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This game is a bit like sci fi Dwarf Fortress, but looks like Prison Architect

I love it, it is one of the few recent games that really keeps you glued with the emergent game play

Building your base, fighting raiders etc.

Still Alpha, and already a lot of fun



Alpha 3 features - dev video


Let's play - alpha 3

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Alpha 7 - big update


-Stuff system allows you to build walls, furniture, and other structures out of arbitrary materials.
-New stats system for calculating and reporting thing stats from skill, race, stuff, and other factors.
-There are now multiple types of stone: sandstone, granite, marble, slate, and limestone.
-There are now multiple mineable minerals: metal, silver, gold, plasteel.
-Leather harvesting from animals, and cloth harvesting from cotton crops. Special space-tech cloth types.
-Make clothing from arbitrary fabrics or leathers.
-Reworked damage deflection chance per-damagetype armor system. Some animals and mechanoids have natural armor.
-New biome: tropical rainforest. A choking, disease-infested jungle. Disease rates are linked to biomes.
-Prosthetic limbs, from simple to complex: peg legs, wood dentures, simple prosthetics, enhanced bionic limbs and eyes.
-Organ harvesting and transplanting.
-Diseases: flu, plague, malaria, sleeping sickness.
-Chronic conditions (age-related): Cataracts, bad back
-A bunch of new traits. Brawler, prosthophile, and more
-New trade system and interface.
-Traders carry and buy any item, including prosthetics, neurotrainers, organs, slaves, weapons, apparel, commodities.
-Neutrotrainers: Matrix-style instant training devices.
-Lockable doors
-Melee weapons: Club, knife, spear, shiv, short sword
-New animals: cobra, monkey, camel, tortoise, boar, rhino.
-Storyteller redesigned and rebalanced.
-Visitors carry their own food and hopefully won't raid your food supplies.
-Translations can be set to avoid using tiny text (useful for Asian languages where tiny characters are unreadable).
-Rewritten credits system integrates translator credits from each translation automatically.
-Piles of other additions, fixes, and tunings.

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Alpha 14 - new scenario system. Also coming to Steam soon!

Man it's so content packed for an alpha :0





Quill18 using the new scenario system to do a Fallout4 lone survivor playthrough with a dog :)


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