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Went to the blog, not out yet :cry:

But... now I feel like trying out Dead Island

is there a demo for it for PC?





Hope you liike first person melee! :P The first 3/4ths of the game are all melee so be prepared :)

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I actually downloaded Painkiller demo from Steam... never gave steam enuff credit...the convenience of this store is asolutely frightening.

Love it

and loved visiting pain killer after so many years...that game is/WAS pure polish





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New trailer - early access on Steam this year

Hellraid will be a game that's focused on both cooperative gameplay and first-person hack-and-slash action, and will feature randomly-generated dungeons in an effort to keep the game from ever feeling stale or repetitive. Along the way, you'll encounter dozens of different enemies -- each with their own skills, equipment, strengths and weaknesses -- and Techland says the final retail version of Hellraid will include more than 100,000 lootable items

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