Quest to completion - too tedious. 

I'm not a fan of what they've done to Christmas Island, either, with the bosses there. Only a fully optimized and twinked character is going to be able to complete that now, even on silver level. 

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